Editor’s Note: We have all faced the situation when our kids want us to tell them a new story. And fairy tales are not enough because they have heard it way too many times. Here’s a story that our member vipinonline has shared with us. If you like making your own stories then do share them with us here.

Super Bruno – Transition of a Stray Dog to Super Hero

Once upon a time, there was a small stray dog that lived in a small town named Doompuram.

This dog ate the food that was left over by a nearby hotel/restaurant.

Everyday, Bruno (how this dog was called by the restaurant owner) waited to get his share of food from the shop owner and for the rest of the time he watched the people  on the roads.

One day at noon he saw an old man who looked very lean and weak, coming towards the restaurant. He was leaning on his walking stick after taking every two steps. He looked very tired.

Bruno (the dog) was watching this old man coming towards the shop from the other side of the road, and suddenly noticed that a truck was coming at a very high speed, dashing towards the old man. Bruno realised that this old man would not be able to cross the road fast and would be hit by the truck.

He knew that if he did not help then the old man would get hurt. So Bruno ran toward him and pulled his stick so that he cross more quickly.

The old man was actually saint, who was looking for transferring all his positive energy to someone with a kind heart and realised this dog was the right one. He was more caring than most people who he had met.

The old man, lifted his right hand, closed his eyes for a moment and the invisible rays of positive energy and his soul slowly moved from his body to go in unison with that of the Dog.

Now Bruno, the stray dog is not a stray dog anymore. It is the combination of the kind heart of the dog and soul of the saint, powered with lot of positive energy which created an aura. Bruno – the stray dog – thus became the Super Bruno – Saviour of the world.

Super Bruno is capable of moving around freely to any part of the world. He gets guidance and messages from God Vishnu/Krishna. This happens with the enormous power of the saint, whose soul now dwells within the body of the super dog. Super Bruno can arrest the movement of anything (person, wind, car, bus, water) by doing his super bark. Once Super Bruno looks at someone and does a super barking, that person will become like a statue, until or unless Super Bruno releases him from that magical power.

So,nowadays, Super Bruno helps the poor and needy, the young or old, men or women all across the world.