Editor’s Note: Grandparents and their grand-children have and always will share a bond that is very special. They become a child’s parent when the real ones are at work, a teacher who teaches about their roots and a friend who they can share an ice-cream with secretly. Our member Anandchitra tells us her thoughts on grandparents. Share yours with us too here

My friend recently kept repeatedly trying to share her new born granddaughter’s photo till she made sure I got to see that special smile too. Just her efforts to share with me that photo and make me acknowledge “yes indeed a sweet & special smile” brought a ton of smile to my face.

What is it with grandparents?, I never cease to wonder. 

Even locally I know a few new born grandparents and forever their face is transformed with the arrival of the little one. The news that a new comer is coming into the household is enough to send many a eager going to be grandparent into that special club where their days start revolving around news of their cuddly delight. It makes me question again and again did they act as excited and as enthusiastic when we the kids arrived?!

I am sure most parents are happy to bring in their own bundle of joy but the joy knows no bounds when it enters the eagerly waiting arms of doting grandparents.My recent memory of this cuddle bundle was with the arrival of my son when both sets of grandparents could not wait to outdo the other in showering love.

My personal memory of being a grandchild so loved was with my grandfather who used to wait for the last day of school to come to my place to pick me up for the summer holidays to be spent with him and grandmother. The loving way in which he used to come pick me and eagerly wait for my holidays spoke more volumes that all the fancy cards that flood the market today.

He used to take me in the ferry and taught me how to feed the doves by hand. So many years past the memory is so freshly imprinted because of the genuine love behind it.
As a child I was able to remain unadulterated by family politics and just relish being with my grandparents.

To this day I so much enjoy seeing a grandparent wanting to share their grandchild’s photo with all the ambition as if their new born grandchild has already achieved every one of their wishes bestowed. I am sure in their minds the baby has already reached peak summits. Where else does that summit exist though?