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Www- Wondrous Women World

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by aarthi28, Feb 25, 2019.

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    Friends, posted the next episode.

    Episode 48:

    Chandrika stood up from her chair and her dupatta was stuck in the backside chair where chid Vilas was seated and in the force she got up, she was pulled back and she got slipped. She fell on the backside chair where Chid Vilas was seated.

    Chandrika fell down on Chid vilas and he got hold of her before she could fell down.

    Chandrika sighed, “Oh My God” and she was surprised to see herself in hands of Chid Vilas.

    Chandrika: “Oh, Dr. Vilas? You saved me, I am not ready for another crack for sure”

    Chid Vilas smiled and said, “Hey, I will be there for you always, anytime, anywhere!”

    Chandrika: “Really Dr. Vilas, I never expected you here and thanks a lot”

    She was in the hands of him and their eyes met and Vilas asked her, “Can I tell you something Chandrika?”

    Chandrika got up from his hold and smiled, “Yeah sure Dr. Vilas, please”

    Chid Vilas: “Chandrika”, he hesitated a bit and saw her face for a moment and continued, “From the moment I met you, I am not really well and your thoughts were disturbing me a lot. I am not normal all these days and there is not a single day I have not dreamt about you. My heartbeat is not as usual as before and you created a pain in my heart. You have become a pain to me Chandrika. I could not avoid and for the past two days, you have often been seen many times in my sight and am not sure, whether it was my intuition that made me to meet you. I think”, he hesitated for a moment and said, “I love you, please be my life partner”.

    Both their eyes met and Chandrika was gazing at him and he could not face her further and moved his face. Before he could turn back,

    Abhi: “Come on Chidu, shall we start?”

    Chidu came back to senses and realized that it was his imagination.

    Chid Vilas: “Where is Chandrika? Just now I Proposed her.”

    Abhi: “You should have proposed her in your dream world. I have been hitting your leg to go and talk to her. She was about to fell down but managed somehow and she stood up.”

    Chid Vilas: “Oh, she did not fell on me then?” and he realised that he was in an imaginary world.

    Abhi: “Nice imagination, its nearly 10 minutes she has left and you are still in your dream world.”

    Chid Vilas hit his head and he was almost in to tears and Abhi could not see him that way, still he could not control his laugh.

    Abhi: “Chidu”, he closed his mouth controlling his laugh and said, “I am seeing a new chidu now. You have gone nuts. You are totally different. I now realize that you are tuned in to a love season mode. Oh my god, a different Chidu altogether.”

    Chid Vilas: “Hey, he called me Vilas da. Very few people close to me call like that. Our eyes met and I could not take an eye off her.”

    Abhi: “Oh, super da. Very good imagination. We need to treat you soon; else you will be taken to mental hospital”

    Chid Vilas: “What to do next now?”

    Abhi: “No other go than calling her. We will start now. I am already delayed, need to go to the clinic.” Abhi received a call from his clinic and he attended, “Sorry ma, I will be there in another 20 minutes.”

    Receptionist: “Sir, No… Patients are yet to come. The anklets person has told that she will come and collect it.”

    Abhi got a brightness in his face and he immediately said, “You please take that anklet and keep it in my room. I will be there and if she comes, ask her to stay back. She is a known person to me and I need to meet them”.

    She agreed and hung the call.

    Chid Vilas: “What is that Abhi? you are so happy?”

    Abhi: “Yes dude, fate is playing very well for you. Chandrika is coming to my clinic to pick up her anklets. Let’s start now.”

    Chid Vilas was on top of happiness and they started immediately from the coffee shop to Abhi’s clinic. They both reached Abhi’s clinic by 8.15 PM and there were many patients waiting for him. He gave a smiling sigh to the people around and went inside his consultation room. He directly went into the washroom, refreshed, and ensured he was looking good to meet his patients. Chid Vilas also accompanied him into his room. Abhi combed his hair neatly well and rang the bell. One of the nurses came in and he asked for the details of his patients. Chid Vilas was exploring his mobile beside and Abhi started to attend to his patients.

    Suchi was trying to reach out the Traffic police number and she called up the police station, due to not much response, she called up Raju Anna and explained him the situation on what happened last night. She told him to trace that person and what happened to the person with whom she took the kid from. Raju anna was influential as he directly deals with police station and agreed to revert back to him in another half an hour.

