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Www- Wondrous Women World

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by aarthi28, Feb 25, 2019.

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    Episode 92:

    After Sivagami left her room, Charu went and closed her room door and came back to her table. She wrote some notes and some drawings and once she completed, she wanted to go to sleep. She went to the balcony door to close it and screamed when she was pulled by someone.

    Sivagami immediately came back to her room and hit her room door, “Charuma, what happened?”

    Charu was shocked to see Vimal in her balcony pulling her and he closed her mouth with his hands. He said, “Sshh…”.

    On the other side, Sivagami was hitting the room door and calling, “Charu, Charuma”

    Charu came back to the room door, opened, and said, “mom, nothing, there was a cat in the balcony and I got scared when I saw that”

    Sivagami had a fearful face and said, “I got scared, when I heard your yelling sound. Shall I sleep with you.”, she told that with a care.

    “Mom, come on. I got scared by the cat. You please go and sleep with Dad, he might need your assistance in night”, she pulled her outside and closed the door. Sivagami was clueless and left the place and went down to their room.

    Charu came back near the balcony door and slowly peeped out see Vimal standing there.

    Charu whispered slowly: “What is this? What are you doing here in this time? Coming to my room at this late night”, she said with a fake anger. “I managed to send my mom knowing that it was you”, she gave a suppressed fake smile.

    Vimal looked at her straight and said, “You did not answer me at all Charu?”

    “What is that you asked me and What answer you need from me?”, she asked with a smiling face.

    Vimal came closer to her and Charu felt goosebumps when he neared him. She tried to move away from him and went inside her room. Vimal managed to come inside and Charu, “hey, how dare you come into my room at this night-time”, she said in a fake anger tone.

    Vimal: “Ok, I shall leave now”, he said and tried to move from there.

    Charu: “Why did you came at this time to my room and without saying anything, why are you leaving now?”

    Vimal: “You only told me to leave know. So, I am leaving”, he replied.

    Charu’s mind wanted him to be near by and her wit wanted him to leave. It was the same case for both as both of their minds were flaring in love.

    Vimal: “I overheard the conversation between your mom and yourselves. Why is she always cursing Chandrika Akka?”

    Charu: “For that only, you jumped to my balcony to get clarification for that? You could have called me right?”

    Vimal: “No, I like her very much and when your mom was complaining about her, I was a bit puzzled”

    Charu: “Hmm… Yes, she always curse her, but I too like her so much. She is my first best friend”

    Vimal: “Really, then who am I for you?”

    Charu: “You are, You are”, and she stopped.

    Vimal asked her again, “You did not answer me yet Charu? Do you like me?”

    Charu lowered her face and nodded her head, “Yes, I do”

    Vimal: “Liking on me…” and he pulled his words

    Charu did not have a word and Vimal, “You just like me or”

    Charu looked at his eyes and asked him back, “Do you like me?”

    Vimal: “Yeah, I like you and I am craze of you”, he whispered in her ears. He paused for a moment when their eyes met for a moment. It was about to rain and the earthy odour that would be felt before the kick off the rain was felt along with the cool breeze that came through the balcony. Suddenly, a thunder sound came and Charu hugged Vimal tightly and he too reciprocated with a tight hug. It was a close full body embrace between Vimal and Charu. Charu felt tickling sensation when her chest collided with his full body and he hugged her tight more than before. The heat of the two bodies were intense at that time and it was more of attraction and lust between them at that moment and Vimal whispered in her ears, “Charu, I love you, do you love me?”

    Charu nodded her head and slowly lifted her head. He kissed her forehead, then her round nose, his lips slowly spread over her forehead, her cheeks and his thin moustache gave her a ticking sensation. He kept his cheeks on her cheeks and rubbed it slowly.

    Vimal: “You are so soft Charu”, he whispered in her ears, and he slowly rubbed his nose against her nose. Charu had refreshed some time back and the fragrance of the Sandal soap mesmerized him by her smell. He shackled her and does not let leave her from his embrace. They did not know how long they stood like that until another sound of the thunderstorm made them realised their closeness. The heat of their burning cheeks made them felt the need of each other at that point of time. Their minds were blank for a moment and realised their closeness when it started to rain heavily. Vimal released his hug from Charu and wanted to leave.

    Vimal: “Charu, I need to leave.”, he moved from her and turned back and said, “I am sorry Charu. I am taking advantage of you”

    Charu: “what do you mean Vimal?”

    Vimal: “I should not have come here at this time, taking advantage of your loneliness. Again and again, I am making mistakes when it comes to you and I could not control myself when I see you.”, he regretted for his action.

    Charu was silent and Vimal continued, “I really don’t know how I am going to manage for another two years without seeing you”

    Charu froze in shock and asked, “where are you going?”

    Vimal: “I have got my admission for masters in US and after my exams, I will be travelling to US. I assure you I can keep you well after I settle in a good job. I am worried about your mom’s nature than my family.”

    Charu did not had words to express her thoughts at that moment. Neither they proposed nor they accepted their love towards each other orally, but they had their future running in their mind.

    Charu eyes flooded when she knew about his travel for his studies.

    Vimal: “My family is my priority and my sisters. My sisters should marry post which we shall marry. I have dreamt of our marriage; our honeymoon and I have been living with you Charu”

    Charu could feel his liking for her on whatever he was expressing about their future life he has dreamt of.

    Vimal continued, “We used to drape nine yards saree in our traditional wedding and you were looking damn cute in the maroon 9 yards saree which we used to wear in our marriages. You have put a bun with flowers circled and you were sitting in your father’s lap when I tied the yellow rope around you. Your father cried and I was jumping in joy when I got the complete license of you and you will be mine alone. There was a black dot placed below your lips as part of your make up and that evil eye added more glow to your yellow skin. Your lips were about to burst out seeing your father happiness when he shed his tears. I pulled you from his lap, clutched your hand and we came around the Agni mandap three times. My angavasthram (dhoti type of cloth worn on the upper side for men) was tied with the edge of your saree. We used to keep kajal for guys too in our traditional marriage and my eyes were black due to that. You cleared those with a cloth and I could see your yellow skin on your hip side and I lost myself in your beauty.”

    Charu was blushing hearing his comments and thought how much he has dreamt about them all these days. Charu closed his mouth and said, “enough, now you please leave.”. She wanted him to leave else she thought they both will lose their control. Vimal went outside the balcony and he tried to jump to his terrace, but due to the rain, he thought it may slip and he stood in the rain not knowing what to do. Chandrika went and pulled him back to his room and they both were drenched in the rain.

    Charu: “Wait, until the rain stops. Don’t take any risk, else you will fall.”

