Players make an anagram of a new word by adding an extra letter to a word. The player first starts with a three-letter word, for which the next player adds one more letter and makes an anagram of all letters. This play continues by making longer anagrams. Player who is unable to make a word is out.

Indoor bowling


Line six to ten water bottles at the end of the hall or living room. Use a duct tape to make the starting line. Get a medium sized indoor ball and start bowling. Keep scores to make it competitive. If you need the bottles to be sturdy the fill it up with little water and screw the lid of the bottles tightly.

Paper Ball Soccer

paper_ball_SoccerMake use of a rectangular boxes to make a table top goal and place them at opposite ends of the table. Mark the goal mouths using duct tape. Crumple a medium sized paper into a ball. Use your index finger to kick the ball down the field, starting at midfild. Pass it from one hand to the other up to three times and shoot at the goal at any point. Your opponent should stop the ball by staying within the goal mount and can use either his middle or index fingers. Once the goal is shot, the defender gets the ball.

Two Truths and A Lie

Two Truths and a Lie


Players sit in a large circle and one player starts by  telling three things about himself. One of the statement is a lie while the two other statements are true. Others take turn to guess which is the lie. The game continues around the circle.


CharadesCharades is a popular game in which a player acts out a phrase and the other players in the team guess the enacted phrase within a time-frame. The phrase can be from a movie, book, TV show, etc.



20 Questions

One of the most popular indoor game for kids as well as adults. It is more fun if the group has 6 or lesser number of people.

A player chosen as “It” leaves the room. Other players pick up an object in the room. The person who is the “IT” returns to the room and guesses the objected by asking each player a question. The “IT” player can ask up to 20 questions to guess the object. If the “IT” does not guess the object after 20 questions, then he could take another turn with a new object.

Bulls Eye Bowling

bulls-eye-bowlingPlayers stand back on a line and proceed to bowl small balls toward the bulls-eye. It proved to be a fun challenge to see whose ball could land in the center of the target!




Balance Beam


Walking toe-to-heel along a single piece of masking tape is harder than in looks and is a great entertainer!