We are all pretty familiar with the saying, ‘Nature is the best teacher’. This can be proved right when you try and teach your child to grow along with the plants in your garden.

Every child is bound to get fascinated with the bright floral shades, the pleasant smell of flowers and also in chasing butterflies and  touching the slipping worms while playing in the mud.

Do not stop them from these lovely child plays. Instead introduce them to the most interesting art of gardening.

Introducing the Art of Gardening

Making kids acquainted with things around is the duty of every parent. Therefore if you wish to cultivate some interest about the nature and if you are on your way to introduce gardening to your kids, here are few suggestions that might come to your aid.

Introduce Children to Brilliance in Colours

In order to introduce it to younger kids, show them the various floral shades to which they get easily attracted. Allow them to play and spend some healthy time in the evening winds of your garden.

Show Them How To Plant

Different plants grow by different techniques. First of all find out your child’s choice of plant and then show them how to grow it. Show the step wise procedure involved in planting like tilling the soil, adding nutrients, sowing the seeds watering and then waiting for the sprouts. 

Choose The Fast Growers

It is always advisable to choose the fast growing plants in the beginning to keep the task interesting. Make use of some fast growing plants like sunflowers, poppies, marigold, tomatoes, radishes, peas etc.

Explain them its importance: It is pretty necessary to explain your kids the necessity of growing their own food. Talk to them and explain them the importance of greenery around. Do clarify their doubts and provide them with a clear picture of a serene garden.

Make it Amusing and Exciting

Children are tender and can easily get attracted towards the fun angle of any activity. Therefore try to bring about the lively part of the art. Provide them the exact tools of gardening. Give them the ideas of developing a plant house or something like a teepee, using fine vines and climbers.  

Allow your kids to come out with their ideas and make things for the garden, like using their crafting skills. Help them to include scare crows, bird feeders, and other decorations using fine pebbles or shells.

Growing Up With Gardening

Gardening helps children learn patience, planning and observation which are pretty much required for a better life. Patience while waiting for the seeds to germinate and plants to blossom, planning when choosing the type of plant to sow, and place to grow, and last but not the least, observing and understanding the growth of various plants, and thus applying these in their everyday lives.