    Vimal looked at Charu to have drenched in that rain and her dresses got stick to her body as she also got drenched in that rain. The shape of the body and her beauty were shown outright. The raindrops drenched were flowing from her face and Vimal eyes caught her lips where raindrops were dripping from her upper lip and he could not control his arousal. He held her face with both her cheeks in his palm and went near her face. Charu could not face his eyes looking at hers and she closed her eyes. He tasted her lips that were mixed with rainwater and the taste of the recent milk she had and his tongue twisted with hers. Charu could not stop him and she hugged him reciprocating by caressing his hair at his back with her hands. They both tasted each other’s lips and Vimal, “I am sorry Charu, I could not control myself”, he tightened her hip making her collide on him. They got hit by a torch light lit on them and they got scared and moved aside. Vimal immediately ran and jumped and in a small step, he missed and fell on their terrace. Charu was shocked and she looked around to see who it was and there was no one and she looked at his terrace and ensured that he went their fine. He waved his hands and went inside his room.

    Charu came back to senses and she was not sure what has happened till now. How did she allow him to invade her to this much extent. She came inside and saw her face in the mirror and her lips were swollen than before. She felt his lips again and she rubbed it. She went inside her room, closed the balcony door and changed her dresses that were drenched in rain. She took her phone to see a few missed calls from Chandrika and she cursed herself to have missed it. She immediately dialled her number and Chandrika picked it.

    Chandrika: “Charu dear, what happened, you have tried me many times? Since you did not pick the call, I thought you would have slept? Everything is fine right at your end”, there was a genuine concern in her words.

    Charu: “Yes Akka, Sorry, I missed it as I kept my phone in the bed. I got drenched in rain and was changing my clothes”

    Chandrika: “Oh, really. Nice to hear that Chennai is hit with Rains”

    Charu: “How is it in Mumbai Sissy?” and Chandrika realised that she is Tirunelveli and she replied, “No rains here dear”, she had to lie.

    Chandrika: “Why did you call me? Anything important? Howz father’s health? How is Chithi doing?”

    Charu: “Yeah, Father is fine and Amma as usual complaints about you. It is not new to both of us. But when will you back. I need to discuss something with you, not over the phone. It’s not urgent”

    Chandrika: “Anything about your higher studies that we have already discussed and classes for them?”

    Charu: “No akka. We shall discuss that when you are back. When will you be back from Mumbai?”

    Chandrika: “Mostly in a week dear?”

    Charu bid bye and thought about the magical moments she recently spent with Vimal and she smiled to herself to have fallen in love which she has ever never dreamt about in her life.

    Vimal came down drenching from the rain after locking his room and all of them seems to have slept. He came inside the house and went inside his room and changed his drenched clothes. He again felt a torch light inside his house and got shocked to see that it was Vinaya.
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    Episode 93:

    Vimal came down drenching from the rain after locking his room and all of them seems to have slept. He came inside the house and went inside his room and changed his drenched clothes. He again felt a torch light hit on him inside his house and got shocked to see that it was Vinaya.

    Vinaya face was serious and she looked at him straight into his eyes. Vimal was shocked to know that the torch light that fell on Charu and Vimal was none other than from Vinaya.

    Vinaya: “What are you doing bro? Don’t you feel ashamed of yourselves to do so?”

    Vimal was speechless as guilt pervaded his mind.

    Vinaya continued, “If someone behaves with me like this, how would you feel Vimal?”

    Vinaya’s words hit like a spear flew into his heart. He loved his sisters very much and he is attached to his family. There is no doubt he truly loved Charu, but he was unable to control his emotions when he saw Charu and after she has accepted his love, he took advantage of her emotions for which he felt very bad upon the questions he got from Vinaya.

    Vimal did not utter a word and bent his face down and Vinaya questioned her, “She is a small girl. She should be of my age only. How can you behave with her like that? I never expected this from you Vimal. I am not against love, but this kind of act, I never expected from you.”

    Vimal felt so embarrassed as he could respond for her comments.

    Vinaya: “What would have happened If someone from their house has seen the kissing scene between you two. That family has got high regards on our parents and your behaviour was”, she stopped her words.

    Vimal could not bear her words flowing like a spear and he held her hand and said, “I am sorry Vinaya. I am sorry for my act. I love her very much and I will not ditch her. I lost my senses”

    Vinaya sniggered at him and hit his head, “Hey crank brother, if someone else would have seen the scene, what would have happened. Mom told to call you. As the light near the terrace steps got fused off, I took a torch to call you and looking at you both in that way embarrassed me. So, immediately I switched on the torch on you both so that you both will realise your position.”

    Vimal didn’t come out of the shock yet, as he really felt bad for his act. Vinaya giggled and said, “hey nuts, you got scared by the way I spoke”

    Vimal realised that she was joking, but he was still feeling bad about himself. He thought what she spoke was sensible and how mean he was from his side.

    Vimal: “I know what I did was wrong Vinu. I am sorry”

    Vinaya: “All is fair in love and war brother. So, hope you have plans to marry her.”

    Vimal: “Come on. I need to complete my studies, after the marriage of Vidhya and yourselves only, I will open up my topic for marriage.”

    Vinaya hit his head and said, “Nevertheless you can think about Vidhya, but not about me. Vidhya is also in a different world I guess”, she murmured and Vimal could not understand that.

    Vinaya: “Ensure, you don’t repeat this, Vimal. It’s not good for both for you. Don’t provoke her feelings and it will bring anguish to both your minds. She should not lose concentration by any means because of you. She is a smart girl and I wish she should not get distracted because of your act”, she giggled and left his room. She went near the door and turned and said, “Vimal, don’t take all my words seriously. I am happy for your and Charu, Just to warn you, I expressed in a warning tone”, she smiled and left his room.

    Vimal was quiet and sat on the table in his room resting his hands on the table. He kept his hands on his head and thought to himself, “What I have done to that small girl, provoking her feelings, distracting her by jumping into her room, taking advantage of her loneliness”, he could not forgive himself for his act. He wanted to put an end to these youthful thoughts firing in his mind. When he makes a mistake in a life, we tend to correct ourselves and the same thought came for Vimal at that point of time.

    At the same time, Vimal admired her sister’s maturity and took that in a positive way. He felt happy for such a matured sister and her thinking when it comes to family, love, neighbours, and friends. Though she was the youngest of the house, she was very much matured in her thinking, thoughts, and though Vimal and Vidhya were elder to her, she was the smartest despite her drawbacks.

    Vimal received a message from Charu, “Hi”

    Vimal: “Hi dear”

    Charu: “You grabbed my sleep”

    Vimal: “I am sorry Charu. I should not have done such things with you”

    Charu was silent and sent a blank message with a heart smiley.

