More than 15 million people experience depression every year and this numbers are always on the rise. Most of them are women and majority of them do not seek or get help on time. One in four women is likely to have experienced depression at some point in life. This clinical mood disorder can range from being mild to severe.


Loss of interest, excessive crying, irritability, worthlessness, overeating, weight loss, weight gain, difficulty in focusing, suicidal thoughts, headaches, feeling guilty and exhaustion are some symptoms of depression.

Studies show that a woman is more prone to experience depression due to fluctuating levels of hormones that occur throughout her life. Puberty, pregnancy, menopause, menstrual cycle, childbirth, miscarriage are some peak times when the hormones fluctuate.

Women having a family history of such disorders, physiological, social stress, use of certain medications, history of mood disorders in early menstrual years and lack of social and family support are more prone to suffer from depression. Medication and therapy are some of the widely used methods to treat depression. 

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