Pomegranate, the reddish pink colored fruit, is one of the most powerful fruits gifted by nature to us. Also called as the Army Knife, as it dissolves clots, reduces blood pressure and the risk of cancer, it is a super fruit full of antioxidants.

Come let us know more about this wonderful fruit and its medicinal properties.

The Fruit at a Glance

The fruit features in many cultures throughout the ages. It finds mention in Greek, Chinese, Egypt, and Persian cultures. In China, Persia, Iran, etc, it is the symbol of fertility. In ancient Egypt the fruit was buried along with dead, so as to provide them with an eternal life.

All parts of the fruit, leaves, seed, rind, etc, are used in Ayurveda for medicinal purposes.

Why is it so Popular?

One of the main reasons is that the fruit is full of antioxidants. This reduces bad cholesterol, which in turn prevents the blockage of arteries from happening. The antioxidants also prevent dangerous blood clots from forming.

The clots can cause blockage of arteries, stroke, heart attack etc. Furthermore it neutralizes the effect of free radicals in our body, which are formed when we are exposed to radiation, pollution, smoke, pesticides etc.

Along with antioxidants, the fruit also provides the essential vitamins, minerals and fiber required for your body.

Medicinal Benefits

A pomegranate a day can keep stroke, cancer, blood pressure, and not to mention dental plagues away.

Here is a brief list of its health benefits.

  • Rich in antioxidants this fruit is said to reduce the risk of breast, lung and prostrate cancer.
  • The antibacterial properties of the fruit reduce the incidence of dental plaques, tartar and bleeding gums.
  • The pomegranate juice promotes digestion. It fights infections of the intestine and also aids in food metabolism. It is a great help for people suffering from stomach infections, irritable bowel syndrome etc.
  • The fruit is useful during Hemorrhoids. The juice stops bleeding and reduces the swollen veins seen during Piles.
  • The fruit is good for heart, lowers bad cholesterol and decreases blood pressure.
  • It is also helpful during osteoarthritis. The goodness of fruit is believed to reduce joint damage and can prevent cartilage damage responsible for arthritis.

Pomegranate Remedies

What kitchen remedies can you try out with a pomegranate? Let us find out.

If you have a wheezing problem, then you can squeeze the juice of pomegranate, mix it with a bit of ginger juice and honey and have 2 to 3 teaspoons, once  every three hours or so.

If you suffer from indigestion, then here is a quick remedy. Roast cumin seeds, powder and mix it with pomegranate juice. Add a bit of jaggery to this juice and consume one teaspoon, thrice a day to reduce the symptoms of indigestion.

For anal itching or irritation, try this. Roast the peel of the pomegranate until it is brown. Powder it and mix it with a bit of coconut oil. Now apply this paste over anus.

For diarrhea related problems, you can try out pomegranate concoction. Boil few peels, around 20 grams of pomegranate peel, in one fourth liter of water. Drink 30ml of this concoction three times a day.

Drinking the juice of pomegranate also increases appetite and reduces stomach related disorders.

Pomegranate in the Kitchen

There are plenty of pomegranate recipes which you can try out at home ranging from chutney, raita, stew, salad, salsa, jelly, cakes, jam etc.

If you don’t happen to like the tartness of the fruit, or your kids don’t savor this fruit, then you can try adding them to ice creams, yogurts or even create your own dips with pepper, walnuts and bread.

Pomegranate juice is also something which can easily be given to kids. Crush the fruit seeds in a blender and stain. Be careful of the juice staining you cloth.

A Word of Warning

Always check with your doctor for the recommended dosage, when consuming pomegranate juice. The juice can interfere with certain medications that you are consuming.