    Vimal: “I was thinking too much about you and you were occupied in my thoughts most of the time. At one point of time, I started to live with you and it took me to lusty thoughts and feel with you.”

    Charu blushed at her end and said, “Really”

    Vimal: “I am really sorry Charu and I will not behave with you like this again.”

    Charu: “It’s ok”

    Vimal: “I mean it dear. I ensure I will maintain my distance”, he was genuine in his words.

    Charu: “Ok, I understand. I also gave you that space and mistake is from my end too. I am worried as who saw us”

    Vimal: “Leave it, we parted. Can we meet near the temple pond tomorrow?”

    Charu: “Sure, I will come before coming to catch the college bus”

    Vimal: “Bye dear. Have a nice sleep.”

    Charu: “You too, Sweet dreams” and she went to bed. She was blushing to herself on her act for the reciprocating kiss she gave to him.

    Chandrika stayed in the same tent and as per instructions, one more iron cot was put inside his tent. She was given with a bed, pillow and bed sheet. Once, the workers went out after placing them inside the tent, Ajay came inside the tent.

    Chandrika: “Just a cot would be fine and I can manage”

    Ajay: “Is this fine madam? If you need anything, let me know?”, he gave a water bottle to her.

    Chandrika: “This is more than enough for me. Thanks a lot.”

    Ajay: “Mam, Chid Vilas sir explained your condition to me. When I came to know that you will be marrying him soon, How can I stop myself from helping you. I will try to do the best from my end. Vilas sir has conducted many medical camps and helped a lot for needy people through his reference.”

    Chandrika blushed when she was told that Chid Vilas will be marrying her soon.

    Ajay continued, “I also know about Chakravarthy sir and now Shanmugam is not allowing us inside the compound itself. He has helped many people. After completing my studies, I am doing farming and helping my father. I have formed a youth association with a set of guys and trying to help the needy people in and around our villages”

    Chandrika: “That is nice to hear that young boy like you doing such things. I also have a brother who is a spoiled brat. I need to mend him from his wrong ways. I am worried about him very much.”

    Ajay: “Yeah, I have come to your house when I was very young along with my father. The house uses to be look good when the family was there. Now, no one visits there. Tell me what help you need and I shall try to help what I can do from my end.”

    Chandrika looked at Chid Vilas and understood that he has requested Ajay for help and being a local guy, he wanted to help Vilas for his help he is doing for his village people.

    Chandrika: “I shall let you know and thanks a lot”

    Ajay: “No worries, madam. Please let me know” and he left the tent.

    After Ajay left, Vilas came near Chandrika and made her to sit on the cot.

    Chid Vilas: “Hope this is fine for your dear”

    Chandrika smiled at him and said, “This is more than enough. But one condition”, she looked at his eyes.

    Chid Vilas: “Yes madam, at your dispersal.”

    Chandrika: “You should not cross your limits”

    Chid Vilas understood and said, “Yes, agreed”, and he kissed her cheeks deeply in that gap and went to his bed.

    Chandrika froze in shock and Chid Vilas, “Sorry, I will stay in my limits, apologies for this alone”

    Chandrika smiled to herself and went to bed and both turned in opposite direction in the bed to sleep to avoid seeing each other’s face and to avoid bursting out of any feelings.

    The next day, Charu got dressed well in one of new kurti, dressed in a simple way and started to college.

    Charu: “Mom, I am going to temple and catching the college bus.”

    Sivagami: “Hey, I did not pack your lunch”

    Charu: “It’s ok mom. I will have it in canteen today”

    Charu danced on her own and left to the temple. She finished her prayers and came near the pond in the temple that was adjacent to it. There was a tree near it and Vimal was already seated on the concrete built around the tree.

    Charu felt a happy sensation on seeing him and went near him.

    Vimal smiled at her and said, “Hi Charu”

    “What happened? You look so dull”, claimed Charu

    “I did not sleep well last night”, Vimal expressed his thoughts

    “I am sorry Vimal. Am I the cause for your sleeplessness”, she said in a naughty tone.

    “You are also one of the reasons Charu.”, he turned and looked at her eyes and held her hands. He clutched her hands and said, “I am sorry for my act last night. I felt ashamed of myself”, he sincerely apologised.

    “That’s ok”, Charu was casual and she continued, “but I also did not sleep as you disturbed me a lot in my dreams”, she completed the sentence with a shy tone.

    Vimal immediately took his hands from hers, “I will not repeat this again. I am sorry. You have to concentrate on your studies and that is important for you. I will complete my studies, will settle in a good job and get your hands for sure.”

    “Why are you so serious? I believe in you? Will your family accept inter cast marriages, or love marriages”, Charu asked him.

    “I don’t know Charu. I will fight for you if there is a need for sure”, he responded.

    “I am worried about my mother. She only looks at financial status and all. I will speak to my sister. She will explain to my father”, Charu told with a confidence.

    “My Granny is a orthodox lady, but never talks bad about any one. Both my parents respect my granny very much for her age. Though we follow orthodox customs, my mom will relax the rules when it comes to us. Especially for my sisters, she will not expect to follow the orthodox rules. She also says that they have been told to be followed by our elders. She believes certain things scientifically, but will follow it for my granny.”, Vimal explained about the traditions being followed in his family.

    “Vimal, I am a pure vegetarian. I know the rules that are typically followed in your family as I had grown seeing my close friend in my native who are also brahmins”, she wanted to give comfort to him.

    “Charu, come on, there is absolutely no worries about my mother and she is a sweet lady and my father is a very calm and composed person. I ensure I can give you a good family. I will not let you down by any means.”, he expressed his love in different means.

    “I can feel it from your”, Charu smiled at him.

    “Now, believe in me. I will complete my studies and you need to wait for me and concentrate on your studies alone. I don’t want to become a distraction for you and I want my sweet Paati to wait for me.”, he pinched her cheeks and it turned red.

    “it’s time for me Vimal”, Charu stood up in a hurry.

    “It’s my last working day in college and my exams are starting next week. I shall drop you in college only for today. Is that fine”, he asked her as a question to ensure whether she is fine to come along with him in the bike.

    “No, I don’t want to get distracted. Let me go by college bus itself. I am leaving”, she turned and looked around to see whether someone is there. It was close to 7.30 AM in the morning and she ensured no one is around and in a fraction of second, he kissed on his cheeks and ran away from that place.

    Vimal blushed on her act and stored that as a memory in his heart for the long break they are going to take to get united.
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    @VinuthaS , @mbharani , @Madhurima21 , @Thyagarajan @Lalithambigai @vidukarth
    Episode 94:

    Vimal blushed on her act and stored that as a memory in his heart for the long break they will be taking to get united.

