The increasing popularity of tablets and smart phones is pushing health industry to design and formulate various health applications that is revolutionizing ways to manage health in this digital age. Health applications have become more apparent and widespread. Easily accessible information, simple and friendly format makes learning an enjoyable and easy experience.


Women’s health has sparked much attention and interest and has led to the creation of loads of health app for women. Everything from diet charts, trackers, exercises, and other resources are at people’s finger tips. Here are some popular mobile apps for women. Do share which health app has been your favorite so far.

1. Lose It! for weight loss

This is apt for anyone who wants to shed weight. It offers the calorie spread for the day and reminds you to record food intake and exercise. You can also track foods using the barcode scanner. You can even create your buddy group with friends via FB or Twitter.

2. What to Expect

This pregnancy tracker includes exhaustive information about due date calculator, photos of the baby by week, growth and development with loads of interesting tips scattered throughout the app. This app comes from the popular pregnancy book “What to expect when you are expecting”.

3. Menstrual Calendar

Keep your mind free without having to track your menstrual cycle. This app tracks your cycle, ovulation as well as symptoms with this digital tracking calendar. It generates weight chart and has customizable calendar interface. 

4. WebMD Mobile

If you are worried about a symptom or need some quick advice on a health ailment, check the answers on WebMD mobile which also offer guidance on drugs and supplements.

5. All-in Yoga

This app features about 300 poses, breathing exercises, sharing tools. You can create your own yoga workout plan or use the ready-made yoga programs that let you enjoy yoga classes right at home.

So which health app are you using right now and share which one has been your favorite here