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Www- Wondrous Women World

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by aarthi28, Feb 25, 2019.

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    Friends posting the next episode.

    Episode 34:

    Vilas got a spark in his face, “Did she really came over here to see you?”

    Abhishek: “Hello, she came just for consultation and her leg is completely fine now”

    He wanted to tease Vilas and said, “She even enquired about you”.

    Vilas face brightened and he asked, “Really, did she enquired about me?”

    Abhishek laughed a loud, “hey, I was joking and you were serious. She just came to check her wounded leg for consultation. She is fine now buddy. But I never thought you would be still thinking about her.”

    Vilas mind became restless as though he wanted to forget her thoughts from his mind, she is reminded again to him. Without uttering a word, he went outside the balcony to check and she seems to have left and no sign of her.

    Abhishek: “Come on Vilas, I was joking and you seem to be serious. What’s happening around you buddy”

    Vilas: “No Abhi, I don’t know and he did not have an answer for him.”, he tried to divert the topic and asked, “So, how was your trip to mahabaleshwar? Hope you enjoyed it?”

    Abhishek: “Hmm, Mine was good, but you are not good, trying to change the topic”

    Vilas: “So Aaruchi surprised you buddy, enjoyed, Climate, Hope it was a lovely romantic trip”

    Abhishek mood was changed, “Hmm… Yes da, it was a nice weekend. I had nice time, full of romance, hugs, kisses…” and he stopped, “Hey this is my hospital. Come on, you are changing my mood.”

    Vilas: “Ok.. Ok.. It’s between friends and I agree, we should also follow our ethics in our hospitals.”

    When Sister came over there, Vilas asked her to get the patients register from reception and Abhi got puzzled. She got the details and Vilas immediately took the Patients list and noted the number provided against Chandrika.

    Abhi: “Vilas, what are you in to? You don’t know who she is? You say you would be marrying Suchi? Your mom has high hopes on you? You are now getting a number of a girl to chase her?” and before he stopped Vilas kept his index finger on his mouth and stopped Abhi.

    Vilas: “Don’t know Abhi, let see where this go? I stopped thinking about her and now mind got a new thought to think about her again.”

    Abhi: “Then I have surprise for you buddy”, He took a parcel cover from his draw and put it on the table. He continued, “These are the anklets of that girl which was left in that hospital in Mumbai and they were gold. They gave it to me before I left Mumbai. I completely forgot to give this to her when she came now. If you want, you can give this to her and find a reason to meet her.”

    Vilas face brightened, “hey dude, How come you get such ideas. Thanks a lot, da”

    Abhi: “I am your friend and wanted to help you out. See we are notable doctors in the city. So, please, take this as a chance and you need to decide on what you actually need. Hope you understand.”

    Vilas did not know what to respond for him.

    Abhi continued, “There are lots of hopes and you should be clear on what you need dude. This is just a chance I give to you. I believe she should be from a really rich background so that she has not even cared to look out for his golden anklets and that too pair of two. Since, it was our reference in Mumbai, they sent it to me by courier. Now, I am giving this chance to you to give it and clear out what is in your mind.”

    Vilas: “I understand it well. I will clarify myself soon” and he started.

    Abhi: “You need the anklets or not or shall I ask the receptionist to call them.”

    Vilas thought for a moment, “Hmm.. give it buddy. I shall call u later” and he started from his clinic.

    Abhi got a call and he excused for a moment. Vilas opened the parcel to see the anklets. He reminded of their car ride from hotel to hospital. He took her legs and kept it on his legs in the car. She was quiet and was helpless and wrinkled her legs with the anklets moving due to her action. He finally reminded their travel to airport and though she reminded that she knows him yet she did not utter a word until the last moment they parted from the airport. He thought how decent she was and why he is behaving like this. He took a pic of the anklets and closed the parcel. Abhi was also back by then and he told, “no buddy, you please give it through the reception person. It won’t be good if I give it back and we should look at our standard too. Abhi smiled, “hmm... you understood it now. Anyway, I will take care. I should also have thought of it before giving it to you. “Abhi’s appointment to his patients needs to be continued and Vilas bid bye to him and left.

    Vidhya was early to office on that day and she wanted to explore through the documentation of her project requirements and she would be able to check them from the client site alone. While she was noting some points, she got a ping in his system “hi”. She checked to see that it was from Dilip, Sindhu’s Cousin. He did not respond earlier and after a week, he is now responding back is what she thought to herself. She was looking for someone to help her out with the issues she was facing and she thought he is the saviour for her amidst of the political team she was in. Each one is like a planet and lacked co ordination and also competition in pulling other legs. There was a shuffling of team members and now Vandana and Vicky, her batch mates has joined in her Project. Sindhu hates them by their behaviour itself and advise Vidhya to stay away from them. Vidhya will convince herself that people are like that and there is nothing she can do.