    Raju Anna called in a while and Suchi picked with an enthusiasm to know where abouts of the kids and its parents.

    Raju Anna: “Suchi ma, I enquired about that Traffic police and could not find anyone in that name.”

    Suchi: “Come on Anna, I also got a call from his number stating that the mobile was found on the road. I had told them to give it to the nearby police station.”

    Raju Anna: “Even I enquired about the same. That number is switched off Suchi. I am a bit puzzled too. Let me also go to that place to find more details. How about your Car service guy. Shall we try to seek some information through him.”

    Suchi: “yeah, let me call the service center person and let you know. Mean while you check from your end too.”

    Raju Anna: “I will suchi ma.”

    Suchi was clueless on what is happening around her and got puzzled about the entry of the kid. She immediately called her friend inspector Nataraj and informed him about the happenings and his help needed to find out the parents of the child. Nataraj agreed and told him that he will come and meet her. Suchi was also clueless of the face of the traffic police. Yet, she remembered the drunkard’s face and the way he was caressing the kid.

    She immediately called her car service guy and checked about the delivery status of the vehicle. He said that work is still under progress and as it is a Sunday, he would check and provide her updates by tomorrow.

    Suchi: “Hey, did you remember the Bike Guy whom you met yesterday”? she casually asked him.

    Car Service guy: “Yes madam, that drunkard person. How is the kid? Were you able to find some whereabouts of the kid.”

    Suchi: “yet to…”, “Ok, please provide me an update by tomorrow morning about the delivery of my car.”

    He assured her of that and hung the call.

    Now, Suchi was a bit relaxed that at least what happened last night is not a trap for her and the car service guy agrees to what she experienced yesterday.

    Suddenly the child started to scream and she was shaken from her thoughts. A small ant has tried to kiss the little one and the pinky rose turned in to red rose.

    Suchi rushed and lifted the kid. She caressed the child and told, “oh..no baby. What happened? Don’t worry”, yet she did not stopped crying.

    Rani akka and Suchi’s mom came inside the room to see and each one tried to get the kid. She started to scream more when she came out of Suchi’s hands. Rani found the culprit ant in the little one’s thigh and she immediately removed it. The reddish skin of the kid and its softness was applied with a gentle touch by suchi and she got consoled and kept her cheeks on her shoulder. The softness of that touch was liked by suchi and Rani tried to get the kid, she did not allow her and flattered the kid in its own language.

    Suchi mimed at Rani akka to clean the bed so that nothing comes further and she loved that magic touch of the kid. She hugged the kid and lied along with that little one on the bed and she got attached to the kid very much unknowingly.
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    Nicely written.... please don't worry take your time and write when ever you're free
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    So good to see your post after long time... nice narration as usual.. Take your own time and don't stress yourself..
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    Thanks madhuri and bharani for your comments
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    Episode after episode, super narration demonstrating characters emotions and aplomb with choicest words in conversations and confabulations between male and female characters. Some oassages heart heaves and ebbs!
    Good going.
    God Bless.
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    Friends, here comes the next episode.

    Episode 49:

    Suchi mimed at Rani akka to clean the bed so that nothing comes further and she loved that magic touch of the kid. She hugged the kid and lied along with that little one on the bed and she got attached to the kid very much unknowingly.

    Few weeks passed by and there was no clue of the kid’s parents that Suchi can figure out. Raju Anna’s daughter’s wedding was nearing and she could not bother him much. But she was relaxed in these days due to the presence of the kid at their home and her mom too was finding it good. The glittering barbie eyes of that child was stuck in all their hearts and they enjoyed the company of that little one who acquired all their hearts with her smile.

    Rani Akka: “Suchima, were you able to find the parents of the kid?”

    Suchi: “No Akka, I could not bother Raju anna also as he is busy with his daughter’s marriage preparations. My friend has also got some important work who said he will me out.”

    Suchi’s mom: “Suchi, will the kid go if you find her parents?”

    Rani Akka: “Yes ma, the house was lively with her presence.”

    Suchi’s Mom: “Yes indeed. If you could not find the parents, we will adopt her formally”, she said and kissed the child as she was holding her in her lap.

    Rani Akka: “Yes ma, we will have her with us itself. Anyway, I will take care of her well.”

