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You Are My Love….

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by meerutha, Apr 4, 2020.

  1. meerutha

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    Hi friends....Its been a long time i posted here....i have written a series here ITS ALWAYS YOU...(long back) and a short story color... Its been a long time i wrote....so friends provide me with your valuable feedback and if you have time go through my older stories too....Thank you in advance....

    You are my love….
    Chapter 1

    It was a breezy evening ….her hair flew on her face, she adjusted it, was starring at the flowers that have bloomed and she smelled the fragrance those flowers gave…though there were millions of thoughts running in her mind she felt relived and happy looking at those tiny cute flowers which were jus smiling happily…

    There came a sharp voice Chaaru where are you? Her concentration changed and she turned back Radhika was shouting her name and climbing the stairs.On seeing Charu she asked her what are you doing here? That too you came early from office today na ?

    C: Yeah Radhi came soon…nothing just thinking?

    R: What happened charu? Why you look so confused? Is there anything that is worrying you?

    C: Hey nothing Radhi…Im going home this weekend and im just thinking about that that’s all nothing much…

    R: I know...Its Arun Right? That is bothering you?

    C: Cant say say also cant say no also … Im scared of talking about him in home da…

    R: Chaa… whats there da? Just say in home that you wanted to marry Arun that’s it… why are you so much confused? Anyway you are not a teenager or just passed out student …you are matured you are in good position and you earn well…even your position is good…what’s bothering you?

    C: Perfect..!

    Mind voice : ( wish I had parents who would accept it the very moment I tell them but its exactly opposite…)

    R: then what chill…Come on lets go down…

    C: Lets see ( I only know how much I would need to fight…im actually dead scared..I could not evn think about my fathers face and his angry reaction that he would throw at me…)

    R: All the best…Come now lets go down….

    Both went down …. Had their refreshments….while resting Radhi started….

    R: Chaa… really you and Arun love each other?

    C: ofcourse… yes what made you think like that?

    R: No we are staying together for more than 4 years but I haven’t seen you guys talking to each other properly .. going out though staying in same city? Why have you ever clicked any photos together? And more over in this four years I have never seen him atleast once ..

    C : Radhi…nothing like that.. we have done talking over phone for full nights….outing…many many photos together all were there during our college days… he would never forget to call me in the evenings…. Now its that he is busy…he has his own office and there are so many meeting that he attends conducts… anyway I just want to know how he is I call him once and get to know about that… that’s it.

    R: Chaa… I din mean in anyway .. I don’t doubt your love… but his.. he have never wished you on any of the birthdays in last 3 years you remember?

    C : So what…that is what im saying he is busy with his works….

    R: I know but its all priority chaaru … just understand….

    C: I know about my Arun Radhi….just leave it…

    R: Ok …I wish you all success dear…Arun is very very lucky to have a partner like you ..

    C: ha ha thank you madam… you don’t know his love for me….what all crazy things he did for me…

    Just remembering those moments brought happiness to Charru… she smiled and her dimples made her round face still more beautiful….

    Radhi admired chaaru…. She was beautiful inside and outside… narrower facial shape, less fat, fuller lips, big eyes, narrow dark eyebrows, higher cheek bones, narrow nose…less fat…long hair…everything seemed perfect…anyone would fall for her…Similarly her heart was so kind, she loved everyone equally..she gave respect to everyone…infact Radhi learned many things from chaaru….

    Their conversation changed and they gossiped about office.. other things and slept peacefully…

    Next few days went fast…regular office, work ,deadline..nothing much interesting….in between few hi and bye to Arun…in-spite of so much works…she had her mind occupied with his thoughts…what will my family say? Will I be able to convince them? Same things with millions of if and buts….

    Finally it was weekend and she boarded her bus with so many dreams and wishes …

    She got her reserved seat ..texted Arun about her travel… yet there was no response…she closed her eyes…Radhi’s conversation came to her mind…she had so many thoughts…. But still her heart was fighting back and is not accepting that Arun has changed a lot….a small tear rolled down her cheeks….

    Her heart and mind traveled few years back…..her memories were fresh …she couldn’t forget anything that had happened… she could visualize everything…..just with that thought her heart smiled and dimples appeared on her cheeks….

    Because it is love that makes heart smile……

  2. baljit

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    Beautiful write up.... Can't wait for next episode
  3. meerutha

    meerutha Silver IL'ite

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    Hello dear friends... Sorry for the break...i wanted to post the episodes continually but due to few situations i wasnt able to im really sorry for that..so here goes the second episode...if it is accepted i shall continue to post further without huge gaps...

    Episode 2:

    Years back:

    It was a pleasant morning in the month of july though the morning climate was so soothing when her sister and brother dint bother even to remove the blanket from their face sharp at 5.30 in the morning without even the sound of the alarm Chaaru wokeup.

    She came out of her room and saw her parents were still sleeping ,she took her mobile and checked the messages ,there was nothing important so she waited till the clock ticks 6 ,her mom saw the lights glowing and woke up with that then called oh Chaaru you woke up so soon today?

    C: Yes ma’am,no proper sleep.

    M(mom) : Only today or everyday you are planning to waake up early or what?

    C: Why ma?

    M: No in these few years i have seen you waking up early only 3 times so i asked.

    C: 3 times?

    M : Yes ,when you went to picnic with you school friends, When we went to our temple ,next today so only…

    C: today is first day of college na ma so only i woke up early…

    M : So what anyway your bus is at 8.30 and madam requires only 30 minutes to get ready like get up finish natural calls take bath ,eat in 5 minutes say bye and go why should you wake up early like 5.30 so i asked….

    C : oh…. From now on i have taken a resolution like wake up early help mom and then go to college …

    M: oh let me see for how many days…

    This is how her day started…

    She day dreamed and as told by her mom started getting ready by 7.30 and she was ready by 8.00 ….

    She wore a mild green color kurthi with white ankle length pant and stood in her favourite place pooja room, somehome she loved praying and she found peace in praying…

    There wer no special prayers she did always just few slokhs she murmured .

    Her mom made her favourite rava dosa and kesari as sweet for breakfast and for lunch she have already packed tomato rice and potato fry was indeed everyones favourite in their house.

    The house was like busy road everyone where getting ready to go their respective places.

    Chaaru started exactly at 8.15 from home bidding bye to all

    She was standing in the bus stop in another few minutes and there she saw many college buses coming, while she turned she saw a dog near her which scared her a lot and she was almost to shout whe she turned immediately she dashed someone else.

    She immediately told sorry im really sorry….

    He was like that okay but please look aside when you walk…

    She looked at him rather than looking it was starring she was like will someone hit him wantedly?

    But kept her thoughts to herself as mistake was on her part.

    He moved and she also moved.

    He was also waiting in bustop for his bus …

    She just turned a bit and looked at him … blue shirt and formal pant,a bag and head set was put on into his ears…

    She turned again to look at him….but now even he looked at her and he caught her looking at him…

    He just smiled and moved a bit…

    To save her from embarrassment her college bus came and she boarded the bus immediatelty and searched for seat there was only one in middle and she went to sit.

    Just to check whether he is still standing in bus stop she peeked from window and found no one in the bus stop she was thinking where he went ? which college he might be ?

    Just in that thoughts bus reached college and when she got down from bus he also got down from the same bus…

    She was like how and when did board that too the same bus?????

    --------------------Lets wait for the heart to smile-----------------------------------

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