    Vidya responded back with a “hi” message

    Dilip: “Hi, you only pinged me”

    Vidya: “yes, I had pinged you a week ago.”

    Dilip: “So what, I responded now. What is it about? How can I help you”

    Vidya did not expect such a blunt reply from him and she did not know what to respond.

    There was a pause and he replied back, “Hello, you had pinged me and I think you have reached a wrong person.”

    Vidhya: “No… I am Vidhya and am Sindhu’s friend, and she referred you for help”

    Dilip: “Which Sindhu?”

    Vidhya was clueless and her timid nature made her to take a step back. Yet, her inner conscience told her, “you should change Vidhya. How long you are going to be like this, by not taking any initiative and stopping yourselves in moving further”

    Vidhya: “Sindhu is my friend and I work in Chennai office. She said, she is your cousin and referred me to contact you for some help”

    Dilip: “Oh, Sindhuja Akka. Fine. Yes, how can I help you?”

    Now Vidhya was relieved a bit that he finally understood and continued.

    Vidhya: “I am in to the Wealth Project Oasis and these requirements documentation is at very high level. But I was told that the expectation from the client is too high. From the product point of view, I know the basic tables and how to input transactions. Correlating everything in to the product to arrive at solution is what is making me sick”, she typed in a single stretch.

    There was no response, she could sense that he was typing on the other hand, waited for a moment, then retyped, but there received no answer.

    Vidhya paused for a moment, “Are you there? Sindhu gave me very high hopes about you.”

    Dilip’s response was just a Smiley.

    Vidhya: “I am thinking you as my saviour and she told me that I can rely on you for any help”

    Dilip’s response was a teeth widened smiley.

    Vidhya: “I lack understanding in few basics which is stopping me from moving further.”

    Dilip responded again with a laughing Smiley and Vidhya now lost her cool.

    Vidhya: “Hello, Can you help me or not?”, she lost her temper in her words.

    Dilip responded with a sorry Smiley, “Ok… No worries. How can I help you with the time zone and with whatever you say, I think you should be taught from very much level of basics.”

    Vidhya got an embarrassment feel and felt humiliated by those words. She cursed herself for her position and break let her to lag where she is. Though she was good in academics, any practical exposure in project and real life would help and she cursed herself for that. She don’t want to continue with his discussion further.

    Vidhya: “That’s ok. I will come back to you later.” And closed the chat window.

    She cursed herself for her position and looked into the documentation. Though she was looking into the screen as if she was reading, everything looked Greek and latin for her. Vidhya’s inner fear on the subject was increasing and she called Sindhu. Sindhu cut the call immediately and it added disturbance to her mind as Sindhu was her only hope.

    She just lied on her desk not knowing what to do. She was shaken by the hit on both her shoulders.
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    Good narration Aarthi... I hope Vilas and Chandrika break the ice soon...
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    Beautiful story ☺️
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    Thanks for your likes and comments friends. Am overjoyed after a long time.
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    Episode 35:

    She cursed herself for her position and investigated the documentation. Though she was looking into the screen as if she was reading, everything looked Greek and latin for her. Vidhya’s inner fear on the subject was increasing and she called Sindhu. Sindhu cut the call immediately and it added disturbance to her mind as Sindhu was her only hope.

    She just lied on her desk not knowing what to do. She was shaken by the hit on both her shoulders

    She woke up to see smiling Sindhu’s face and it was a surprise to her.

    Vidhya’s face brightened and looking at her standing at her back, tears outburst from her eyes and she hugged Sindhu.

    Sindhu:” Hey come on, Why do you so look dull?”

    Vidhya: “No Sindhu, I am in a lost world. I am helpless”

    Sindhu: “Hey why fear when I am here for you. I’m now back dear.”

    Vidhya: “See, I forgot to ask about your father. How is he now?”

    Sindhu: “Hmm”, she paused for a moment and continued, “Somewhat Ok. We discharged him and have put a nurse at house to take care of him”

    Vidhya: “You did not inform me at all.”

    Sindhu: “Hmm… I was loaded with official work in parallel too and Padma was taking care to put a dedicated person for him.”

    Vidhya: “Oh… I am sorry about it. Has he fully recovered or not.”

    Sindhu: “No, he stopped talking much. He is keeping quiet now a days. He just wakes up from bed for his restroom purpose alone. He just asks maid for some help if needs water, food anything. All of a sudden, he changed a lot da.”

