Christmas is a time for perfect bonding when family members get together to have some quality time and fun with one another. Apart from the customary dinners, games, be it indoor or outdoor have the power to bring in fun, laughter and pure enjoyment. Here are some games that your family can play this Christmas.

Rolling the Marble

roll_the_marbleCut the cardboard tubes into equal-length troughs, one for each player (ours were approximately 1 foot long). Have players lined up 2 to 3 feet apart.

The first person in line sets the marble on one end of his trough. He has to roll the length of the tube into the next players tube without touch the marble. The next player should pass the marble to the next and so on. Anybody dropping the marble is out and the marble goes back to the beginning of the line. Whoever is left is the winner.

Shuffle the Caps

shuffle_CapsCreate the scoring triangle with tape: the tip is worth 10 points, the middle 20 points, and the base 5 points. Use another piece of tape to mark the push-off point at the opposite end of the table.

Take turns sliding your caps (they slide best upside down) from behind the push-off point. You could knock your opponent out of the triangle or right off the table. More than half the cap must be inside the space to count as in. The first player to score 100 points is the winner.


PictionaryOne player has to get the other players to guess a word by drawing a picture.

The players should be in two teams. One team secretly writes down a common phrase and shows it to one member of the other team, chosen as the artist. The artist then has to get the other members of his team to guess the word by drawing a picture. They are not allowed to give clues by talking, or drawing letters or symbols.