    Suchi: “Everyone has the same thought. But did you all agree, we don’t have a name for her yet.”

    Rani Akka: “Yes ma. We should keep a name for her.”

    Suchi: “I want a name that starts with “S”, what do you say Mom?”

    Suchi’s Mom: “Yes, Your father name starts with S, mine is also S, yours is also S, and we will have a name starting with “S” for this little angel too.”

    Suchi: “Mom, I have a name in my mind. ‘Sushma’ and we will call her Sush.” Fine.”

    Rani Akka: “Sshh…” and Suchi’s mom turned towards her and she immediately closed her mouth and she turned to Suchi,” Good dear. From now on she is Sushma”

    Suchi got her from her mom and called her “Sush dear…” and she pulled her above her chest and kissed her. She reciprocated with joy and laugh and filled the room with happiness. But everyone’s mind was not in a position to lose the little one which they did not accept blatantly.

    Chandrika was in her laptop looking at some documents and was sitting in his father’s room. Charu got a glass of Juice for her father and looking at Chandrika, “Akka, what are you up to. You seems to be busy all the time.”

    Chakravarthy: “Charu dear, it’s her dream project da. She is almost done with the arrangements and we would starting that soon.”

    Charu: “Oh, what is it? You were talking about some diagnostic centre, right? Is that the one Father is saying about !”

    Chandrika: “Yes dear. It’s almost over and I am going to explain this to appa. Come sit with us, you also listen to me.”

    Charu: “Before that, Appa, have this Juice” and gave the juice to Chakravarthy, and she turned to Chandrika and asked, “Do you need anything to drink?”

    Chandrika: “No, thank you dear”, and she pulled her and made her sit beside her.

    Both the daughters were sitting next to their father and Chandrika explained the details.

    She explained the location where it is going to be located. The Photos of the Diagnostic centre setup they have proposed, Reception design, the various equipment’s that they would be purchasing, Lab design and picture designs of Lab, the different packages that would be provided. Charu was looking at the pictures and asked her about the ceiling designs.

    Charu: “Akka, what is this? The wall designs and the ceiling designs show like a play school one”, she was amazed at them.

    Chandrika: “Yes, when kids come for scanning, they should feel at home and should not become panic right for being near a big machine, especially the scanning machines. They should have a happy atmosphere and so included the cartoon designs in the ceilings and the walls.”

    Charu: “Akka, you are truly amazing.”

    Chakravarthy: “Both of my daughters are amazing ones. Please be like this for ever.”

    Charu: “Come on papa. We will not give up each other. You don’t have to worry”

    Chandrika: “Yes, she will not leave me for sure” and hugged her with a hand over her shoulder.

    Chakravarthy felt blissed about his daughters.

    Chandrika: “Dad, all things are set right and all legal verifications done. Pending are my doctor’s visits”

    Chakravarthy: “That sounds really good”, he looked at Charu and told her, “You should be like your sister.”

    Charu: “Yes, I will father and will not be like Chiru.”

    Chandrika immediately raised her head, “He is supposed to come from hostel today right, but he hasn’t come yet. His activities are not good at all. If I say anything, Chithi (Step-Mom) will yell at me unnecessarily for complaining him.”

    Chakravarthy: “Yeah, she is an idiot. What is that you feel about him?”

    Chandrika was about to say something and suddenly stopped, “He is not serious in to his studies. He has not cleared many papers and so many arrears. I am worried about his studies.”

    Chakravarthy: “Let him go to hell. Can we beat him at this age? He should know his responsibility?”

    Chandrika: “Don’t worry, we will correct him dad. We can change him for sure.”

    Chakravarthy: “He doesn’t care for you, he doesn’t respect you , but you still care for him.”

    Chandrika: “Come on dad. He is my brother. I don’t expect anything from him but for his wellness.”

    Chakravarthy lifted his left hand and it ached a bit and he reciprocated with a mild pain and said, “ouch…”

    Chandrika: “Oh come on dad. Don’t lift it too much. You are almost fine now. We need to go for check-up and see what to do next for your cardiac issues.”, she smiled at him and said, “Don’t worry about chiru and he is my responsibility”

    She got down from the bed and closed her laptop. Charu moved and continued to speak,

    “Akka, when are we going to our new house. I have lots of plan for my room.”

