Tip 3:

Your words must match your gestures. This helps in developing a great bond with people around you.

Five more communication mantras can help you to communicate perfectly every time. They are –

Tip 4:

Focus on the audience

‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’. Prepare well by knowing the cultural background, faith and beliefs of the people you communicate with. You can use this knowledge to adapt your style and create a better connect. Also choose the right channel that will work best for that audience, written or face to face.

Tip 5:

Empathize with your listeners

Show your respect for people. Check to see if they understood what you said. You should try to paraphrase after a long sentence. Use phrases like, ‘so in summary’, ‘I would like you to’,  ‘if I understand correctly, is this what you want?’ Paraphrasing shows your concern and respect towards others viewpoints. Ask questions to know your listeners better.

Tip 6:

Use feelings and emotions effectively to communicate better

It is said emotion is the fastest lane to human brain. It’s  when you like and put yourself totally into what you want to communicate with right feelings and emotions, than you are able to connect with the people deep within.

Tip 7:

Use correct tone of voice

 Take an example of a sentence ‘Where you going?’ Stress on each word conveys a different message and may change the meaning all together. Always emphasize on the correct word, so that you give the right message.

Tip 8:

Dress the part

As per Mehrabian model of communication, what we say accounts for 7% of what we communicate, while 38% of our communication depends on how we say it, and a huge 55% of our communication is dependent on what others see when we talk.

Remember always to dress the part to create a lasting impression, even when you are communicating outside your work environment.

You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people, than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you’– Dale Carnegie