While people are making their own predictions on dooms day, why not spend the same time in being cheerful? It is definitely a cause of concern, but it is spreading negativity when the need of the hour is being positive. One way to wipe away that frown from your forehead and feel light is to smile. Smile, as you must be aware does more good things to your body and mind. It is the most inexpensive way to live longer. Here are few reasons to keep you smiling.

Life is Good: when you smile, you automatically send message to your brain, which makes you feel good. Can you try thinking anything negative when you have that brilliant smile on your face? Hard, isn’t it?. Because our body is programmed to send positive vibes when your smile.

Natural Drug: Smiling releases endorphins and serotonin – the feel-good chemical that makes you feel light and is a natural painkiller.

Good for the heart: Studies show that smiling helps the heart to recover quickly, especially after stressful events. No wonder, people say, “Cheer up and smile”. Smiling relaxes the muscles and naturally reduces stress and blood pressure, both of which are friends of the heart.

Treats Mental Illness: Smiling is a boon for people suffering from depression and other mental ailments. One of the treatment methods, which most doctors prescribe, is to inject a good dose of humor, which increases laughter and smiling. Psychologists agree that smiling alleviates anxiety and depression.

Reduce Stress: Children and babies are perfect examples on what a smile can do. They are cheerful, live in the moment and spread happiness. When you see a smiling person, you too end up smiling because it is contagious. And it also gives a calming effect on the mind making you forget the stress for the miniscule moment, isn’t it..? This can also boost your immunity and reduce the chances of getting cold or a cough.

You can find several reasons to smile. So, go ahead and smile today, and spread happiness!

Keep Smiling