    Vidhya always found her family to be a strange one, yet she could merely listen to her words and said, “don’t worry, he will get on well soon”

    Sindhu: “Yes, that’s hope we have got. And now tell me the reason for your dullness and you are sleeping in the morning in the desk.”

    Vidhya explained whatever happened and expressed that she had no hopes to learn more on this project.

    Sindhu: “Come one, I will not let you down. Wait, I will talk to that idiot and come back to you. Let me settle first for the day”, she said and she moved with her laptop bag to her desk.

    Vidhya got her energy back and opened her screen and she heard Sindhu already connected to Dilip over a Skype call in her mobile. She was talking to him, “Come on Dilip, I never refer anyone and If I have time, I would have given my knowledge on this topic. Ok.. Ok dear, but please… Ok fine. Ah… Appa, is ok. I shall talk to you later for sure. Hmm. Hey, when are you coming? Really? .. then your exams… “

    Vidhya don’t want to eavesdrop further and started to look at her screen.

    She saw a ping from Dilip, “Hey you caught me with my sissy?”

    Vidhya got a smile on her face for the words she heard from Sindhu seated two cabins away from her.

    Vidhya paused and did not know what to respond to him.

    Dilip sent an angry smile and then said, “hey why no response, I was just kidding. If at all my sissy did not recommend also, I would have helped you.”

    Vidhya got a spark in her face, “I did not mean anything, but I needed a guidance”

    Dilip: “Hey don’t take it too much into your heart. I shall definitely help you with whatever I know.”, he typed in a teasing way.

    Vidhya got some energy back and she immediately typed, “When can we sit?”

    Dilip: “Hello madam, It’s going to be night here and I stayed back for some work. I have my exams and I need some time. You send me the documents, I shall check and let you know. I am feeling sleepy madam.”

    Vidhya: “Oh.. sorry out of an enthusiasm, I asked. I will send the documents to you and it should have reached your mailbox now”

    Dilip: “Oh this much fast. Ok. I will check and let you know.”

    Vidhya: “When is your exams? Do you mean to say that you will look at this after your exams are over”, she was greedy for her situation?

    Dilip: “Oh my god… Please give me some time to breathe. I will keep up my word. I need to sleep as it is too late for me”

    Vidhya: “Sorry, have a good sleep and Thanx a lot.”

    Dilip: “Will see how you are going to pick up. Mention not.”

    Vidhya felt a bit relaxed, but she was finding a bit fishy about his behaviour as he could also be like partha with whom she had a bad experience. She consoled herself thinking that as he is staying miles apart, the direct face to face interaction will not be there and also there will not be any need to overthink at this point of time. She also thought that to add on, he is the brother of Sindhu and hence nothing to worry much.

    It was nearly 3 days and came the weekend. Vidhya was puzzled for no response from Dilip. Vidhya called up Sindhu over the weekend. She did not pick the call and called back after 30 minutes.

    Vidhya: “Hi Sindhu, Did I bother you over the weekend?”

    Sindhu: “Certainly not, come on dear. I was grinding batter for Idly DOsa for the next week. IT’s my usual weekend chore. Hence, I did not hear the mobile sound at all dear.”

    Vidhya: “It’s Ok Sindhu, Just called to tell that I did not hear from Dilip yet and “

    Sindhu: “Don’t worry. He is a nice guy who will always help others. If he can’t, he would have told at that time itself. He is having his exams in few months. He is coming to Chennai in a small break in between. He will also come to office for few days in between. Don’t worry, he agreed to help you da.”

    Vidhya: “Ok pa. Sorry to bother you too. How is Appa now? Did you went to see him or not?”

    Sindhu: “Yeah, no further changes after I told you”, her voice reduced and she continued, “I am going to see him. I should complete all my domestic duties and then only I can go, no other go”, she talked in between, “Ah… Amma, Am coming will be completing and leave soon.”

    Vidhya was able to understand her situation and how he balances everything. Inspite of all the issues and people who create them around her, she was managing people, work with no recognition in her domestic front. Finally, they would say that it is her job and she has to do that and Sandeep never recognise her efforts. He always looks for the comfort for his family alone and looks for an opportunity to complaint Sindhu and her family.

    By that time, they got a visitor and Vidhya has to cut her call and opened the door. Chandrika and Lakshmi were smiling at the entrance.

    Vidhya: “Yes, How can I help you?”

    Chandrika: “ Hi, I am Chandrika. We would be coming to the next house as we have bought it.”

    Vidhya welcomed them with a smile and called her mom, “Amma, Please come.”

    She invited them and asked them to sit. Chandrika saw the Wooden swing and asked her, “ Can I sit in this swing? We have such thing at our village house?”