    Vimal got into his bike and started to college and Charu too went to college in her college bus.

    Vinaya was lying in her bed with various thoughts running in her mind about Vijay. She had not felt any such feel until Vijay spoke to her that way. She was brought in a way to overcome her disabilities and none of her family members treated her that way. She was also having her own career plans and she always uses to explore what she can do useful to the people who were like her. Though she can speak with less clarity, her hearing was fine. She used to compare her with people who were completely dumb and deaf and she was far better than them. When her parents found that she did not speak until age of 3, they got worried and took her for different treatments. But she was active and had a good absorbing skill with which she overcame her draw backs. When she was always thinking about her plans to make her identity for herself, this encounter from Vijay was something she never expected in her life. She got a call from Vaishali. She attended the call and opened the video call as they used to speak in Video calls. Vaishali mimed and asked her whether Vinaya can come to her house.

    Vinaya: “Why suddenly?”, she asked her back in a doubtful way.

    Vaishali: “I have been visiting your house often and it’s long time you came to my house. Amma was also asking about you”, she turned and nodded her head as she said.

    Vinaya did not notice that and said, “Ok, I shall come some time to meet you mom” and disconnected the call.

    Vaishali disconnected and turned to Vijay standing near her. He saw her with a sorrowful face and she recollected their conversation some time back.

    Vaishali and Vijay headed home and there was a silence and no one spoke till they reached home. Their mother opened the door and Vijay went to his room upstairs.

    Vaishali mother: “What happened to him? His face is serious?”

    Vaishali: “Don’t know mom?”, she responded.

    Vaishali Mother: “How is Vinaya? Its long time I have seen her”.

    “Hmm. Yes mom, I have been going to her house recent days”, replied to Vaishu.

    “Ask her to come home dear. It’s been a while since I saw her”, her mother shared about Vinaya.

    “Sure mom”, and Vaishali headed upstairs to Vijay’s room.

    Vijay was sitting in his bed with his eyes closed and posture lying with a pillow at his back.

    “I tried to give you a chance bro, you did not utilise it properly”, Vaishali told to Vijay.

    Vijay was clueless on her words and immediately opened his eyes.

    Vaishali immediately called Vinaya and spoke to her in Video call and told her to come home on her mom’s request. She turned to Vijay and his face went pale.

    Vijay hesitated and asked Vaishali,” Vaishu, how come you know?”

    “This is what I can do for you? I made a space at Vinaya’s house so that you can talk to her? But I am not sure whether you did not utilise that or things did not work out for you. Please get the air cleared with her”, she said and smiled.

    “Vaishu, Thanks a lot. I thought you will mistake me.”, he said in a mild tone.

    “Come on Bro, I know you and she is a good choice for you. I would also be happy for Vinaya to get a person like my brother. I know something was cooking between you two. Today it is cleared to me. When she comes home, make that opportunity to talk to her and clear off your mind. I wish you all the best”, she said and hugged him.

    “I wish you all the best”, she smiled as she whispered in his ears and left his room.

    Vijay was happy about his sister’s reaction and started to think how he can make up to Vinaya again to make her understand what he feels about him. He spent that night sleepless thinking about Vinaya and slept in the chair he was seated.

    The next day dawned and Someone was knocking the door in the early morning hours of Vijay’s house and Her mom opened the door.

    Vaishali mom: “Hello, who are you?”, she looked at the person standing.

    “Aunty, can’t you recognise me? I am Viswa”, the guy responded. She recognised him with his voice and responded.

    Vaishali Mom: “Hey Viswa, you have grown so much hair and I could not recognise you at all dear. What a surprise? Am seeing you after a long time?”.

    “Am fine, how are you doing Aunty?”, Viswa responded.

    “How are your parents? How is your elder sister?” Vaishu’ s mom enquired to him and asked him to come inside too.

    “Aunty all good. Where is Vijay”, he asked her.

    “He is in upstairs. I am going to temple, will be back shortly. You should have breakfast and go for sure”, she told him and left the house.

    Viswa climbed upstairs and went and saw Vijay sleeping in the chair he was seated looking at the window side.

    Viswa pulled him, “Hey, man Are you sleeping in the chair all night?”

    Vijay woke up with a sudden jerk and said, “hey Viswa, what a surprise?”, he held his neck with his neck due to the sprain he had as he slept in the chair itself in sitting posture.

    “You did not inform me about your arrival?”, Vijay asked him.

    “Yeah, sister’s marriage planned suddenly and I preponed my tickets and luck worked out on the tickets”, he responded.

    “But this much early morning, I never expected you to wake up in your face”, he teased him.

    “Why, you were dreaming of someone and slept in the chair like this”, he responded back and Vijay smiled back.

    “So, there is something cooking in your mind”, Viswa teased from his back side and pulled him and said, “what’s happening friend”, he asked.

    “Hmm. nothing da…”, he said in a sad tone.

    “I am talking to you often in video calls and you seem to be different now a days”, he said in a caring tone, “you were by my side whenever I needed you. If at all you would have not advised me to take up my masters, I would have been here in India itself thinking of my failure.”

    “Come on Viswa, Chill… I am happy that you are doing good and did you find anyone who changed your heart”, Vijay asked in anxiety looking at the window.

    “No one can fill Vidhya’s place in my heart and I had not liked anyone until this day”, he responded in a deep tone.

    Vijay was silent for a moment and said, “Yes, you are right Viswa. It’s a tough sensation and when you face that for yourself, you will realize that feel”, he said with a deep regret.

    “Hey dude, have you fallen for any girl. I am surprised. Who is that lucky girl who made you speak like this. It’s a new Vijay am looking now”, Viswa replied.

    Vijay was silent and did not respond back.

    “Come on Vijay, you used to tease me like anything during our college days when I go at the back of Vidhya”, he remembered their college days.

    Vijay looked at the window without any response for Viswa’s comments. His mind was filled with Vinaya’s thoughts.

    “Come on Vijay, Chill. What happened? You can share it with me”, Viswa kept his hands on Vijay’s shoulders who was facing the window. He pulled him and was shocked to see his face being so dull and his eyes had an impression of sleepless night.

    Vijay’s neck ached when he pulled him as he had slept sitting on the chair.

    “ouch”, Vijay responded with his hand placed at his neck expressing his pain.

    Viswa turned towards him and asked, “Vijay, what happened dude”

    Vijay hugged him tight and said, “I am defeated da machan. I never expected, I will fall for a girl and now I am finding it difficult to forget her and she has completely occupied my mind. I am finding it difficult to concentrate in anything else. I had teased you so much during our college days when you were at the back of Vidhya, but I feel that pain now.”

