Yahoo Mail Account Does Not Exist.

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    I have a yahoo email account. But after I got my gmail account I have decreased the usage of my yahoo account but it is still important for me. Problem is after a long time I am trying to open my yahoo account. But it says it cannot be found. What do I do now ??? I have to admit it has been a while since I opened it maybe before lockdown but what do I do now. ? I want it !

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    Maybe account became inactive and got closed. Just assuming, I don’t know much about the inactive account policies of Yahoo. Sign up for new account, then give the same yahoo username and create account again that may work.
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    Try this:-

    Ways To Recover Yahoo Account Due To Inactivity:

    • First, attempt to log in your account using its correct email address and password.
    • If you failed to access click on the forgot password button and then enter the mobile phone or alternate email address.
    • If it is not working then select captcha verification and select the re-activate option and follow the instruction.
    • A link will allow entering the new password into both new and confirm password fields at the end of the task.
    Process For Yahoo Account Recovery With Verification Code
    Yahoo is the webbased email service provider to share, transfer and gather information across the internet. If you are willing to recover your account by their own use these below-mentioned steps

    Steps To Recover Yahoo Account With Verification Code
    • At the beginning, go to the
    • Enter the yahoo email address to sign in and tap next.
    • Tap on continues button and type code to prove that you are not robot.
    • click submit button.
    • For security purpose, you have to type the missing digit.
    • In the next move, do you have access to this phone number
    • Enter text a code that you receive on the associated phone number after tapping on yes “text me a code” and verify.
    • Now you are signed in as username.
    • Moving ahead, click to create a new password.
    • You will display a window to create a new password by giving a password or by confirming new password.
    • Tap on the continue button.
    • finally, you become able to recover the account information.

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