    Vidhya reciprocated with a smile and said “ Yes, Sure you can”

    Vasumathi was there by that time, “Yes Vidhu”

    Vidhya: “Mom, they are the people who have bought our next house. “

    Vasu invited them with a smile, “Yes, We are glad that it was not provided for any JV. It is a very old house and the old people over there don’t want to give it to flats. It’s looking good too after the renovation and painting is done.”

    She then told Vidhya to bring water for them and asked her, “ What would you prefer to drink, Coffee , Tea?”

    Chandrika felt happy with her reception and said, “No Aunty, Just water is enough. Since we bought this and having the works completed, we wanted to move in soon. I have an younger brother and a Sister. They have their exams and so we wanted to wait until they complete their exams. I just came in to check the completed works.”

    Vasumathi: “Nice to hear ma. If there is anything I can help out with, Please don’t hesitate to ask.”

    Chandrika: “That’s so nice of you aunty. Thanks for those words itself. Actually, we are basically from Tirunelveli side and for the education of my siblings, we came over here. Also, my father is also under his treatment and hence, we moved here. We used to visit our native once in 2 or 3 months. We have big house at our place where we have a similar swing in our hall. We wanted an individual house for us and the flat we stay is not so comfortable and my father prefers an individual house. Hence, we bought this new house and it has an aesthetic look of our village house. I just saw your house and I will be happy if you give me some plants so that we can also plant them in our house. Before we move in, if it grows, it will be good.”
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    Friends here comes the next Episode.
    Episode 36:

    Chandrika: “That’s so nice of you aunty. Thanks for those words itself. Actually, we are basically from Tirunelveli side and for the education of my siblings, we came over here. Also, my father is also under his treatment and hence, we moved here. We used to visit our native once in 2 or 3 months. We have big house at our place where we have a similar swing in our hall.We wanted an individual house for us and the flat we stay is not so comfortable and my father prefers an individual house. Hence, we bought this new house and it has an aesthetic look of our village house. I just saw your house and I will be happy if you give me some plants so that we can also plant them in our house. Before we move in, if it grows, it will be good

    Vasumathi: “Oh sure, I will get you them.”, she immediately stood up and started to walk with them. By then the cooker whistle rang and Vidhya: “Mom, if anything on gardening, you will forget everything. How many whistles after which I should stop the Gas stove?’

    Vasumathi: “Sorry dear, wait I will complete a few things and come. Please wait?”

    Chandrika: “It’s ok Aunty, I shall wait for you.”

    Vidhya: “Come, I shall help you out”, she stood and took them to their lawn. She explained a few creepers, Monkey tail plants and the smell of the Jasmine was mesmerizing for Chandrika.

    Chandrika: “The fragrances give a good feel and you maintain them well too.”

    Vidhya: “All credit goes to my parents and my little sister. She waters them daily and my father will clean and maintain them well.”

    Chandrika: “It’s nice that you maintain amid of the flat culture in the city life. Your house also looks good and the lawn welcomes with its colorful crotons and flowers and it catch my sight. Thanks for admitting us too. Coz, I see that people will not admit strangers in the city walk of life.”

    Vasumathi came by then and said, “Come on ma. It’s written on people’s face and I trust you.” She got two tumblers of coffee and asked, “Hope you have coffee.”

    Chandrika smiled and said, “Oh thanks a lot aunty, I am happy to get such neighbors'.”

    Vasumathi called Vinaya, “Vinaya, Vinaya”, and went to her room, she signaled her to come and initially they did not understand that. Later Vinaya came with her sparkling eyes seen inside her glasses and she smiled at them. She signaled her to get some gardening instruments and she got them. Vasu was talking and went to the front side garden and started to cut some plants from its branches. She explained them and Chandrika felt happy about it. But she stopped her, “Aunty… I will bring a gardener to have them from you. I am not prepared to plant them now. Thanks a lot aunty.”

    Vidhya was listening to everything and she felt to herself, “Why is this Amma behaving like this with strangers? She just came and she is feeling a good thought about her. Anyway, she is looking good and seems to be from a rich background”, she does not believe anyone soon because of her experience with Vidharth.

    Vasumathi; “Oh, you need any gardener. I will send one person if you wish. He will be coming tomorrow to climb the coconut trees to get the coconuts.”

    Vidhya: “Come on Amma, give some time for them to think.”

    Chandrika: “No problem, madam. I like Amma very much”, there was a smile in her face that was showing her liking towards her.

    She continued, “Aunty, thanks aunty. I will come tomorrow again and you please advise me. I shall come often when I come to our own house. I like you so much”, there was a crave for affection towards Vasumathi from Chandrika.