    “All is fair in love and war and you are not going to be an exception. It’s a feeling dude and when you experience it, you will not be able to express that. It may sound foolish for others, but experiencing it is a nice feeling. Technically, its over secretion of dopamine. I wish everyone should experience that in their life.”, Viswa replied in a teasing way.

    He continued, “That’s ok. Now you realise my pain and am still in that pain. But I found a way to overcome it. I will share it with you when time comes”.

    Viswa: “Tell me who is that girl who changed your mind.”

    Vijay: “Leave that part. She rejected me. I don’t want to think much about her.”, he took a deep breath and continued, “But’, he pulled his words and said, “Vaishu have got one last chance for me to talk to her”.

    Viswa: “Is she Vaishu’ s friend?”
    Vijay: “Yeah, she is. She rejected me and I could not bear that pain”.

    Viswa: “Vaishu generally don’t have many friends and am surprised”, he stopped for a while and continued, “You mean Vijay”

    Vijay smiled at him, “yeah, she is like Vaishali, but not like her.”, he looked at Viswa’s face.

    “Yeah Viswa, she also has some drawbacks like Vaishali, but no one will feel her like that. She is beautiful, Smart, Beautiful, bold and cheerful girl.”, Vijay started to talk about her and Viswa guessed his liking for her by the way he continued to talk about her.

    At a point, Vijay stopped and said, “I am sorry Viswa, I am bothering you much”.

    “Dude, I understand. You were by my side when I felt all these during our college days and I am happy that you realized my feelings late. You cared for me and convinced me to take my higher studies for my diversion. Now I am doing good and let’s see what we can do in your case. Don’t worry, our family is not against love and am sure and I wish good luck for you”.
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    Thanks for the response... I thought people forget my story with the gaps i leave. It boosts me to continue further.
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    Episode 95:

    At a point, Vijay stopped and said, “I am sorry Viswa, I am bothering you much”.

    “Dude, I understand. You were by my side when I felt all these during our college days and I am happy that you realised my feelings late. You cared for me and convinced me to take my higher studies for my diversion. Now I am doing good and let’s see what we can do in your case. Don’t worry, our family is not against love and am sure and I wish good luck for you”.

    Vijay and Viswa chatted for some time. They spoke a lot about their old day memories and Vijay felt light after spending time with Viswa.

    Viswa: “can we go to Vidhya’s house?”

    Vijay: “Hey, what happened to you? Are you still serious about your feelings for Vidhya?”

    Viswa: “We spoke a lot know. I feel like meeting her dude. At least, can I see her from a distance? Will she remember me? he asked Vijay with a curiosity

    Vijay: “Sorry dude. I can understand your feelings now as after this many years, you still love her.”

    Viswa smiled at him and said, “My love for her has not changed. In US too, there has not been a day I stopped thinking about her.”

    Vijay: “I am impressed Viswa”

    Viswa: “Hmm… When the girl did not even turn towards you and stopped talking with you, you were shattered and feeling very much disturbed.”

    Vijay: “Yes, very true. I thought this will change in some days or weeks and its close to a month and I still could not stop thinking about her and her behavior towards me. But for you, it’s close to years and your feelings for her are still the same.”

    Viswa: “Yeah Vijay, I am a practical person and thought I can come out of it. But it was not possible and till now she is with me. So, maybe she is my destiny. Let’s hope for the best.”

    Vijay: “All the very best dude. At least, you are still trying and wish you join hands with her soon.”

    Viswa: “Sure, I will make another attempt now. There is no issues with my job, my position, my family”, he paused, “it’s the age that is a barrier and she would not be ready as I am younger than her”

    Vijay laughed at him and said, “hmm… Love does not look at age and I still remember the examples you quoted about celebrities”.

    “Ok, we will plan one day for sure.”, Vijay paused for a moment and said, “Thanks dude. I am feeling light now”.

    Viswa kept his hands on his shoulders and said, “be happy Machan. Things will be in place soon” and it was a light thrown for Vijay for his dark mindset he was in.

    Chandrika wore a black purdah which Muslim ladies uses to wear to cover their complete identity and it was arranged by Chid Vilas through Ajay.

    Chandrika: “How am I looking in this dress Doctor?”

    Chid Vilas: “Hmm… What is there to admire in this dress, fully covered in black. My bad luck, I could not see your face at all. But considering your safety, I must accept it.”

    Chandrika helped Vilas as an assistant and she quickly picked up the nursing work well. Chid Vilas did not leave a moment where he could be able to see her face while removing the black transparent veil. He ensured that he maintained his professionalism in front of others and did his Romeo activities with Chandrika in private.

    During their lunch, food for served for them in their tent and they both had it together in their tent. Chandrika served food for him and Vilas was having a piercing look at Chandrika.

    “Come on Doctor, please don’t look at me like this. I am feeling so uncomfortable”.

    “Till now, I could not believe, you accepted my love and you are near by me. You know you made sleepless for many nights and I was not normal person. I need to pinch myself to accept the reality”.

    Ajay excused and came inside the tent.

    Ajay: “Doctor, I have enquired for madam’s request about his brother in Poonthanil village. I have also located the person Palani, the well-wisher of Madam to get inside the house too.”

    Chandrika: “That’s good news and am thanks a lot Ajay”

    Ajay: “Madam, please wait, I have brought Palani also with me. Without your permission, I can’t bring him here”.

    Chandrika: “Come on, please ask him to come.”

    Ajay called someone on the phone and one of his friends got Palani inside the tent and Chandrika felt thankful for his presence.

    Palani immediately came near Chandrika and held her hands besides tears coming from his eyes.

    Palani: “Chandrama, I am happy to see you alive. I overheard some of their conversations and I never expected Shanmugam to go to this extent to ruin your family”, he held his eyes in her hands and started to cry.

    Chandrika consoled him, “come on anna. Nothing happened to me and he saved me”.

    Palani looked at Dr Vilas and immediately fell in his legs irrespective of his age and thanked him.

    Chid Vilas got embarrassed in his act and immediately lifted him and said, “You are elder than me, please don’t do like this”.

    Palani stood up and held his hands and continued, “After Aiyya(Chandrika’s Father) left the village, our house, village and everything got changed. The prominence of our place itself is lost and it’s quite some time he has also visited our village due to his health issues. I used to come and visit him in Chennai”.

    Ajay was able to feel the importance of Chandrika’s family with Palani’s explanation provided and also about the importance of being the big family in the Village.

    Palani continued, “I am very much worried about Chiranjeevi. I could not get in to the house without Shanmugam’s permission. I am hearing some strange noises from the house, sometimes I can hear Chiru thambi’ s voice shouting in a different tone. Due to Shanmugam’s power, I could not enter the house too and can see some goons inside the house. The house uses to look like a temple for all of us and now it is in devastate state.”

