A scrapbook is a great idea and while all of us want to make one, there are a few who actually start it and even fewer who finish it. Hence, to make sure that you finish yours, just follow a few simple steps to plan it and get that perfect customized book:

Main Theme:

Decide what you want to make your scrapbook on. You can make it on you and your spouse, your college, your baby, wedding or even your entire life! Fixing on the main theme helps you pick out appropriate materials and pictures and eliminate confusion and clutter.

Rough Chapter Outlines:

Once the main theme’s decided, make a list of the chapters you’d like to include. For example, if you want to make a couple-scrapbook, the first chapter can be about the first time you met followed by first date and so on. Once your list is ready, write points on each chapter. For example, you’ll include name of restaurant, maybe a saved bill, street name, date, etc for the ‘first date’ chapter.

Page Themes:

Now that you have a list of chapters, you can assign specific themes to a group of similar chapters, or new themes to each chapter. If you had love marriage, you can have cupid theme for the ‘Our Love Story’ chapter. If your spouse and you have a shared passion, like watching movies, make a movie based page with posters of your favourite movies, and famous dialogues written in the margin. Page themes give a fresh look with every turn, so make sure they are creative. 

Pictures and Mementos:

You can’t make a scrapbook without pictures and mementos. Sit on your computer, and pick out all the photographs related to each chapter. Select pictures which are dear to you and reflect your personality. Then, gather and organize any saved mementos that you have. For example, you may have saved a ticket from the first movie you saw together, or a seashell from the beach on your honeymoon. 


It’s now time for manual work! According to the chapters and themes, collect decoration items, accessories, cutouts, etc. Dive into your saved accessories, old magazines, internet and other such sources for things that will add character to the page.

Plan Economically:

If you need printouts of two pictures for chapter 3 and 5, pictures for chapter 9, you can easily fit them on one page and get it done together. Not only will planning help you save money, it will also help you save time. Planning for required materials like paper, paints, ribbons, etc will save you a lot of running to and fro to the supply store.

Be Prepared:

Cut whatever needs to be cut, draw and colour everything, remove all your printouts and keep all your decorations nearby. Basically finish doing all the small tasks that need to be done, before you sit with your scrapbook. This way, all that will be left is to stick, paste and write. Otherwise, you’ll have to go right to the basics, and then proceed with each and every chapter, which is a hassle.

Get Creative:

Put on your thinking caps and try to come up with unique ideas for the book. For example, instead of just sticking pictures of your college, why not make a comic page about it. You can even have pop ups and springs for an occasion. Cutting photographs in different shapes, rather than the boring squares, also gives a fresh look. Try to make your pages out of the box and exclusive.