A never say die attitude is what the movie is all about. Club 60, a place to hang out, play tennis and live life to the fullest inspite of all the downs, challenges and hurdles. It is the celebration of LIFE. Farookh Sheikh portrays the character of Dr. Tareek Sheikh and Sarika, Dr. Sayira Sheikh, a couple who are completely shattered after the death of their only son.

Manu Bhai (Raghubir Yadav), the flamboyant all colorful character is the reason they get introduced to Club 60. Hesitant and doubtful, yet Farookh Sheikh decides to give the Club 60 a chance. Is there more to the smiles always pasted on the Club 60 members? Is this all a façade? Does Farookh find himself a misfit there or does he start looking at life from an all new perspective? Only a visit to the theatres can tell us. Seeing Sarika in a matured role and looking absolutely stunning feels great. The rest of the Club 60 gang that we would get introduced to as the plot unfolds includes Mansukhani (Satish Shah), Zafar (Tinu Anand), Dhillon (Sharat Saxena), and Sinha (Vineet Kumar).

Will we walk out with a zest for life? It definitely is a great concept as we come to the end of the year with plans and dreams for a new year, a new beginning. 

Release Date: 6 December 2013

Director: Sanjay Tripathi

Producer: Rajeev Agrawal, Kavee Kumar and Vineet Yadav