As part of our weight loss success stories, this week we bring you the inspiring story of loonypooh, who has lost 5 kgs in 45 days with her simple diet and exercise regime. Check out her weight loss secrets!

My sedentary life had gradually made me put on weight from 50 to 65. I am not very tall, 5 ft. So for me 65 was on a quite higher side.Although i was never obese , i always felt bad about being a little overweight.I have always hated working out at the gym so I started to plan my workout at home and watched what I ate.

I got carried away checking out the GM diet plan. Tried that but gave up on 3rd day, I don’t have that self control to punish my stomach to that extent. And really hats off to those who follow fad diets.

So , then i had to think of some other strategy.This is what i have been following for last 45 days and have seen good results.

Morning: 1 mug of green tea
1 bowl of oats porridge (oats cooked in water with a pinch of salt)+1 small banana. I could not have oats alone so added a tiny banana to the bowl every time.

Lunch: a bowl of rice +gravy or dal, or 3 chapatis+ gravy/dal

Evening: 1 cup tea+ 3-4 marie /monaco biscuits, or a cup of groundnuts.

Dinner: I think this is where the trick is. Try and avoid a full dinner. In fact in 45 days i have had full dinner twice, when we partied out.And i ate to my heart’s contempt.(lasagna with extra cheese). Otherwise I have been strict.

So dinner is : 1 big bowl of chicken or vegetable soup, without oil.


1 big bowl of vegetable salad with Italian topping. This topping is without oil as well.

Around 10 pm: 1 mug of low fat milk with a teaspoon of Bournvita. It gives me very good sleep. And helps me not to feel hungry at night!

Exercise routine: 30 minutes of treadmill everyday.

However, there is construction going on at my place and i have not used the treadmill for 2 weeks, but i have managed to keep the weight loss, with my diet control.

Also now that we live in Coimbatore, I go up and down the stairs probably 10 times a day in our duplex which is taxing, but i think it surely has contributed to my weight loss as well.