    Chid Vilas and Ajay looked at his sincerity and devotion he had towards their family while Palani cried and explained the happenings over there.

    Palani also stated that he knows the usual happenings over there and with the help of them, he can make an entry into the house and Ajay and Chid Vilas looked at each other to do some planning. The medical camp will take another day so that they will be visiting Chandrika’s village as the next place of visit for them would be Chandrika’s Village Poonthanil.

    Vimal and Charu did not meet after that but there was a change in Charu’s behaviour which Ananya’s noted. They were returning home in the College bus.

    Ananya: “Hello Dear, what happened to you? You are very silent now a days? Love proposed, accepted and You can’t even share it with me?”

    Charu smiled at her and said, “Sorry Anan I don’t know how to say that to you”, she wriggled.

    Ananya: “Ok, Ok… All went through well. I am happy for you. But how much scene you had created about the Romeo and our senior.”, she pulled her.

    Charu smiled with no answer.

    Ananya: “Hmm… Now, both your senior and Romeo are the same. How do you feel?”, she asked in an curiosity.

    Charu: “Hmm… I liked both. If at all each one is different, the I might have to meet and decide or drop them”.

    Ananya: “Oye, I never expected this from you Charu”, she wide opened her mouth for her response.

    Charu: “Hey, I was just kidding. Don’t think too much about me. The Fact was that I liked the Romeo who made me open my character beside Vimal playing a decent neighbour. When both characters merged together, I found my Mr. Perfect and why should I miss them”.

    Ananya gazed at her and nodded her dead, “Charu, you are really smart”.

    Charu’s mobile beeped and she saw a 3D heart symbol popped up when she opened the message.

    Ananya: “Oh, madam has become super-fast”

    “Chup, Shut up”, Charu overruled Ananya.

    “Ok madam”, Ananya closed her mouth with one of her palms.

    The message was from Vimal requesting her to meet him near the usual temple pond.

    Both Vidhya and Vinaya were at home while Vidhya did a Work at home for that day and Vinaya was back home from her college.

    Vinaya was not in a mood and she was disturbed by various thoughts in her mind. She was listening to some songs wearing her earphones and was lying on the bed. Vidhya was chatting with Dilip over the phone in parallel. There was a knock in the gate and Vidhya saw 2 ladies coming from the gate towards their home entrance.

    Vidhya: “first of all we should lock the gate and put a Video camera to capture and talk to strangers in the entrance itself” she murmured while Vinaya did not listen to anything.

    The door knocked and she looked at Vinaya happily listening to some songs and don’t want to disturb her. Vasumathi gave a shout, “Vidhu, Vinaya can someone please go and check who is at the entrance?”. Vidhya has no other go and stands from her bed keeping aside her laptop and went outside to see.

    Three ladies were there. They had some long notes and some printed notes with them. One of them asked her, “mam, we are from census and taking out the confirmation of people and verify with your Aadhar cards.

    Vidhya: “Some ladies were here to check for the Aadhar cards for some verification.”

    One of the ladies, “Mam, this is to cross election voters list and I need the Aadhar cards for your verification”.

    Vasu:” Vidhu dear, am in mid of something, can you please take those Aadhar cards kept in my room cupboard.”

    Vidhya had no choice and went to her room brought them for verification for their requirement.

    One of the ladies, “Can I have some water to drink ma?”, she requested her and Vidhya went inside to get some water for them.

    She provided them with a water bottle and they finished their verification and had the water and thanked her back.

    One girl asked the other, hope you verified them all against their Aadhar cards while the other confirmed it. They returned it back to Vidhya and started from their home.

    One of the girls pointed out the note and asked the other, “Hey, did you notice, the age of the family head is lesser than his wife” and the other, “Did you cross checked it correctly with Aadhar?” and the other, “Very rarely it happens and it’s their personal and don’t comment about it”, they spoke within themselves while they left.

    Vidhya overheard their conversation and was surprised and she immediately looked at the Aadhar cards of their parents.
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    Episode 96:

    One of the girls pointed out the note and asked the other, “Hey, did you notice, the age of the family head is lesser than his wife” and the other, “Did you cross checked it correctly with Aadhar?” and the other, “Very rarely it happens and it’s their personal and don’t comment about it”, they spoke within themselves while they left.

    Vidhya overheard their conversation and was surprised and she immediately looked at the Aadhar cards of their parents.

    She went inside their room and looked at Vinaya who was still with her earphones. She pulled her headphones and made her to sit in the bed. She did not know the reason for her pull and giggled at her for missing her song lyrics. She took the Aadhaar card of their parents and showed that to her. Vinaya was clueless on what she was trying to say and asked her what is the reason behind for pulling her like this.

    Vidhya asked her whether she knows this already by showing the Aadhar card of her parents to her. Vinaya was still clueless on her question and mimed and what she needs.

    Vidhya : “Did you see the Date of birth of Mom and Dad and looks like Mom is elder than Dad by 2 years?”

    Vinaya was surprised and immediately got the cards and looked at it by winking her eyes.

    Vinaya: “Hey, yes you are right? Mom is elder than Dad? How is it possible?”

    Vidhya: “I thought you know this as you know all the stories of our family? Even, the second, third and fourth level grand parents name you used to know?”

    Vinaya: “Out of curiosity, I will get information about our relatives, our native place and all. But for sure, I never know about this age difference?”, she said as kept her hands in her neck.

    Vidhya: “How come Dad would have agreed to marry a person elder than her? It’s surprising or this data is incorrect? Or how will Grandma have agreed to this?”

    Vinaya: “Why should we waste time? Let’s go and ask mom itself?”

    They both went to the kitchen and Vasumathi was roasting something in the Gas stove.

    Vinaya went and hugged her from her back and Vasumathi got startled for a moment.

    Vasumathi: “Hey, I didn’t expect this dear and got scared for a moment. What play is this? I am in front of the stove too?”

    Vinaya kept both her hands in her ears and said, “Sorry mom, wanted to check something with you”

    Vasumathi switched off the stove and turned to see Vidhya also to be there.

    Vasumathi: “Hmm. What do you need girls? Any snacks? I am in mid of preparing Chilli powder for Idli & Dosa. Once I finish it, I shall do whatever you need”

    Vidhya: “Mom, we just need one info. Nothing to eat”

    Vasumathi: “What is it you need to know and that too urgent and important?”, she was curious to answer for her daughters.

    Both her daughters stood on each side of her and they took their aadhar cards and looking at that,

    Vasumathi: “What is there in this Aadhar card? This is mine and your dads.”

    Vidhya: “Mam, are you elder than Dad?”

