With the advent of newest gadgets and latest technology, there comes innovation for smart phones and high-end devices. The technology used in today’s smart phones is powered on Android platform too.

What Is Android?

The Android technology was invented by Google, that caters millions of mobile phone users. This technology acts as an intermediate and helps software developers in building and designing various apps for the gadgets using Android platform.

It is said to be the world’s most powerful and popular mobile platform. It powers millions and millions of mobile devices in more than 200 countries across the world. Android is said to be the biggest installed base of any cell phone platform, which is growing every day. Every day, millions of users power their Android devices for playing games, downloading apps and other digital content from the web. It is clear that Google’s operating system is a big hit.

This Linux based mobile phone operating system, designed by Google, is unique due to the fact that Google is giving it away for free to phone carriers, and hardware manufacturers who want to use Android on their devices.

How to Use Android?

It is an open source operating system, used to develop applications, to help people satisfy their requirements hence; its uses are endless. The usage of Android consists of games, social media networking, business and work relevant apps and other modules for entertainment purposes. Today, the usage of Android technology has crossed millions, because it is easily available on the web for downloading purpose.

All the Android apps that are available are considered as a requisite, making life easier with too few touches. Witnessing the vast demand in today’s businesses, an Android technology helps boost up the business using its various apps.

For business and work purposes, Android apps will go far as viewing documents wherever the person is. You can instantly have a video conferencing without worrying of 3G signals. Moreover; power point presentations, creating spread sheets, up to date currency conversions, pulling out business maps, and much more you can have it on the go.

Using Android will not only helps in organizing person’s business life, but takes you there with its built-in navigation system that helps user to search strings, access maps etc. Forget about getting a separate NAV in your car.

It is just one example, like this there are many things with which Android have made easier and convenient.  It offers you a power of doing almost everything on the move, and the reason behind why millions of people are attracted towards this technology.