Everyone deserves to feel special on their birthday, but it’s not always easy to find new and imaginative ways to celebrate the occasion year on year. 

The internet provides a brilliant resource for activities for kids and there’s plenty of fun ideas to help you keep your birthday boy or girl happy, no matter how old they are.


However, entertaining your own children is one thing – but what about a whole group of them?

Often the idea of hosting a party is far more daunting than it needs to be, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot either. Here we present you with five fun ideas for your kid’s birthday party, guaranteed to leave both you and your child smiling. 

1. Alphabet Party 

Every child loves dress-up, just as much as every birthday boy or girl wants to feel like the centre of attention on their special day. Specifying your fancy dress theme to anything beginning with the first letter of your child’s name is a sure-fire way to make your child feel important, and offers the rest of the guests the flexibility to choose costumes they’ll enjoy wearing too.

How far you want to take this theme is up to you, but it can be fun to personalise the whole party to this letter, choosing games, decorations and even foods all beginning with the first letter of their name. 

2. Treasure Hunts 

Treasure hunts are always great activities for kids as they can be prepared in advance and will happily amuse them all afternoon. Tailor the hunt to the age and gender of the children involved, choosing small, inexpensive treats such as chocolate coins or bouncy balls to hide around the house or garden.

With younger children it’s best to ensure that every child gets some form of reward for simply taking part. But older children tend to enjoy a more competitive hunt, so divide the group into teams and set them off with a map or a series of clues that will lead the winning team to the final treasure.

3. Disco

All good parties involve some dancing, and there’s nothing like a disco to wear out a large group of excitable children. However, you don’t have to hire a hall and expensive sound and light equipment to hold a disco for your child’s birthday party, and there’s no reason why your living room can’t make the perfect dance floor.

Choose music suited to your child’s age group (older children will enjoy creating their own playlist), decorate the walls with fairylights and come up with some fun active games such as musical chairs, musical statues and limbo. You can even throw in some karaoke, glowsticks and a disco ball to really get the party started!

4. Lights, Camera, Action!

Put the spotlight on your child’s birthday with a film-making party that’s guaranteed to leave all your guests feeling like stars. Divide all the children into small groups and give them ten minutes to come up with their own idea for a movie.

Provide them with fancy dress and props (these can be everyday items such as cardboard boxes and cushions collected from around the house) and now give them all up to an hour to prepare and rehearse. All modern smart-phones now come with in-built video cameras so once the kids feel ready, go between the various groups and help them shoot their finished films.

Once you’ve called the final cut, sit the cast and crew down for a well-deserved wrap-party where they can watch their films on screen (link your phone to the computer or TV) and arm them with popcorn and cinema-style snacks. 

5. Sports Party 

Organising action-packed activities for kids is a lot less stressful than it sounds, and can offer an easy and inexpensive way to entertain larger groups of children. Your garden or local park will make the perfect sports venue, and from football tournaments to frisbee there’s no end to the number of fun (and free) sporty games.

If your child is interested in one sport in particular, why not hold an ‘official’ event with all guests encouraged to dress in their favourite team’s colors. Hot dogs and refreshing orange wedges make great half-time refreshments, and a mini-tournament is a guaranteed way to ensure all the kids are involved and enjoying the party.

And if you are planning to celebrate your child’s birthday party and are looking out for some tips, don’t forget to checkout Baby’s First Birthday Party Ideas.