Editor’s Note: Everyone talks about motherhood and its joys and travails. Fatherhood often goes unspoken. However, a would-be father’s emotions run high too. Our member jasmine25 shares her experience. Tell us about your husband’s reaction when he learnt that he was becoming a father. Write in to us here. 

A mother often sings a lullaby to her child (at least as far as I have seen and heard). But I see my husband overtaking a singer like me just to entertain the little one who has just blossomed inside me.

In fact I have been seeing his  enormous joy and love towards the little one from the moment I conceived.

The would-be father sings “vaa vaa yen devadhaiye” from Abiyum naanum movie and “Anandha Yazhai” from thaanga meengal everyday to our unborn child. He would have watched these special songs countless times with tears and emotions as if he was watching it for the very first time..

He has also become a responsible dad even before the kid is born. Our child is our gift for the love tat we share. she is precious and our dream come true. She is our future and our meaning for living.

I miscarried the previous time that I had conceived. I was 8 weeks pregnant then. That is why my husband is saying prayers sincerely and has become spiritual. This surprises me. He has always believed in God but has now become more so. The little one has changed our life completely and everyday we thank god for this blessing.

My husband is now behaving like my mother too. He is taking care of me. For example, although he is a busy person at work, I receive calls from him every 3 hours.

For every doctor’s appointment  he is the first one to get ready and wakes me up much ahead of the schedule and we end up reaching the hospital before even the doctor and the radiologist comes in.

I lost my patience waiting for NT scan but my husband took a day’s off at his office and was patient with me.

Interactions between my Gynec and husband has also increased proportionately. At times I wonder whose appointment is this? Anyhow am happy that he is going out of his way to safeguard and take care of me and our child.

I think he is going crazy too! I once found him him looking into the scan report at midnight. He is expecting a little jasmine (a replica of me). We are not aware what is in store for us. Be it a boy or a girl, he/she is our treasure of life..

On weekends he has even begun cooking for me. The food is is delicious because he prepares it with lots of love to his dear wife. Before going to sleep he also makes sure that I have taken the medicines.

Some times when I feel hungry midnight he gets up to prepare something as I soon as I utter the word.

With a dear hubby by my side I forget my struggles, morning sickness, tiredness etc and have successfully completed my first trimester. I still have a long way to go but I am sure that with all this pampering and support I can cross the bridge with ease. And gift him a cutie-pie, our doll, our bundle of joy.

Our baby is lucky to have such a dad who is eagerly waiting to hold the little one in his arms and carry him/her in his heart throughout his life.