    Chandrika: “Ah… you reminded me.” And she turned towards her dad, “Dad, Exams for both Chiru and charu are over and Chiranjeevi is supposed to be back from hostel today. That’s why I was checking whether he has come or not. We can plan for a Ganapthi Homam and move in as early as possible. Almost all the works are completed there.”

    Chakravarthy: “That’s my daughter. See Charu, how responsible she is and hence I am advising you to follow her.”

    Charu responded, “Yes, I know my sissy dad”

    Chakravarthy called Sivagami, “Sivagami, come with calendar.”

    Chandrika packed her laptop bag and arranged the items inside that. Sivagami came inside with the calendar and gave it to him. She told with a hardened face, “what for calendar?”

    Chakravarthy: “Hmm… Atleast have a soft face Sivagami. Don’t always show a hardened face?”

    Sivagami felt embarrassed on his response and he reaction was due to the presence of Chandrika.

    Chandrika: “Chiti, please look at an auspicious day next week. We will organize a small Ganapathi Homam for our new house and will move there.”

    Sivagami: “Now, all your works are completed and you are free for the Homam.”, she told in a sarcastic tone.

    Chakravarthy: “What work she has got? She was looking for the exams of both your children to get over and that was her primary point.”

    Sivagami could not respond back and tried to divert the topic, “Hmmm… she was busy with some new business venture right. Investing in crores all your money.”

    Chakravarthy: “Shut up, you moron. It’s her money and nothing is mine”

    Sivagami: “You earned so much and always say that it is her money.”

    Chandrika: “Dad, come on leave it. Enough of this topic. Nothing is mine or yours or hers. It’s all ours. Please leave it”

    Chakravarthy: “Look at your goofy thoughts. She always treats everyone the same and you always discriminate her. She is matured enough to take things in a positive way. Can you look and tell or Can I ask some one to check?”

    Sivagami became silent and looked at the calendar and said, next week is not fine and dates after Amavasya ( No moon day) are good.

    Charu: “yes mom, that would be good.”

    Chandrika: “Ok, I will make note of these dates and asked the priest for his availability. How about the Invitees list? “

    Sivagami: “I will call my brother from Village.”

    Chakravarthy face changed, “No one is needed. Lets have this with our family alone.”

    Chandrika: “Come on dad. It’s her wish. We will call our close relatives and of course. Uncle is very important and he is chithi’s brother and how can we leave him”

    Chakravarthy: “You don’t know about that evil person” and immediately sivagmi, “Come on, you always complain his brother.”

    Chandrika: “Ok..Ok enough of your fights, for sure uncle will be there. Let’s also call, kannamma’s family, Lakshmi from Hostel, the new neighbour near our new house.”

    Chandrika continued: “Yes Dad. I have told you right. They are really good. I have told you right and few more people over there.”

    Chakravarthy: “ Sure dear. You prepare the list and anyway, you should go and invite them and come. I will call a few people over phone.”

    Chandrika: “Sure dad, I will make the arrangements and talk to the temple priest for the items to be bought and all.”

    They heard a sound with bags falling and it was Chiranjeevi and he was in a dizzy stage. Chakravarthy heard and said, “Who is this? Chiru, Is that Chiru?”
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    Friends here comes the next episode.

    Episode 50:

    They heard a sound with bags falling and it was Chiranjeevi and he was in a dizzy stage. Chakravarthy heard and said, “Who is this? Chiru, Is that Chiru?”

    Chandrika: “Yes, it should be” and Sivagami understood and went to check out for him. Looking at his dizzy status, she went near him and managed to hide his dizzy appearance and said, “You are so tired dear. Go inside the room and I shall bring you something to drink?”

    Overhearing this Chakravarthy said, “Why, he could not come his father?”

    Chandrika managed the situation and said, “Let him fresh up and come dad. Leave him”

    Chandrika sensed something wrong and went inside his room and saw Sivagami helping him to put him in his bed. There was no smell of being boozed, but he was in a state of dizziness.

    Sivagami turned to Chandrika and said, “Don’t create a scene in front of your father and make him get nicely when he comes come.”

    Chandrika understood her plight of saving his son all the time not knowing that she is spoiling him by hiding all his actions. Chandrika don’t want to create a scene and left the room.

    They had their dinner and Chiru did not join them and Sivagami managed telling her husband that he is asleep.

