“How can I teach my child to use the internet safely?”

It is a question which bothers every parent.

The Internet has revolutionized the world to such an extent that we prefer it for our daily activities.

Our kids are exposed to world of internet at very young. So its responsibility of every parent to make sure that his child is safe on internet.

Here is a list of rules which you need to follow:

1. Start Discussing Online Safety at an Early Age

Make your child understands that he needs to think before he posts any content online. internet. Once you post something online, it would remain there forever.

Tell them “If you wouldn’t do it face to face, then they shouldn’t do it online”, “You should be nice with friends on internet the same way you are nice to your friends on playground”.

2. Make Internet as a Topic of Daily Conversation with your Child

Share a bit about your experience on internet with your child. If your child becomes a victim of any cybercrime like cyber­bullying or identity theft, ask them to bring it to your attention immediately and solve the problem tactfully.

3. Family Internet Rules

Set rules on usage of internet. Example: time period for which he can be online, which website he will register, computer should be placed in family area like living room (this will help you in monitoring your child’s internet activity).

4. Educate Yourself

Join the social media websites and stay active on it. Keep a watch on your child’s profile. If possible know your child’s passwords.



5. Privacy Setting

Make sure your child uses proper privacy setting for this profile. Help him to select “Friends Only” setting (Only his friends to see the content he posts).

By default many websites like Facebook have privacy setting as “Public” ( Everyone can view the content).

6. Geotracking

Learn about geotracking and talk to your child about it. Be aware of the potential privacy concerns this poses for home photos and videos taken of your child.

Example : Google maps can reveal the exact location of a home photo of your child.

7. Personal Details and Password

He should never reveal his personal details like full name, telephone number, his current location on internet. This could be dangerous as he can easily be a victim of cybercrimes.

Ask him to keep his password secret and he should not share it with his friend, not even his best friend. If he is confused about anything, he should ask for your help immediately.

8. Strangers Online

Encourage your child to communicate with people they already know. They should never accept friend’s request form strangers.

They should never reply to an email/message sent by a stranger or if it looks fake.

So by following few simple rules you and your family can become a wise netizens. Stay safe online!