Here is a tutorial for lovely handmade stocking cloth flowers.

These are fun and easy to make! We are going to show you step by step instructions to make a beautiful sprig of flowers.

Perfect to use for home decor, parties and other special occasions! The stocking cloth gives a very delicate look to the flowers. Since the technique involves a loop of wire, a little manipulation can change the shape of the petals and give you an entirely different flower.

You will know in a minute what we mean by that.  Without further ado, we will get started with the tutorial.

Materials Needed:

Let’s collect the supplies. You will need:

  1. Stocking Cloth in your choice of colours. We are using Shaded Orange Stocking cloth.
  2. Bumpy Chenille stems (same colour as the stocking cloth)
  3. Green Stocking Cloth (For leaves and buds)
  4. Floral Wire
  5. Floral Tape
  6. Sewing Thread (either green or same color as the Stocking Cloth)
  7. Scissors



Step 1:

Fold and twist one end of the Chenille stem to make a loop with two bumps as shown.



Step 2:

Wrap the stocking cloth around the loop as shown. Secure the fabric at the base by tightly wrapping the sewing thread (as shown) and trim the excess fabric.



Step 3:

Fold and twist the other end of the chenille stem and repeat the step 2 to form petal on the other end of the stem. You will now have a spectacle shaped piece – double petal piece.



Step 4:

Make two more similar pieces and cut one of the pieces in half to make a single petal. You need 5 petals to assemble one flower.


Step 5:

Pinch the single petal as shown and place it on top of a double petal piece.



Step 6:

Fold the 2 petals to envelope the single petal inside. Place these petals on top of the other double petal piece and fold it as shown to form the flower.



Step 7:

Bunch the flower at the base and tightly wrap a floral wire around the base.



Step 8:

Start wrapping the floral tape at the base and continue to wrap the entire length of the floral wire. Your flower is done!



Step 9:

Make as many flowers as you want for your bouquet or flower arrangement.


Step 10:

For the leaves, make a loop at one end of a floral wire. Wrap the stocking cloth around the wire loop as shown.



Step 11:

Bunch the cloth at the base of the loop, secure it by wrapping tightly with sewing thread in place and trim off the excess. Start wrapping the floral tape at the base and continue to wrap the entire length of the floral wire.



Step 12:

Make as many leaves you want to add.


Step 13:

Start twisting the stems of the flowers, arranging them in a staggered fashion. Add a few leaves here and there.


Step 14:

Your lovely sprig of flowers is done! Make as many sprigs as you like and assemble your bouquet or flower arrangement. Depending on the kind of arrangement you want, you can make a posy a bouquet or a long flower vine.


If you have tried out this tutorial and have any questions, do post it in the discussion thread. Do post your finished products too.