    It was late night, Chandrika was working on her laptop, she saw some smoke coming over the balcony and immediately went to the balcony to saw Chiranjeevi smoking in his room balcony. As the balconies were not connected, she immediately went to his room and knocked it. It was open and she went inside and she saw Chiranjeevi still smoking over there. Looking at her also, he did not stop and looked at her with an arrogant look with leaving smoke chains in the air. She became furious and pulled his cigarette and threw it away. He got infuriated by her action and said, “You Ass, how can you do that?” and held her hand.

    He was strong and Chandrika could not resist his hardness.

    Chandrika: “Chiru, what’s all this? Why are you behaving like this.? You are spoiling yourselves, your health, your studies and not the least the reputation of our father!”

    Chiranjeevi: “Say, He is your father. He always treats you as his daughter and not me as a son.”

    Chandrika: “Come on, he advises you on your substandard actions, your behaviour, your carelessness and they are issues with you. As a father, he is worried about you. Why don’t you understand that?”

    Chiranjeevi: “You idiot, it’s because of you I have become like this”, he was clear that he wanted to put some blame for his actions on her.

    Chandrika: “Come on. Don’t blame me for your actions. I care for you and Chithi is spoiling you by hiding all your actions.”, she was disturbed by that smoke and coughed and she did not feel that like a cigarette smell.

    Chiru did not listen and Chandrika somehow pulled the cigarette from his hand and threw it in to the dust bin kept in the room. Chiranjeevi raised his hand and hit her and missed it as Chandrika moved aside. He lost his balance and fell and Chandrika felt bad for him. He was feeling dizzy and Chandrika felt something different in him. She tried to help him and he was using dirty language to scold her for which she felt bad for how he has changed. It is because of this, she got a new house and wanted to make a home so that her siblings can be together. Especially for his care and her thought that Chiranjeevi can change his companionships. She also believed that in front of their father, he would behave properly. She somehow managed to lift him from the floor and he was weighing too heavy for his manly body and he was blabbering with foul language for which she felt very bad. She somehow tried to pull him and in vain, she could not help much. She left him there and left the room. While leaving the room, she saw some papers in his table. There was no sign of study books anywhere and there was also a cigarette packet in his bed down his pillow. She saw his suitcase opened with clothes thrown away as if he has searched for something over there. The room was a mess and she don’t want to indulge more in this now and left the room.

    Sivagami who just came outside saw her leaving the room and could not understand what had happened. She immediately went inside Chiranjeevi’s room and saw everything. She saw him lying on the floor and she tried to wake him up. He was blabbering in his own language and cigarette smell overpoured from him and she immediately closed her mouth. She tried to wake him to move him to the bed and his heavy physique did not help her. She saw the balcony door opened and went to close it and can find cigarette pieces over there. She understood that Chandrika would have come and scolded him for what he is now. She thought for a moment as whether Chandrika will tell everything to his husband and she was not sure of it. She envied her for how decent and professional Chandrika is and how her son is. She wanted her son to be bold, educated and she wanted to showcase proudness about her children. But she must put that effort for that instead getting jealous would not help out much is something she was yet to realize. She cleaned the room to the extent she can and she also saw the cigarettes and a small liquor bottles which Chandrika missed to see. Sivagami’ s head started to roll and she was helpless and, in that midnight, she doesn’t know what to do and went to their room.

    Chakravarthy was awake and he asked Sivagami as what was she doing at doing?

    Chakravarthy: “Hey, what are you doing at this midnight? Coming from outside?

    Sivagami: “No, I Just went to the toilet”, she managed.

    Chakravarthy: “We have toilet in our bedroom itself, are you hiding anything from me?”, he asked her casually.

    Sivagami: “No... I went to kitchen to soak Sprouts for you”

    Chakravarthy: “Oh, you do all that. I thought Kannamma always do that?”

    Sivagami: “Come on, I just checked whether she has done that or not”, she managed and said, “Now, go to sleep” and went to the adjacent bed where she uses to sleep. She turned to sleep other side by not facing Chakravarthy and her thoughts started to worry about her son. She thought of calling her brother to get some help in mid of several thoughts about her children ignoring Chandrika.

