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Yoga - A Poem From Me

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by sureshmiyer, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. sureshmiyer

    sureshmiyer Silver IL'ite

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    For me I am the World as I see

    For each one, the World is his as they see

    See the World as it is

    Do not create your own World

    We live in the same World

    Each one his creation

    The creator within each

    Yet we create our different Worlds

    And spill blood or fret over nothing

    Shed your ignorance and look within

    You are the Yogi

    No different are you from the Universe

    They are one and the same

    Observe your still mind and breathe

    We all do the same, never realize

    Watch your body, make each part Act

    As they should and can

    In harmony with self, mind and nature

    Call it Pranayam or Meditation or Asana

    That is Yoga for you, me and All

    To bring wellbeing, peace and happiness

    To one and All

    Suresh M Iyer.


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