Logical/Cognitive Development

Cognitive development is the increment of the baby’s ability to think, understand and reason. From age 3 children begin to think logically and the construction of the thought processes such as memory, problem solving, concepts and object exploration also progresses rapidly. By adopting the below mentioned activities you can help boost your child’s cognitive development.

Identify colors

Colors attract babies. You could decorate your baby’s room with things in different colours. Each time she picks something you could repeat the name of each colour so as to help her register and recognize it in future.

Sorting with big toys

Three years and above kids have an innate instinct to open up their toys and then try to assemble them back. Give them a construction or a play dough set and see how their vivid imagination helps them make structures or creations. They can sort out things logically for example- putting a sofa in the doll house and the car in the garage.

Matching skills and memory improvement games

The age old game of peek-a-boo is the best memory enhancer game. Simple board games are not only fun but also encourage the  counting, memorizing and matching skills in your baby resulting in faster cognitive development.

Cause-effect games show

Looking at the dark clouds in the sky, you could explain to your child that it will rain soon or that if she doesn’t dry herself after her swim she could catch a cold. Kids use their memories to apply past situations to the present. Logically explaining the connections to her will help her logical development.