Your baby’s 1st birthday is special. After all, it marks one full year of your being a parent, if it’s your first child.

You would have begun planning for the 1stbirthday party by the 11th month mostly, some parents start as early as when the baby is six-months old.

It’s best to keep baby’s 1st birthday a simple affair, within budget. Lots of fancy stuff and extravagance will go unnoticed by your baby. It might even end up making him feel overwhelmed.

Here are some innovative ideas to give that lovely personal touch to your child’s 1st birthday, rather than hiring professional party planners:

Party Venue

The best place would be your own home where baby is most comfortable. Invite family, relatives, close friends and neighbors, and shower baby with loads of attention. You can also have a small pooja at home.

Invite your friends and their children for a party at a park or a zoo. The babies would love the open spaces, greenery and the animals. You could go in for snacks/dinner at a nearby restaurant later.

Take a trip to a local orphanage, and distribute pastries and sweets. However, this is good for baby’s subsequent birthdays as well, when he develops an understanding about the less privileged.

Alternatively, you could celebrate this blessed occasion by hosting a havan or offering at your local place of worship.

Everyone in our social circle usually expects to be invited to our baby’s 1st birthday party. It’s better to book a hall or party lawn in advance, if you plan on hosting a big bash.

Themes and Decoration

Since baby is still too young to understand themes, keep it simple; just coordinate the colors, decoration, cake etc with your child’s birthday dress.

A few balloons, colorful streamers and lots of paper aeroplanes/ boats/ lanterns hanging from the ceiling would delight the babies no end.

Devika, a mother of two, emphasized her baby’s special day in a way that’s still remembered amongst her friends. “I had made a collage of my baby’s pictures through her one year of growing up, and had hung it as the centerpiece of decorations”, she reveals.

It’s not uncommon to see invitation cards adorned with the birthday baby’s photograph too.

Just keep in mind that this day is all about making your child feel special, enjoying family time together, and having fun, rather than bothering about a spotlessly clean house, and the perfect coordination of activities.

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