    Vinaya: “We never knew this”

    Vasumathi: “You want me to call you and tell about this? What is your issue in this dear darlings?’, she responded in a friendly way.

    Vidhya: “I was surprised rather shocked to know this. How did you agree to marry a person younger than you? You have acted in such a way of giving respect to Dad always and at any situation we have never seen you overruling dad?”

    Vinaya nodded her head for vidhya’s comments and added, “Is your marriage an arranged marriage or love marriage? We did not know anything about it till now?”

    Vasumathi blushed when she commented like that and Vidhya smiled at her and asked, “mom, is it a love marriage then?”, she giggled.

    Vasumathi silently smiled and said, “it’s an old story dear, you are asking me after these many years”.

    Vinaya: “mom, is it a love marriage, then we need to know about your love story then”

    Both the daughters held both of Vasumathi’s hands and said, “Come, please tell us your flashback”.

    Both were eager to know about their parents’ stories.

    Vasumathi: “Come on girls. After these many years, uffff!” and she blushed again.

    She continued, “Vidhya, you don’t have office work and Vinaya, you were busy in hearing songs”, she tried to divert the topic.

    Vidhya: “Mom, you can’t escape from us now”

    Vasumathi: “Ok, ok’, she settled and continued and they sat in the long swing in the hall.

    She ensured that her mother-in-law was sleeping in her room.

    Vidhya: “Mom, enough of your devotion to your mother-in-law”

    Vasumathi managed and said: “It is actually not a pakka love marriage, but a sort of love cum arranged marriage”.

    Vinaya: “You are placing us in anxiety, please continue further. If it is a Love cum arranged marriage, then where did you meet dad and when was the first encounter between you too”.

    Vasumathi: “I was in my hometown and your father used to visit there to temples and their relative’s place as he was based out of Chennai. We were distant relatives too. I used to perform singing for temple functions and we started to like each other without even talking to each other”

    Vidhya and Vinaya together chorused, “oh….”

    Vasumathi blushed and said, “Come on girls, Granny will wake up”

    Vasumathi continued, “During festival time, I used to perform Keerthana’s in temples and he regularly visited to watch my programs. Due to financial problem, I had a break after my 10th std and had to continue my PUC in Chennai in hostel. We met with our relatives reference as a guardian for me in Chennai.”

    Vidhya: “Mom, where do you used to visit Dad? Does granny know about that and Grandpa was alive or not”

    Vasumathi: “Yeah, Grandpa was alive at that time, but he was sick at that time. As I did my PUC after a break, we never thought about our age. Due to your grandpa’s health, your father was taking care of the shop in parallel to his studies and was devoted to his father and business”

    Vinaya:” We missed all this to hear from you earlier. All old days of madras, PUC in college, will you dress like how actress Simran use to dress in Varanam Ayiram?”

    Vidhya: “Yeah, I am imagining you like Simran costumes…”

    Vasumathi blushed and said, “Don’t tease me like theis, else I will not tell anything”

    Vidhya and Vinaya together chorused, “oh… sorry mom, please continue, it’s interesting!”

    Vasumathi: “At some point of time, your grandpa’s health was also deteriorating and they wanted your father to get married. The proposal formally came through the relatives and not intentionally.”

    Vidhya: “So, everything worked out well for you both”

    Vasumathi:” Really not, It so happened, when my father used to come and visit me, he also visited their house as a distant relative with which they also took forward for the marriage proposal. But when they checked the horoscopes, they came to know that I was elder than your father. So, they dropped off the proposal too.”

    Vidhya: “Really, so none of you proposed?”

    Vinaya nodded her head as an acknowledgement.

    Vasumathi: “No, we did not and the talks also stopped. But one day, your father came to meet me in my hostel. He expressed his liking for me and said that he would like to marry me if I am fine with no restriction for age.”

    Vidhya: “Ware wah,I never expected such a hero inside our father. So what did you respond?”

    Vasumathi: “I requested him for some time to think about it while he said he would be able to convince his parents too.”

    My PUC got over and I returned back home and within a week, your Granny and your father came to our house and opened up for marriage proposal saying that the horoscopes are fine and they don’t have any issue with the age difference.

    Vinaya looked inside Granny’s room and said, “Mom, I never expected this from our Orthodox Grandma. We are hearing surprises and shocks. Vidhya, check our horoscope signs in calendar. Is it mentioned as surprises or shocks for today.”

    Vidhya smiled and nodded her head and said, “Mom, you continue”.

    Vasumathi: “Come on girls. My father requested for some time”

    Vidhya: “Of course, you would not have said No, right?”

    Vasumathi smiled and said, “Hmmm”, as she nodded.

    Vasumathi:” Our family was a bit low compared to their financial status and I had 2 more younger sisters than me. So, they also thought about it and proceeded without marriage.”

    Vidhya: “Wow, what a superb love story we missed all these days?”

    Vasumathi: “More over your granny also needed a support to take care of his sick husband and I had to support them a lot in the initial days. Things so went and your grandpa died after Vidhya was born.”

    Thus they day ended for them hearing their parents stories.
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    another good update, and will help for vidhya
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    Friends, posting the next episode.
    @VinuthaS , @mbharani , @Madhurima21, @Thyagarajan, @Lalithambigai, @vidukarth

    Episode 97:

    Vasumathi: “More over your granny also needed a support to take care of his sick husband and I had to support them a lot in the initial days. Things so went and your grandpa died after Vidhya was born.”

    Thus, they day ended for them hearing their parent’s stories.

    Vimal missed all these stories as he was late home after his meet with Charu. All his paper works, visa processing was happening in parallel as he will be travelling after completing his exams and his results. His papers were approved as he had good scores and his admissions were confirmed.

    Charu and Chid Vilas finished the work for their day and received a call from Suchi.

    Suchi: “Chidu, Where are you? Your number is not reachable at all?”

    Chid Vilas: “Suchi, I am on my Medical camp in Tirunelveli. Will be back after 2 to 3 weeks dear”

    Suchi: “Hmm… I very badly wanted to talk to you Chidu? Feeling very lonely?”, there was hoarseness in her voice.

    Chid Vilas: “Anything important Suchi, you voice also seems to be dull”

    Suchi paused for a moment to control her feelings and continued, “Yes, Chidu, need to talk to you a lot. Am feeling very lonely now”, her voice softened.

    Chid vilas sensed a difference in her voice and asked, “Suchi, are you fine? Are you ok?”, his care was expressed in his voice.

    Suchi burst out with his caring tone, “I am not fine Chidu, I feel like crying on your lap, Why do things always happen to me like this ? Am I cursed for all my life to be like this?”