    They went inside the house and Vasumathi came back with a sindoor and blessed her and Chandrika got her affectionate blessings and tear drops came from her face. She got her blessings and Vasumathi responded, “God bless you dear.”

    Vasumathi pointed towards Lakshmi and asked, “Is she your sister ma?”

    Lakshmi: “I am like her sister aunty. My parents work for their family”, there was a genuine loyalty shown on her face.

    Vasumathi was a compassionate woman and she kept sindoor on her head too and told, “God bless you too”. Lakshmi bent her head and said, “Thanks aunty”.

    They both left the house and Chandrika forgot a cover and asked Lakshmi to get it as she got a call. Lakshmi came inside the house while Vidhya was commenting about their visit. “Mom why are you like this. Today only they came and you are behaving too much with them.”, Vinaya was listening and she understood and told back in her signing language, “Akka, Go, you never move with people. I like that Sissy very much. I am happy to get new neighbors”, she told. She continued, “There was a guy who came that day to that house. He was rude and he even pulled my hands.”

    Vidhya immediately became tensed, “Who was that? Why didn’t you tell us? Mom, Didn’t I tell you, I don’t feel good about that family.”

    By then Lakshmi came in and she heard it halfway, yet she did not want to conclude and excused them to take the bag.

    Vasumathi felt a bit embarrassed as she thought whether she would have heard their conversation. By then Vinaya smiled at Lakshmi and asked in a miming language, “When are you people coming here”

    Lakshmi understood and responded, “By next month for sure or even before that”

    Vinaya smiled back and asked, “Is there a Guy in their house?”, she reminded seeing him and asked.

    Lakshmi: “yes, their son. He is not brought up well and I even don’t like him”

    Vinaya mimed and told her mother, “Didn’t I tell you? He might not be good, but she is really sweet”

    Vasumathi: “Yes, motherless child” and Vasumathi told, “Oh sorry, She is taking care of her siblings too, is that so?”

    Lakshmi: “No, her siblings are through their stepmother. But she is a lovable girl and she will move with everyone well.”

    Vasumathi: “Didn’t I tell? I like this girl very much. We will meet soon Lakshmi”, she bid bye to Lakshmi and Vidhya could not talk much.

    Lakshmi joined Chandrika who was finishing her call and they approached the gate. When they opened, Vimal was entering in his bike with his badminton bat bag held at his back side. Chandrika helped to open the gate looking the entry and she closed the gate. Vimal smiled at her with a thanks and she reciprocated with a smile and said “It’s Ok”.

    Vimal came inside and enquired about the visitors and Vinaya mimed and told them that they are their new neighbors and will be shifting soon to the new house. Vinaya updated everything and Vidhya looking at them teased them , “Hmm… updated everything to your brother.”

    Vinaya (in her miming language): “Hmm.. you never like to move with people. Why did you change like this Vidhya Akka”

    Vidhya did not have an answer for that and said, “You all belong to a group and somewhere I am separated in my thoughts”

    Vimal: “Hey you have changed a lot after your accident. I have seen that girl somewhere and she is very much familiar to me.”

    Vidhya: “Oh..”, in an irritating tone, “I am moving away. Else, you people again start to talk about that girl. Even I feel like to have seen her. But I don’t want to dig in to things.”

    Vimal: “Mom…. I am back… Coffee Please…” and Vinaya and Vidhya: “Poda poda, take some shower and come…” , by then aroma of coffee came and sisters chorused, “Mom… you will not change” and turned towards Vimal, “lucky boy for such a mom”

    Vimal: “Hmmm… Mom evil eyes”, he commented in a teasing way and they all laughed.

    Vinaya started to go for a speech therapy with her improvements and she has also requested her friend Vaishali to join her. She was helping out Vaishali to come out of her timid and diffident nature. She often uses to advise her that they are better than the normal people. She was braving beside being self confident and was trying her best to help her friend to come out of it. She has got her recent improvements shown well. She called her brother Vimal to ask him to drop her in the class.

    Vimal: “yes, I am ready vinni (Sometimes, he address Vinaya as Vinni)”

    Vimal was there in his Ash coloured Tracks pant and a black T shirt written, “Mass…” (in Tamil). Vinaya looked at the wordings, “You are a Mass…”, “Yes, of course sissy”, he responded by caressing his hair at the backside of his head. He was of fair complexion and having a thin layer of Moustache. The cross belt he was wearing inside was peeping through his shoulder and Vinaya adjusted that to put that inside. The family altogether were smarty guys both in their outlook and heart.

