Do you know what one of the most amazing aspects of living in the 21st century is? Well, there are numerous but one very important aspect is the efficiency and convenience that a range of gadgets have brought into our life.

All is good as long as you are using these wonderful gadgets. But the rate at which all these gadgets become obsolete is alarming. The manufacturers intentionally design their products in a way that they can be easily upgraded and replaced. It might work for them very well. But in the long term our planet is the loser. And if our planet is getting harmed, then so are we.

This e-waste from the discarded gadgets consists of cadmium, lead, mercury and numerous other heavy metals that lead to a variety of medical problems. You will be surprised to know that in most developed countries their e-waste is either dumped or transported to the developing countries.

It’s high time we realized the harmful effects of e-waste and try to dispose them off naturally.

Given below are five effective tips for e-waste disposal.

1. Donate or Sell

Your last buy may seem to be a junk for you. But there are many people who may not be able to afford it. So it would be a nice gesture to donate it to any organization.

 You can even choose to sell them for a lesser price. That way it is a win-win situation for both you and the buyer.

Some companies have buyback offers. You want to buy the next version of your iPad? Well just give them your old one, and get a discount on the new one.

2. Gift

If you have a younger sibling, then you can hand your old gadgets down to them. They will be really elated. Of course I am assuming that your old gadget is still in working condition when you are gifting them to your kid brother or sister.

You can also give it to the less privileged people of the society like the ones who work for you – your driver, maid, plumber, and so on.

3. Repair

 If your laptop or mobile has conked off, don’t just rush to the nearest store to replace it. Give it another chance, for God’s sake.

See if there is a minor glitch and you can get it repaired. For all you know, it may take just half an hour to get back to action.

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4. Certified E-Waste Recycler

Another option is to find a certified waste disposal unit. These are facilities that are specially designed to dispose e-waste. They ensure that they make the hardware as safe as they can before the dump it.

They usually take the items apart. Then they recycle the usable items from the gadget like glass, rubber and so on. Parts which are damaged and cannot be recycled are burnt. Parts having copper, gold, tin are usually melted and used to make new cords and stuff.

5. Care:

This is the best one. Care for the planet. Resist the urge to dump your existing gadget and run for a new upgraded one the moment it hits the market. Try and be happy with what you have.

The planet needs all the love it can get. So do your bit.