Teens always strive to fit into a group. It is thus no wonder that they get influenced by such groups. At times, such influences can be hurtful or illegal too. 

This said, not all peer pressure on teenagers is bad. There are a number of situations where it becomes a positive peer influence on the teenager. Below are five such situations.

Helps to Battle Obesity

If you ask your teen daughter to stop eating junk food and exercise instead, you are sure to face resistance. However, if she sees one of her friends doing the same, the task will be achieved easily. This is known as a positive peer influence.

As a parent encourage her to:

  • Form friendships with those who have healthier eating and lifestyle habits
  • Join workshops or after school activities where similar aged children are attending such issues.

Helps to Study Harder

Positive peer pressure can help a child academically. Here are few situations:

  • During tests at school, with a few exceptions, almost all follow the rules of being quiet and not cheating.
  • A peer who is your child’s close friend will help her with her studies and correct her mistakes too.
  • When your child sees that her friend from the peer group is studying hard to get into a good school or college she is likely to follow suit.

These kinds of peer pressure instils a sense of competition within her and motivates her to work harder.

Helps to become Interested in Extra Curricular Activities

Schools have a lot of extracurricular activities that a student can take part in. This ranges from inter-school competitions like sports, music and dance to nature clubs, scouts and various youth volunteer activities.

Your child might not be initially inclined to participating. This could be due to fear of failure in completions or even a general lack of interest. However, when she sees that her group is showing interest then she is also likely to mirror them.  

This kind of positive peer pressure will:

  • Boost to her confidence
  • She will also learn more
  • Improve her sportsman spirit
  • Spend her free time more productively

Helps to Conform to Rules

It is true that negative peer pressure on teenagers often makes them do things that are against the norm. For example, drugs, drinking and cheating in examinations. However, positive peer pressure makes them conform to rules as well. Examples: respecting elders, praying, playing sports fairly and helping with housework, etc.

Increases Participation in Social Services

Encourage your child to join student groups that are promoting a good cause. These could be youth volunteer groups against drugs and drinking or even NGOs working towards helping the aged and slum children. Even if she does not know anyone in these groups initially, she gradually will. When children see others of their age and upbringing doing a certain activity, they also begin to take interest in it.