    Over the past few weeks, Vidhya was feeling comfortable in her subject and as well with Dilip. She used his inputs for her calls and her subject knowledge also increased. Other girls in her team were envying about her knowledge and how she is learning and coming out with suggestions and solutions. Vidhya thanked Dilip for his efforts spent late nights with her and during weekends. This confidence in her subject gave her some ease in her work atmosphere and her comfort in office too. This is something she was missing all these and was getting back to normal. She was indulged in her work and stayed late to complete the tasks and finally she also got the star award of the month. It was the support she received from Dilip which helper her for her dedication for her project for this award. She thanked him wholeheartedly for his help. She was friendly with him now a days and was also feeling comfortable with him. She also came to know that he is coming to India in another two weeks and was eager to meet him too. She has seen him in his profile pic. He had a smirk in his face showing his fingers crossed in front of his face. He had hair grown longer and a thin bow to arrest the hairs flowing on his face. They shared a lot in mid of the subjects and had many common interests including common likings of Carnatic music vocalist too. After the pain of Vidharth, Dilip is the first person for her to talk freely. For her unpredictable change of mood, he adjusted by all means to her character and made her laugh. She herself felt bad how she had behaved with him with rude answers when he teased her in a friendly way too. Sometimes she will be particular about the subject on her selfish note of learning, but in return he was always nice to her and his easy-going nature also made her to like him very much. She was eager to meet him and was waiting for his arrival. She did not know what she really felt about him but she felt that he made a change in her. She used to comment him as a Brain box for his knowledge and his easy teaching ways to make her understand the subject.

    Chandrika fixed the housewarming ceremony date and started off with the arrangements for the function and for the arrangements of the Diagnostic centre. She was busy in getting the machines transported to Chennai which she had seen in Mumbai. Beside she was having daily calls and visit to the Diagnostic centre when the carpenter works were going on in parallel. She had received contacts of a few doctors for reference to introduce about her new Diagnostic centre. She has noted down the numbers of Dr. Abhishek and Dr. Chid Vilas to meet them too.

    Chandrika wanted to concentrate first on the housewarming and shifting to their new house. She listed the persons to invite, arrangements for the priest for the function and finally for the transportation of the household things. Though Chiranjeevi had been there for keeping a set of furniture they got from their village, she wanted him to take care of the rest of the house shifting. She thought that he needed some responsibility.

    Almost all are set and Chandrika, Chakravarthy and Sivagami were having Coffee in the hall.

    Chakravarthy: “It’s since a week and your son did not have time to come and meet his father”

    Sivagami was helpless and though insisting his son, he did not care to come and meet his father.

    Sivagami: “He is unwell and so he could not come and see you. I will ask him”, she managed the topic.

    Chakravarthy: “Is your son unwell for a week. I can see him going in bike with his friends outside, and he is not having time nor respect for this father. Very well brought up. I am worried about him a lot now. I have a feeling that he is going in some wrong way. I don’t care, if he does not even study well, but I feel he is losing his character.”

    His face changed and a few tears dropped from his eyes. For the first time, Sivagami felt different about his husband caring for their son.

    Chakravarthy: “Sivagami, you might think that I am always scolding him. Normally girl daughters listen and we can have control over them. They normally respect us for the way we upbring them. But, if we lose the control of our sons, it would be very tough to bring them back to our line of morality. You missed your responsibility and due to my health condition, I am helpless.”

    Sivagami was speechless as she felt his words and the way he spoke was different now. She could not utter a word for his careful thoughts about their children.

    Chakravarthy continued, “See, the girl children will anyway get married and they have to take care of their lives. But we depend on our sons. But your son is useless and I am worried, whether he will even take care of you well in future or not.”

    Sivagami managed, “No, I will ensure he is corrected. I will look in to him for sure and will change him”, she said with a respect and contentment on his care for his children.

    Chandrika felt happy on his words at that time and she hugged him , “Sure appa, he will change for sure. We will change him”

    Chakravarthy: “See, Sivagami, you curse her and she is shedding tears for his brother. Please change your mindset and we all should be happy together. At least, we will make it in the new house with a new beginning”

    The Door opened and Chiranjeevi came inside with his bike keys. His face was shabby and he rolled the bike keys and went inside the room without talking to his father.
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    Hi All, here comes the next episode

    Episode 51:

    The Door opened and Chiranjeevi came inside with his bike keys. His face was shabby and he rolled the bike keys and went inside the room without talking to his father.

