Happiness is a state of mind. When we feel good, do well, we smile more and laugh often. If a person is laughing and cheerful he is considered to be joyful and stress free. He is healthier than a person who is frowning and having an anxious state of mind.

Once we start laughing, it brings about an innate sense of well being. The day’s miseries, sobs, frustrations all get wiped in matter of seconds once you laugh out loud (LOL) on anything. The brain senses are amazing that it clears all the blockages that one has and gives a refreshing outlook or perspective to look into an issue.

Kids are the happiest of the lot since their world is full of giggles and laughter. Statistics reveal that they laugh/smile about 400 times a day when adults score way below with an average of laughing 17 times or even less a day!

This whole bag of giggles and laughter supposedly lightens down the mental pressure and is a great way of relaxation. We are all aware of the laughter therapy which is widely used all over the world to stress the importance of goodness of laughing. Leave alone the medical effects, don’t we all feel good inside, once we burst out laughing. It gets rid of the pent up feelings and negative energy.

Laughter and laughing together can boost a relationship. A young couple who had differences was on the verge of a break up. They sat down to call it quits when they ended up reminiscing fond and bitter memories. They ended up laughing together at each other’s drawbacks as well as good things. They realized that their relationship was not that bad at all. They made it up and went on to have a glorious marriage thereafter. Have you noticed that we end up laughing more often when we are with people than alone?

Our way of perceiving things differ from person to person. What I find funny may not be looking or sounding funny to another person. As we age, we perceive things in an altogether different shade. Our sense of humor takes a back seat. How many times do we laugh at things which make kids laugh?

Knowing the therapeutic effects of laughter, what stops us from laughing and enjoying life more? We can find laughter around us all the time. There are a number of things which make a person laugh.


Prank shows, standup comedy /movies, books, comic strips have plenty of laughter doze to keep our souls merrier and happier.

Brain recall

There have been times that I have ended up in embarrassing situations. These never fail to amuse me when I recollect them with my near and dear ones.


When people are in a hurry to communicate and at their wits’ end they type it all wrong. Either they are bad in spellings or it slipped their fat fingers 🙂

I could not stop laughing after reading a mail from a senior manager writing to one of our team mate’s blooper on file syncing. After all the discourse in the mail he ended with, “Let us all ensure that the files are in sink” instead of “sync”!

Am sure there are lot of other things that make you laugh. What are they? Go ahead, list them…