    Vimal, “Mom , we are leaving. I will go to my friends house and come a bit late.”

    Vasumathi came out, “Hey, don’t take too much time. This weekend, you should be going to shop, remember, I need to take Appa to checkup.”

    Vimal: “Sure mom, I remember. I will call you if it becomes late and will go to shop directly.”

    Vidhya: “Why mom, I said I will be going right?”

    Vasumathi: “No dear. Let him also learn, you please train him dear. How long will should he wander like this. All time, friends, badminton, roaming in bikes…”

    Vidhya: “Ok..Ok, understood”

    By then, Vimal and Vinaya started and Vimal dropped Vinaya at Vaishali house and asked whether he has to wait and she said, “not needed, I shall call you if needed”, in a miming way.

    Vinaya: “Bye” and this was from her mouth and Vimal touched her cheeks, “Nice dear” and left the place.

    Vinaya entered the house and rang the calling bell and it was Vijay (Vaishali’s brother) who opened the door. It was a sweet surprise to him as he saw an Angel standing in front of him.
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    Friends posting the next episode

    Episode 37:

    By then, Vimal and Vinaya started and Vimal dropped Vinaya at Vaishali house and asked whether he has to wait and she said, “not needed, I shall call you if needed”, in a miming way.

    Vinaya: “Bye” and this was from her mouth and Vimal touched her cheeks, “Nice dear” and left the place.

    Vinaya entered the house and rang the calling bell and it was Vijay (Vaishali’s brother) who opened the door. It was a sweet surprise to him as he saw an Angel standing in front of him.

    Vinaya mimed and told a “Hi” to him. But Vijay was looking at her and not any of her actions. She waved her hands in front of his face and smiled at him, Vijay fell down for her at that moment. She had a very sharp eyes and it will speak a lot. She was of fair complexion, curly hair, and her rimless glasses will show her shrewd nature. No one ever think her to be a girl with speaking disability as such she will show that much confidence in her face. God has poured her some much beauty but punished with a disability for which she has ever felt herself nor cursed god for it. Whereas Vaishali is of opposite type, meek in nature and feels very much for her disability.

    Vijay came back to his senses and told a “Hi” to her. He gave her hands with a Hello and Vijay reciprocated with a handshake. He doesn’t know why he got goosebumps inside by the touch of her hand. He did not leave her hand for which Vinaya smiled and took her hand off from him in a polite way. By then Vaishali was there and she invited her in to their house. Vaishali told her to sit and she said she will be back with her bag for them to go to the Speech therapy clinic. Vijay was literally giggling and his mind was not on his own. He went inside and came with a glass of Juice and gave it to Vinaya. She smiled at him, got that and said a “thanks”, which she tried and he came back to his senses hearing the attempted word “Thanks” from Vinaya.

    Vijay: “Hey, you attempt to talk, this girl, doesn’t make any attempt at all.”

    Vinaya: “Yeah, I am trying to make her come out of her introvert nature. Don’t worry, I will change her. “

    Vijay: “Thanks a lot. I still remember the day, you slapped me.”

    Vinaya: “No... I was about to slap you. But I didn’t slap you.”

    Vijay: “Ok.Ok”, Yes Vinaya was a different girl, but when people come to know about her disability, people may feel pity for her, but Vijay started to like her very much. Vijay’s Mom also came and he introduced them both. Vinaya stood up and wished her.

    Vijay: “Mom, this is Vinaya. Remember, the girl who slapped me when I went to pick Vaishu”

    Vinaya: “No..” by crossing her hands and mimed, “it was a mistake and I did not slap him at all”

    Vijay: “Any how you pulled me down.” He thought to himself that he pulled him down in his mind.

    Vijay’s Mom: “Come on dear. I am so happy for you as Vaishu always feels shy and I want her to be like you. Vijay also told me that you are brave and courageous. But Vaishu is not coming out of her comfort zone at all”

    Vaishu was there with her bag and Vijay’s mom insisted, “Didn’t you give anything to your friend to drink or eat?”

    Vijay: “Mom, I already gave her Juice.”

    Vijay’s mom looked at him with a surprise, “Hmm.Is that you? Vijay?” and he giggled.

    Vaishali and Vinaya Started and Vijay, “How will you both go?” and Vinaya did show his mobile with the bookings of Auto.

    The auto person came there correctly and they boarded the auto and started.

    This was the second meet of Vijay and Vinaya and her face got infused into his mind.

    It was close to 8 PM and Suchi left Raju Anna at his house after a client visit. Upon too much of insistence, Suchi went to their house and his wife and their daughters were there. They were surprised by her visit and happily invited them.

