Editor’s note: Aunts and Agony Aunts aside, were you aware of Agonizing Aunts? Though the term might sound scarier, our member Manjureddy has taken her aunt’s visit in her stride and learnt something new too. Find out more about her experience and share yours here.

There are Agony Aunts . There are agonising aunts . And there is this person , a relative ,who is quite simply, Aunt Agony. 

Auntie B who was to attend a clan wedding , had suddenly decided to shack up with us, for a “short holiday” last week. This fact elicited more commiseration from the clan than the demise of our pet terrier had. Auntie B never moved a step without her ‘Reputation ‘ preceeding her like a red banner . This is not to say that she is a menacing shrew straight out of saas -bahu serials. She is actually a saintly Seeker of Atma Bodha, perennially immersed in “holy thoughts”. 

AND , Holier -Than-Thou. 

Five days in her company and I became a hopeless tangle of nerves, writhing in selfdoubt . What did she do ? She Advised. Preached . With evangelical zeal to set me on the golden path to Moksha , this Seeker/Saadhak, missed no opportunity to impress upon me what a grand Illusion my life was and how absolutely urgent it was for me to “wake up” to The Truth.!