    Sivagami became furious on his act and followed him into his room.

    Sivagami: “Chiru, where did you? You did not inform me anything? Where are your books? You are not talking to me also well? Your activities are not good at all?

    Chiru : “Come on Ma, What do you want? Why are you yelling at me like this?”

    Sivagami: “Come on, you have changed a lot after going to the hostel? If I had known that such things would have happened, I would not have sent you to hostel itself.”

    Chiru: “Come on, Will you stop shouting like this. You people made me to come back to home and not giving me any freedom to do anything. Don’t go here, there? Should I get permission for each visit when I step down of this house”, he sneered at her.

    Sivagami politely spoke to him by controlling her anger by making him sit him in his bed. She kept her hands on his head and told to him, “No dear. You have all rights in this house. You are the only son to your father and you should show your responsibility. Please concentrate on your studies. I have not seen any book you got from the hostel. You are going somewhere outside and coming back. It seems you are not going to college too.”

    Chiru: “Yes, I am not going to college. I don’t want to study at all.”

    Chakravarthy came inside the room hearing all this and said, “What is your problem in studying? Don’t you see your sister going to college and studying. What is your problem. If you could not study, go to village and work in our lands.”

    Chiru looked at his father with a rude face and yelled, “Yes, I don’t want to study. Studies is not for me. Why should I Study when I have so much money with me? I am also not interested to study itself.”

    Chakravarthy became furious and slapped him unexpectedly and Sivagami and chiru did not expect this at all and when he saw Chandrika standing in front of his room, his ego reached heights and in turn he came back to hit his father itself.

    Chakravarthy did not expect this and rather it was a shock for Sivagami too.

    Sivagami slapped him hard again and said, “How dare you raise your hands against your father?”

    Since Chiranjeevi had a soft corner for his mother, he stayed quiet and kept his hand on his cheeks.

    Chakravarthy was also in a shock and managed before Chandrika came to hold him and he said, “Go to hell” and turned to Sivagami, “See, where your growth of your son has come now. Am I not telling last night too, that he will not even take care of you? Maybe he does not like this father, his sisters and now, he will not take care you after my death. So, what does he need? All the money and what is he going to do with the money?”

    Sivagami: “Come on, please don’t say like this. I will look into him immediately?”

    There was a disappointment in Chiranjeevi’s face and he was staring at the floor with his eyes open while sitting in the bed. Chakravarthy left along with Chandrika to his room and Sivagami sat next to him.

    Sivagami: “What happened to you chiru? Why are you behaving like this.? I am worried about you as the freedom I have given to you has been misused by you.”

    Chiranjeevi held both his hands on his head for his act towards his father and he felt very guilty about that. He felt something happening to him and he could not open out with his issues. Though he is not very bad in his studies, he is an average guy in his studies. The Hostel atmosphere has changed him a lot and money provided by his mother whenever he has asked for also made him get into illicit habits. He was feeling restless and this made him to behave like that. Some sort of fear was hitting him and he was not able to open with his issues to anyone.

    Sivagami insisted to Chiranjeevi to do the arrangements for their housewarming and he agreed for the same. She advised him to forget what had happened and insisted him to ask sorry to his father for which he agreed. But his malice towards Chandrika has not changed. It was getting late in the night and he came inside his father’s room and knocked it. Chiranjeevi was lying in his bed with one of his hands closing his eyes. He lifted his hands to see who it is and kept quiet seeing him. There is no one in the room and he was listening to some spiritual music. He switched that off got up from his bed. He bent his head and silently sat in his bed. Chiranjeevi went near him and bent his head with respect.

    Chiranjeevi: “I am really sorry father”, he stammered and said that.

    Chakravarthy did not talk anything and kept silent and Chiru continued, “I am sorry again. I am having my inner fear that my academics are not good. I did not attend the exams. I don’t like to study further father.”

    Chakravarthy got furious, “Come on. What is your problem? What is stopping you from your studies? Do you know the value of the studies? Get lost, get out of my sight” and he shouted “Sivagami”

    Sivagami, who was in the kitchen, came in a hurry not knowing what happened to their room.

    Chiranjeevi was serious in his words, “I am sorry again father” and he left the room.

    Sivagami came inside while Chiranjeevi left the room. She did not understand what happened and saw her husband sitting with his head bent down still.