    Raju’s Wife: “Suchima, what a surprise? I am so happy on your presence?”

    Raju Ann’s daughters were looking at some cards and looking her, they came towards her, “hey, Akka what a pleasant surprise. We are honoured by your visit.”

    The younger daughter was shrewd and she came near Suchi and looking at her Saree, “Nice saree Akka. You always Saree?’

    The Elder one spoke to her sister, “Sravani…” and show her eyes towards her.

    The younger one, “Come on Akka, Appa has talked about Suchi akka a lot.”

    She continued, “Suchi Akka, you look dazzling and Appa uses to say that you always wear or prefer Saree most of the time. As he said, I feel you to be a unique person.”

    Suchi smiled, “Raju Anna, you update everything about me”

    Raju’s wife: “No Suchima. He has told high of you to us may times. Though our conversation when we have met is also very less, and now you are here and she is talking to you freely.”

    Suchi: “Good, so what is your hubby saying?”, he looked at his elder daughter.

    She smiled at her and said, “Yeah, all are good akka”

    Suchi: “So the house is full of celebrations”

    By then Raju Anna’s wife came with a tumbler of coffee and Suchi had that. She liked the taste and asked, “Hmm… Too Good… Filter Coffee.”

    R A Wife: “Yes ma. See the printed cards have come and we were planning to come to your house this weekend.”

    Suchi: “Hmm... Gone... Amma will start to pester me for my marriage.”

    R A Wife: “You should also get married soon. See , our daughter itself is younger than you. Please think”

    Soon, the younger one went inside and got some bags with sarees in that. She asked, “Akka, shall I show you our shopped sarees.”

    Suchi was happy for her reception in sharing them like a family member. She got a mat and did show all the sarees to Suchi. Suchi loved to wear sarees most of the time and she happily looked at them.

    The younger daughter, “Akka, this is for reception, this is for me to wear for reception. These are for our relatives”

    Suchi felt contented on their treatment towards her and for treating them like a family member. If it is for family, she has not moved much with any of her relatives but for Chid vilas family.

    Raju anna felt happy for the association of her daughter’s with Suchi and they were moving like a family.

    Suchi received a call and it was from Rani Akka, “Suchima, It’s time you have not come home yet. Amma was asking for you.”

    Suchi realized it was late and she told, “Sorry akka, came to Raju anna’s house and totally forgot the time.”

    Suchi, “It’s late anna. I should start”, and Raju Anna’s wife, “Suchima, Dinner is ready, please have and go”

    Their younger daughter, “There is lot of rice, round it into balls and give us with the sambar, it will be good.”, she turned towards suchi and asked, “what do you say Akka”

    Suchi could not avoid and agreed for her love and she immediately heated the food, sambar, missed them and rounded it and gave it to them in their hands. In no time, it got over and suchi felt very happy for that day.

    Suchi had to leave and she started and the family felt very happy on her visit and stay for the evening. Raju anna was in his dhoti by that time and came to the road to send her off.

    Suchi: “Ok, anna, lets meet tomorrow.”

    Raju Anna: “Always thinking of office. It’s Sunday tomorrow Suchima”

    Suchi: “Oh, Yes, I completely forgot anna.”

    Suchi started in a while in her car and it was very late for that day.

    Suchi drove the car and time swept off and it was 10 PM. It’s the game of the fate that her car stopped in mid of the road. She was not sure as what could be the reason and the car screeched but did not pick up at all. The Fuel was enough for the travel and she must get down from the car to look at the road for some support to get some mechanic. She waited for 30 minutes in the road and tried some numbers. She called the helpline of Renault and requested for a visit immediately. They agreed to come in the next 30 minutes time for which she agreed. She called Rani Akka and informed about the car issue and told her to take care of amma as she would fear for her if not informed prior. Time went by and she was listening to some music in her mobile. It was more than 45 minutes went past and there was no sign of any service guy for the car. She called them again and there was no response and it was five minutes to 11 PM.

    There was no crowd and hardly any people crossed the road in two-wheeler or four wheelers. A traffic policeman passed by and enquired. She explained him about her car issue and showed her ID card from Bar council. He advised to leave the car as it is as it was getting late.
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    Dear @aarthi28
    I just dropped by and read your previous post here. A nice ongoing journey in social milieu.
    Love Romance bonding are common denominators and you employ them calibrating emotions in scenes beautifully that sustain reader's interest .

