Walking is one of the most enjoyable and least expensive fitness exercises that thousands of doctors recommend. You can walk almost anywhere and if done right, can give you greater health benefits. Power walking or fitness walking gives the same benefits as running. It is a great way to stay in shape and healthy. Wondering what power walking is ? Power walking makes use of all the muscles of the body. Power walking gives you the right posture and tightens all the muscles when you walk. If done correctly, it is said that power walking can give the benefits of cardio and strength training at the same time.
Here are few tips for power walking –

1. Buy a pair of good walking shoes. Running shoes are better as they are designed to take more stress. Your shoes should be flexible and be of the correct size. Since your feet will swell during exercise, make sure the shoes have sufficient room for the feet.
2. Stand erect and have a good posture. Look forward, keep your chin high and head up.
3. Raise your chest slightly and relax your shoulder muscles.
4. Keep your arms bent angled at 90 degrees and keep them close to your body.
5. Swing your arms forward as you walk and your hands should not cross your chest.
6. Abdominal muscles should be firm while you walk.
7. Push off with your toes and roll your step from heal-to-toe, taking smaller but faster steps. Your heel should land first on the ground.
8. Breathe naturally and walk fast enough to get more oxygen to the system. The pace should be fast enough to increase the rate of breathing but should not let you feel out of breath.
9. Never over-stride since this will slow you down.
10. Drink a glass of water thirty minutes before you walk to keep the body hydrated and one cup every 20 minutes during the walk.

Happy Power Walking!!