Picture a workplace or an office. It often brings to mind loads of work, annoying co-workers and unsatisfied clients.  Stress, anxiety and tension hamper productivity of the employees.

Do you feel positive and energetic in your personal cubicle or workspace?  Create a relaxed environment, with few changes to your workplace.  Here are four ways to activate a calm atmosphere in a stress-filled surrounding.

Clear The Clutter

clean_the_clutterTake a deep breath, to see if your workspace looks cluttered.  Memos, unwanted papers, broken stationery, files, I-can-use-this-later items, etc., are few things that easily create a mess.  Besides the desk, you may also realize that the files on your computer or laptop may need a cleanup.

A disorganized office space leaves a clogged mind and builds stagnant energy. Cleaning your workspace offers multiple benefits; it builds a good image for you, gives you a sense of accomplishment, reduces stress and keeps you focused at work.

Add Green To Bring In Life

Desk_PlantsMake your workspace look cheerful, by adding small plants to your workspace.  Living plants enlivens a dull workspace.  Dead plants are signs of negative energy. Do take care of them with due diligence, as they reflect your personality. Select indoor plants and those that do not flower, since few of your co-workers may be pollen-allergic.  Ferns, English Ivy, Lucky Bamboo, Peace Lily, Jade’s plant and Indoor Bonsai are few options to consider. Remember to keep them healthy, since lively plants bring abundant positive energy.