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You are tagged!

Discussion in 'Kids Korner' started by tuffyshri, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. tuffyshri

    tuffyshri Gold IL'ite

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    I saw this interesting blog where the mom has pretended her kid and answered the questions. I felt it very sweet so thought of rolling it over here too.. my kid is 3 years old and am trying to work out my way! here we go... and am tagging everybody.. go ahead and keep rolling.

    3 Things That Scare Me
    - The so called 'Malinga' that amma (mom)and appa (dad) uses very often when I don’t listen to something (in future I will not only learn that Malinga really doesnt mean any scary person, also that he is a Srilankan Cricket bowler)
    - kandhasamy (tamil) movie
    - anything that is loud or fearful like the barbeque nation's tandoor
    (What? you are asking if I am scared of amma and her shoutings, LOL!!! Pls don’t kid me)

    3 People That Make Me Laugh
    I am basically a cheerful child myself, anyway -

    3 Things I Love
    to learn new things
    to go out with appa and amma
    to do research on each and every thing - esp. by breaking them

    3 Things I Hate
    to brush my teeth early in the morning (Cant i have milk first and then brush)
    to come out of kids world play area
    that black dress amma got me for my 2nd birthday, gosh how I hate it

    3 Things I Don't Understand
    hey, am very intelligent that I can understand most of the things, but
    - why amma gets mad at every little thing I do
    - why I shouldn’t break my toys, when they are tagged for me and only me
    - why do I have someone called amma when there is appa who is already playing most of the role

    3 Things On My Floor.
    all my toys, broken to the maximum level possible
    papers torn
    split milk

    3 Things I'm Doing Right Now
    leaning on the hammock - the way amma hates me doing
    singing and talking something that amma calls as blabbering
    watching title song of some serial

    3 Things I Can Do
    ask me what I cant do… I can do most of the things
    - I finished up fitting jigsaw puzzles when I was just 1 and half years old
    - know how to move with people based on their mood… (really, I can do it)
    - can effortlessly smile at amma when she is scolding me very badly

    3 Ways to Describe My Personality
    Miss Smarty
    Tireless talkative
    has ability to become all rounder, blame my amma if this is not going to happen

    3 Things I Cant do
    I cant hop - what the heck of standing on one leg when I have the luxury of two
    Cant ride bicycle - tricycle is easy I say
    Cant speak in english - I am a tamilian, please!

    3 Things I Think You Should Listen To
    amma singing kurai onrum illai (and then get scared, he he he)
    appa telling alibaba and chota beem stories
    my sloka recitation and quick wits (like why amma is wearing dress (saree) like Lord Krishna)

    3 Things I Think You Should Never Listen To
    hey I am never a rule breaker you know.. Am good enof to listen to anybody
    - amma and her shoutings
    - teacher for she speaks in greek
    - cinema songs.. Yeah, that is what amma has told me..

    3 Absolute Favorite Foods
    paruppu sadham (Dhal rice)
    of late chips and chocolates

    3 Things I'd Like to Learn
    any new thing
    leave out nothing

    3 Beverages I Drink Regularly
    milk.. Its ok you can mix any stupid in it like the dates syrup..bottomline is it should be milk
    what? Water, juice, soup? What are they?

    3 Shows I Watched as a Kid
    Now I want ALL cartoon shows, esp. Heidi.. Oh she is so sweet

    Fellow Babies That I am Tagging
    All!! :)

    come on mommas.. keep rolling!
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2010

  2. knbg

    knbg Moderator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    Hi tuffyshree....
    That's a sweet account......it made me smile while reading......:)

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