The pleasant smell of fabric conditioner is amazing when it comes out of the washing machine every day. There is much behind this sweet smelling toxin. Most commercial fabric softeners come with several toxic chemicals and are highly toxic to the human body. Medical reports indicate that these chemicals are responsible in leading to serious health disorders. Few samplers –

  • Benzyl acetate is known to cause pancreatic cancer
  • Pentane causes dizziness, fatigue, depression, drowsiness and nausea
  • Benzyl alcohol causes brain and nervous disorders
  • Camphor causes respiratory problems, twitching muscles and convulsions

The role of these chemicals is to produce a pleasant smelling effect on the clothes. Do you remember if your parents used any of these conditioners in the last few decades? Interestingly, there are enough media campaigns, which tell that these fabric conditioners are NECESSARY and HYGIENIC. Since we wear clothes that are filled with toxin right next to our skin, we breathe toxins every day. This also creates unnecessary pressure on the liver, one of the organs that filter the toxins that we bring into the body every day. Long-term exposure to deadly chemicals will certainly cause more harm to the body.

You can condition the laundry naturally, with the use of vinegar(3/4th cup), baking soda (3/4th cup) and add few drops of essential oil such as rose or lavender, which will leave the clothes very fragrant. There are also fragrance free conditioners that are available in health stores.

Spare a thought on your health before you buy that big bottle of perfumed fabric conditioner!

Take Care