Y guys like girlz?? (interesting...)

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    Y guys like girlz?? (is it true??)
    1. The way they take hours
    to get dressed
    but in the end
    it makes it all worth while
    2. The way they look good
    no matter what they wear..
    3. The way they fish for compliments
    even though you both know that you
    think she's the most
    beautiful thing on this earth
    4. How cute they are when they argue
    5. The way they smile
    6. The way you feel
    when you see their name
    on the call ID
    after you just had a big fight
    7. The way she says
    "lets not fight anymore"
    even though you know that
    an hour later....
    8. Then the way they apologize
    for crying over something that silly
    9. The way they hit you
    and expect it to hurt
    bThen the way they apologize
    when it does hurt.
    (even though we don't admit it)!
    11. The way they say
    "I miss you"
    12. T he way We miss them
    13. The way their tears
    make you want to
    change the world
    so that it doesn't hurt her anymore.....
    Yet regardless if you love them, hate them, wish they would die
    know that you would die without them ...
    it matters not.
    Because once in your life,
    whatever they were to the world
    they become everything to you.
    When you look them in the eyes,
    traveling to the depths of their souls
    and you say a million things
    without trace of a sound,
    you know that your own life
    is inevitable consumed
    within the rhythmic beatings
    of her very heart.
    We love them for a million reasons,
    No paper would do it justice.
    It is a thing not of the mind
    but of the heart.
    A feeling.
    Only felt..........
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