    Sivagami: “What happened? Did he misbehave with you again”, she asked in a worried tone?

    Chakravarthy: “He took off my dreams and last night he misbehaved by coming to beat me and today, he politely said sorry and added that he is not going to continue his studies.”

    Sivagami was shocked with his message and stood still not knowing what to do. Chakravarthy said,

    “Let him do what he wants. He will repent for his actions. He has gone beyond our advises” and Sivagami kept quiet controlling her tears.

    Chandrika came to his room and said, “Don’t worry dad, he will change and I will change him for sure”

    Sivagami looked at her with rage but controlled it in front of his husband.

    They heard a door shutting sound and Chiranjeevi left at that time outside with his bike keys.

    Vinaya and Vaishali were at Vaishali’s house and were discussing like a debate rather trying out their expertise to talk something more comfortable than how they are. Vijay was restless and was going in and out of the room to get the attention of Vinaya, but she did not care and they tried to speak with their practical sessions provided. Vinaya was giving her best and trying to get the best from Vaishali and helping her to do that.

    Vijay was getting attracted towards Vinaya like a magnet with her activities, sportive nature, brave and audacious acts by not showing her shortcomings. Vinaya did notice a few changes in Vijay but restricted and did not give much attention to him at all. Over these days, Vinaya visited Vaishali’s house often and everyone in Vaishali’s house liked her. Not only she was beautiful in her features but was also beautiful in her character. This attracted Vijay to the core. He knows about his sister’s fearful nature in all her daily chores as something was disturbing her mind due to her deficient nature. Vijay wanted her to be like Vinaya and he did not feel Vinaya like a challenged person at all.

    Chiranjeevi was quiet over the weeks not going to college, but often went outside with a group of guys. They seem to look from a high society background but did not come inside their house at all. They used to horn the bikes by coming down their apartment and Chiranjeevi will start and go. Not all the time, he use to inform Sivagami, a few times he will inform her and leave. Chakravarthy was watching everything and do so Chandrika. She was keeping quiet knowing what is happening around.

    Chandrika went to their new house along with Charu and invited their neighbour Vidhya and family. At this juncture, Vasudevan was also there and and Vidhya stepped out for her office on her entry.

    Vidhya smiled at her and said, “Hello, how are you? I am leaving to office?”

    Vidhya introduced to her father that she is the new neighbour who has bought the next house.

    Chandrika: “Hi Vidhya, I am good. How are you? I am inviting all our house warming which has been fixed this Sunday. Please make it for the occasion.”

    Vidhya don’t know what to respond and smiled, “Shall try” and left the place.

    Vinaya has already left to her college and Vimal was at their house as he did not had college that day. Vasumathi’ s face brightened looking at her and invited her inside and do so Vimal by the presence of Charu in specific.

    Chandrika: “Uncle, it’s nice to meet you and it’s good that you are also here. We are moving here this weekend and have kept a small Ganapathi Homam at our house. It’s limited to very close relatives and for our new neighbours too.”

    Vasudevan: “Oh, its good. I shall definitely come.”

    Chandrika: “Am happy that you would come. I will introduce you to my father. He could not make up as he is not well.”

    Vasudevan: “That’s ok. I shall come to meet your father”

    Chandrika: “So nice of you”, and she asked charu for the Kumkum they bought and invited Vasumathi with that.

    Vasumathi got the Kumkum and said, “yes, we will make it for sure”

    Vimal: “Hey Akka, how are you? You promised me that you will show your house.”

    Chandrika: “Sure, you are welcome. Will you come now, I shall take you and show our house?”

    Vimal was waiting for that and he said, “yeah, 2 minutes, I will change my dress and come now. Please wait”

    Vimal looked at charu and said, “hey paati, you are also here!”

    Charu got a fake anger with his tease and said, “Yes Anna “ and Vimal responded with a Fake anger and said, “hey, no Anna(Brother)” and he went inside.
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    A good going with so many characters . The read gives a feel as if am watching a serial in Sun TV Tamil channel. Only conspicuous
    difference here is that a
    of interesting commercials for jwellery, dove soap, Aachi masala, Dunking brittania rusk etc .
    Good narration gripping events, lucid expressions, Reality - all sine qua non ingredients are there . Hats off the tempo that you maintain.
    God bless.
    Happy holiday season & MMXXIII.
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