Editor’s Note: When our child is born, with her is born our dreams for her. As she grows, do we just strive towards fulfilling our unmet desires and ambitions through her or do we really try and analyse her skills and personality to know and understand what would be best for her? Our member lakshmi13 shares her thoughts. Tell us what you feel here.

All parents consider their infant to be a born genius. Indeed, it is true. Children are born as geniuses but parents do not recognize the area of strength of their little genius. The end result, by the time they do start recognizing, it becomes late.

Controversial it may be but it is true that the child can be nurtured into a genius if his or her strengths are recognized and nurtured within the first five years of his or her life. The major hitch in the entire setup is that for parents, being a genius means being academically strong and of course, good grades.

What parents fail to realize is that all children are born with some talent or the other. if this talent is recognized and nurtured, you have a genius who’ll make you proud.

How To Recognize the Talent In your Genius In The First Two Years

Now comes the most important question that I am sure all parents and parents-to-be would ask; how do you recognize the talents your genius has????? Well, its very simple.

Answer these simple questions and I am sure you will be able to find out what interests your child and what is his or her strong areas.

What Attracts Your Child The Most? 

First find out which sense stimulates your child.

  • Is the child attracted to sounds or shows greater interest in pictures?
  • Does the child like smells and scents or reaches out to touch or put things in the mouth?
  • Is your child fond of being rocked about or likes to be held in a particular position?

The sense organ which is the most active in your child helps determine his or her learning style. 

What Interests Your Child The Most? 

It is also important to note what interests your child in the day-to-day activities.

  • Does he or she like songs or rhythmic movements?
  • Is your child fond of other company or likes to play alone with you and/or the father as an exception?
  • Does the child wish to spend time outdoors or likes being inside the house?
  • Is your child interested in throwing or catching things or likes to open it to know what’s inside?

The interests of the child reveal the area of intelligence that govern the overall approach of the child towards learning.

Whom Does The Child like to Spend Time With? 

The person with whom the child likes to spend time and the things done in the company of that individual can also reveal a lot about your child’s interests and likes. 

What Are The Things And Activities Your Child Does not Like? 

If you note down what your child dislikes doing and which things frighten or upset your child, you will be able to identify the weak areas of the child. At the same time, the opposites of these dislikes would point towards the strong areas of your child.

Things You Can Do Daily With Your Genius In The First Two Years

The first two years of a child’s life are crucial for identification of your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Once you answer the earlier questions, it will become easier for you to recognize the strong areas of your kid. Besides, certain activities you can do with your child which would go a long way in making your kid a genius in every sense of the term.

Spend Time Reading

Reading is a great way to boost the brain.In the first two years of life read aloud to your child. Show picture books and board books while pointing out as you read. This helps develop a liking for books in the child.

Besides this, your child’s visual sense also gets stimulated if it is your child’s weak areas. In today’s busy world, even 15 minutes of shared reading does wonders.

Cook with your Child Nearby

Cooking and baking is fun as long as all safety measures are adopted. When you keep your kid next to you while cooking, the child not only gets the benefit of the aromas released by various spices, the child learns to recognize things around the house.

Whenever you cook, make it a point to tell the child what you are doing every time. this way of cooking stimulates his sense of taste and smell, and he receives the impetus to be an early talker.

Take Your Child Out For A Walk

Make it a point to take your child out for a walk. This way, the child no longer exhibits fear of others. While walking, make sure you point out to the birds, vehicles, trees and houses to your child. This helps develop an attraction towards nature.

Hug, Kiss And Pat Your Child

Keep hugging your child every now and then. It brings about a sense of security in the child. Pat your child after every jig or dance you do with your kid. Your child starts loving music and rhythm.

And finally, always kiss your child “Good Night”. This helps your child sleep without fears and makes the child eagerly look forward to the next day.

What Kind Of A Parent Are You?

A child is like wet clay. It is up to you to shape the child into a piece of art, decoration, building stone, or leave it to harden.

It is time to realize that children are born extraordinary, it is the parents who remove the extra and make them ordinary or add extra to make them extra extraordinary.

Which kind of a parent are you?