A kitty party is a get together of ladies that usually takes place once a month.

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Interesting Facts about a Kitty Party

  • The general concept behind the kitty party is like a chit fund where each lady contributes a predetermined amount of money to a central fund. A chit is then picked up from a collective bunch of chits that have the names of every member of the kitty. The person whose name is picked hosts the next kitty party and also gets the money from the central fund.
  • Each kitty round lasts till every member of the group has received the central fund money. So the bigger the group the longer each round of kitty party lasts, so if there are 20 members then the game can go on for 20 months.
  • More than the money being won, it is the idea of a monthly get together that appeals most to the ladies participating in a kitty party. The fun, frolic, merriment and enjoyment derived are unparalleled and also allow a woman some “me time”, away from daily trivialities and duties. This is precisely everyone looks forward to their monthly kitty party.

In all this excitement, there is a major query that most first time and even long time kitty party players have, i.e. how to host a kitty party successfully. Therefore, to make it easy for you to throw a rocking kitty party we bring you steps and ideas on how to host a great one.

Deciding Venue and Theme for Hosting Kitty Party

The first step is to decide the venue for your kitty party. You can organize it in a restaurant or eatery, book a small banquet hall (if your group is really large and you have the budget) or simply host it in your house.

Once you have chosen the venue, you can select the option of keeping a theme for your kitty party. It adds more gaiety to the event. A theme can be incorporated for both a house kitty party as well as if you are booking a place.

You can check out our 25 creative kitty party themes for interesting and easy ideas for hosting your own exciting get together.

Planning the Kitty Party Menu

The next step is to plan your kitty party menu, especially if you are hosting the party at your house, and decide whether you want an elaborate three course meal or just a lot of snacks. Also, you may want to decide whether you want to home cook the entire meal or order from outside.

We have an interesting list of 20 delicious kitty party snacks ideas with recipes if you want to serve a tasty lineup of homemade food.

In case you have booked another place, like a restaurant, eatery or banquet, then it is best to talk to the organization there and pre‐decide the kitty party menu. This will ensure there is no last minute hotchpotch on the day of the party itself.

Arranging the Kitty Party Games & Entertainment

A kitty party is absolutely no fun without interesting as well as engaging games. It also helps all the members in the group bond better.

For a comprehensive list of kitty party activities, you can check out 25 fun kitty party games for Indian ladies as well as 30 thrilling one minute games for kitty parties. These will surely add the right dose of excitement to your party, thereby making it a roaring success.

5 Nifty Tips to Implement on the Kitty Party Day

  1. Adopt a cheerful and welcoming persona
  2. Talk to all your guests and see that everyone is comfortable
  3. Ensure that all the ladies take part actively in all the games that are taking place.
  4. See that everyone is enjoying their food.
  5. Go on replenishing the snack and food corner as well as keep the conversation flowing in light banter. Last, but not the least, thank everyone when they are leaving the party.

With all these steps in place, be assured that your kitty party will be the talk of the group and a roaring success.