Tips to Sleep Better

Learning the secrets of sleep will make you more productive and energetic. Good sleep is a pillar of strength because of the amazing benefits that it provides. Check few tips that will help you sleep better.

Consistent Schedule


Maintaining a regular sleep and wake up time regulates the biological clock in our brain as well as body.

Strengthen your sleeping pattern by sticking to a schedule even in the weekends when you may be tempted to sleep more.

Go to bed at the same time every night only when you are tired. If you plan to change the time, help your body to adjust by making small daily adjustments .

Keep Your Room Dark & Cozy


Having a room that has good ambience to relax will invite a good night’s sleep.

Keep the noise down by closing the windows. If you are unable to avoid certain noise such as barking of dogs, noise of vehicular movement or loud neighbors, consider buying pair of ear plugs when you go to sleep.

A dark room induces good sleep. Draw the curtains, ensure there no electrical displays in your room. You can also use low-wattage lamps and avoid bright lights just before you sleep. There are also eye masks available to cover your eyes.

Light Routine

Milk pouring

Milk pouring

Establish a light routine before you sleep every day. Listening to soft music, reading a light book, drinking a cup of warm milk , taking a warm bath/shower helps you to unwind and will lull you to sleep.

Never work or watch anything just before you sleep. Avoid reading from a backlit device such as mobile phone, ipad that has bright light. This can stimulate your brain and keep you awake for hours.

Sleep Comfortably


Have a comfortable bed in which you can stretch and turn comfortably. IF you get up with body ache or a sore neck, consider investing in a new mattress and a comfortable pillow.

The temperature of your room should be cozy to induce sleep. A room that is either too hot or cold can affect your sleep.

Avoid Napping or Power Nap


Staying awake all through the day can be tiresome for some people and they regularly nap in the afternoon.

This may be one of the culprits in robbing your sleep at night. Avoid napping altogether or keep it very short for a maximum of not more than 20 minutes.

Eat Early and Drink Light


You should plan to have dinner two hours before you plan to sleep. This is because food takes approximately about 2-3 hours to digest . Sleeping during this time can cause heartburn, indigestion and other stomach trouble.

Coffee, alcohol can stimulate the nervous system and can keep you wake. Other drinks such as water and other fluids moderately. This will avoid frequent trips to the bathroom during the night.

Avoid Exercising


Due to lack of time, people end up exercising after work or dinner and try to go to bed. This will affect the sleep schedule because a worked out body takes a long time to unwind.

However, you can consider walking after dinner for about 20-30 minutes before going to bed.

Get Help


Managing work, family, school and other things can cause huge stress on you. Evaluate and accept few things that are not in your control.

Set aside few hours in the evening to write down that worries you and write possible solution for them. Leave your thoughts on paper before you go to sleep.

If you feel that you are overwhelmed with stress, never hesitate to talk, discuss and get help from family members.

See a Doctor


If you still are unable to get sleep you may have to seek professional medical help. Do schedule a visit if you experience any of the symptoms –

a. Fatigue during the day
b. Difficulty falling asleep
c. Weird sensations in body , arms and legs.
d. Inability to fall asleep after waking up
e. Falling asleep at odd hours or
f. Loud snoring with pause in breathing