    Chid Vilas because serious and, “Come on Suchi, what happened to you? You are such a bold lady and I could not imagine you broking like this. What is your problem? How can I help you?”

    Chandrika was listening to the Vilas side of conversation and became curious to know with the response provided by Chid Vilas to Suchitra.

    Suchi: “I am feeling very lonely now. For how long I can pretend myself to be happy. Though I am fine financially by all means, there is a vacuum in my mind all the time. After the death of my father, life is always a challenge for me, either in taking care of my mom or handling the cases I took. Though I came out of everything, how long I can survive like this.”

    Chid Vilas did not understand the real background of her sadness at that moment, but tried to convince her, “hey nuts, what made you feel like this? I am here for you and will not let you down at any point of time. Things will come in to normal soon. First, tell me what is your issue and what is making you to talk like this?”

    Suchi: “Chidu, I feel am born to struggle all the time. After father’s demise, I need to fight for his case, I need to take care of mom, her health, my career, my invisible enemies. I am always in some pressure to myself as I could not resist myself helping others. But, I feel very lonely now as there is no one for me, who cares for me”, she paused as she started to cry when she vented out her thoughts.

    Chid Vilas understood the agony she was in and the state of her sub conscious mind.

    Chid Vilas: “Suchima, don’t worry, I shall try to come soon dear. We will spend time together and see what we can do. I will not let you down for sure”, his words gave Suchi a comfort.

    Chandrika admired their conversation and the care he was showing to his friend. She wanted to be Suchi at that moment as she also liked to hear such caring words from a friend.

    Suddenly by mistake, Chi Vilas phone changed to speaker mode and Suchi continued which Chandrika was also able to over hear.

    Suchi felt light after talking with Chid Vilas and said, “Ok. Ok.. Sorry to have bothered you da. What magic you have in you? I am feeling light now. I am sorry to embarrass you when you are outside in your work.”, she genuinely commented.

    “I don’t have anyone other than you at the moment to pour my feelings”, she expressed her concern and Vilas can understand that.

    “hey, were you able to propose to the girl you liked. You did not update me anything about that. I can help you”, she teased him.

    Chandrika blushed on hearing that conversation as it is about her and Chid Vilas.

    Chid Vilas: “Yeah, I have a lot to share with you when we meet. Now, please don’t think too much dear. Whenever you become down, please don’t hesitate to call me any time”

    ‘Hmm… you have such a magic as when I shared my thoughts, I am feeling light, the girl of yours is lucky da”, she complimented Chandrika not knowing that she was the actual girl in Chid Vilas mind.

    “Don’t worry, I have some good news for you too. We will talk in person”, he ended the call.

    Chandrika: “She is really sweet and you too. I loved your conversation. I really feel whether I have come as a hindrance between you”, there was a genuine feel when she shared her thoughts.

    Chid Vilas was sitting next to Chandrika and embraced her shoulders and said, “Come on Chandu, Suchi is really a great lady I have admired in my life. At the same time, she is really unlucky by many means. You know how much she fought in the case of her father”, he praised her.

    Chandrika does not know much about her flash back and asked what it was about.

    Chid Vilas explained about the murder of his father and how she bravely fought for it to the maximum extent she can to do get justice for his death.

    Chid Vilas: “She did not became down after the demise of his father and when her mother was collapsed. Besides taking care of her mother, she took care of her father’s pending cases and won most of them to get justice as his father had lots of public cases and took cases for people who could not afford money. His fees was their happiness when their case is won and Suchi ensured she followed her father.”

    Chandrika: “I always admire her for whatever she is and now my regards to her is increasing more”, as Suchi scored more in her mind.

    Chid Vilas: “She is more like her father and has a helping mind towards others. But poor girl, she might have felt bad and lonely sometimes as she has seen many hardships and does not have a caring person behind her. Thought she had money, she lacked care, attention, with a height of responsibility in her profession, as a daughter to her sick mom, planning for everything and many more similar things like you”

    Chandrika reacted with a smile and responded, “ But, I was not as bold as her.”

    Chid Vilas: “who said, you are not bold? You were bold enough to take steps to do some good for your brother, trying to fight against his uncle to recover him from his ties, you are bold enough to take a responsibility to start a new venture to open a diagnostic centre, and not the least, you approached me for help without which I would not have got a chance to become close with you like this?”

    Chandrika wide opened her eyes for the statement from Chid Vilas which gave her the thought on how much he has understood about her. He came near her and smelled her cheeks and Chandrika, “Come on Doctor, distance, distance!”, she stood up and moved aside.

    Chid Vilas cursed his position and caressed his hair and could not help out rather than maintaining his distance from her.

    Suchi was still in her office after finishing his call with Chid Vilas. She heard a knock in her door and said, “Yes, come in”.

    She stood still when she saw Nutty and Sanjay as she did not expect him to come and meet her this much earlier. She was strong in her thoughts that it was Sanjay, who helped him in getting admitted in the hospital and was not sure as why he is hesitating to reach out to her when they were old buddies. Suchithra also had a thought about their last kissing moment in the park they met and they parted off. She could not reach him nor Sujithra and now meeting him after so many years, she could not judge her mind to be happy for fight with him for not contacting her for so many years.

    Nataraj: “Suchi, At last I kept my word and I convinced and brought him here.”

    Suchi stared at him and did not take an eye off from him. She has dreamt about him so many days and cursed fate when she was not able to meet her friends. Sanjay has changed a lot, looking professional, so manly, tall, with a perfect physique.

    Sanjay was tall and handsome and there was a urge in his face on who is going to talk first.

    Suchi sighed them to sit in the seats opposite to her and ringed the bell and the boy came, “yes Madam”.

    Suchi: “Get me 3 cups of tea. When you serve, add extra sugar to one cup and serve it to this gentleman”, she pointed out to Santosh. He nodded and left with a flask kept in the near by rack.

    Santosh: “You are still the same”, and looked at her eyes.

    Suchi: “I am still the same Santosh and have never changed nor hided from anyone.”

    Nutty can sense what is happening between them and kept quiet. Santosh’s mobile rang and he immediately stood up and excused for a moment.

    Suchi looked at Nutty and said, “So, you finally kept your word. Thanks for that”, she gave a sarcastic smile at him.

    Nutty: “Yes Suchi, I was in an embarrassing situation until I make you both meet. God saved me and he finally agreed to come and meet you”

    Suchi smiled in a calm way and said, “If Suji would have been here, it would be really great. I really miss her too”, she openly shared her mind and her thoughts about her friends.

    Nutty was calm and said, “I am sorry to say this Suchi, Suji is no more in this world”

    Suchi got shattered by his words and she looked at him with a shock with tears waiting to outburst from her eyes.
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