    I like the simple elegant narration and the characters you have introduced.
    With Renault broke down on mid highway at 11 in night and no one in the vicinity, and left with only mobile music as companion.......interesting suspence a la TV soaps.
    Wish you Godspeed in your endeavour.
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    Friends, here comes the next Episode.
    Episode 38:

    There was no crowd and hardly any people crossed the road in two-wheeler or four wheelers. A traffic policeman passed by and enquired. She explained him about her car issue and showed her ID card from Bar council. He advised to leave the car as it is as it was getting late.

    She also felt that waiting till much time would be waste and she planned to start. By then she received a call and it was the car service guy. Suchi answered the call,

    Suchi: “Yes, Suchithra here.”

    Service Guy: “Madam, Sorry am nearby only madam and will be there in 5 minutes.”

    Suchi: “Come on, I was waiting for more than an hour and was about to start.”

    Service Guy: “Extremely sorry madam. I am coming and near by. Without the keys, I could not do anything to check the vehicle.”

    Suchi: “Ok, I will wait and not more than 5 minutes.”

    Service Guy: “Sure mam, will be there shortly”

    She hung the call and she opened the car to take her bag, mobile phone and her laptop. She heard a thud and a guy hit the back of her car. She was shocked to see her car getting hit and she went to peak of anger.

    Suchi: “You idiot, don’t you have any sense”

    There was no response from him and he was still trying to raise the bike, held the brake also tightly. He also held his legs held firmly on the road. He seems to have a big bag pack but tightened at the front of his chest. Slowly, he reduced the acceleration and was talking to himself. Suchi got confused on his action and don’t know what to do but wanted him to stop that action as he was constantly hitting her vehicle.

    Suchi at the peak of her voice: “hey, are you nuts? This is my car and you are hitting it again and again.”

    The Guy did not listen to it at all and did not also stop talking to himself.

    Such got a weird sensation and he put her bag and laptop bag inside and went near him. That’s when she realized that he was drunk and he was boozing. Suchi was unable to accept the fact that someone has hit her car and it’s not a normal accident and she wanted to hit him hard. She went near him and she realized that he was having a child in his front bag pack and she was shocked. She could not imagine what would have happened if he has really hit somewhere and what would have happened to that child. She immediately stopped the bike by removing the keys from it and the acceleration of the bike stopped.

    Suchi: “Are you crazy or gone nuts. What are you thinking of yourselves? You are drunk and having a kid with you?”

    She heard what he was talking now. The child has started to cry as it was awake from its sleep when he hit the bike. He seems to be riding it slowly, but after hitting the car, he was applying the brake and murmuring with the kid in his own world.

    The Guy: “no chellam (Dear). Mommy will be back soon. She is waiting for us in the car where she left both of us.”, he was babbling with the kid in his own world. Suchi could not imagine what’s happening around and she wanted to take that child from him as she felt that it’s not secured for the kid to be with him. The child was awake from its half sleep and slowly started to cry.

    Suchi: “Are you crazy? Whose child is this? Did you kidnap this child from somewhere? Wait, I will call the police?”

    He did not give attention to any of her words and he was talking some lovable words to that little one. Though the child was awake by now and with his words, it kept in small hands in his face. He took those tiny fingers of that child and kissed it. It was talking in its own words , “ya ya…” and the drool from its mouth was slowly overpouring from its tiny pink mouth. Suchi unknowingly was admiring this and then she realized that though she took the keys from his bike, he did not even realize what was happening and was talking in his own language with the kid.

    He was also drunk and she was able to feel that bad alcohol smell from him. She then realized after some time that she took his bike key, he has hit her car and the car got scratches at its back and he is in his own drunken world with a kid.

    Suchi: “Hello, where in this world you are in? that too with a kid, you are drunken. Is it your kid or did you kidnap this?”

    By that time, she received a call and it was from her Car service guy. They came in a car and he got down approaching towards her.

    Service Guy: “Madam, I am really sorry madam. The other technical team guy was in leave and I had to manage all the calls, Really sorry madam for being late.”

    Suchi: “See how much time and it is 11.30 PM and am standing in the road. See, this guy hit my car when I am waiting. Its an additional burden to me.”

    Service guy: “Oh, sorry madam. Let me check.”

    Suchi: “Wait, let me take my things from the car”, and she approached the car door.

    Service Guy: “No madam. We shall drop you at your house. I will help you to take them. Before that let me check the issue”, saying this he called his assistant, “Dei thambi(brother) come here. Take all the items of madam and put it in our car.”

    Suchi: “Is it safe to travel with you.”

    Service Guy: “Madam, you can trust me. See, this is my ID card and you can also call the police for help”

    The Assistant guy took her bag, laptop and some files she insisted and transferred it to their service car which they got.

    The Service guy opened the engine side bannet, switched on a torch and checked for a few things. He closed it immediately and walked around the car. The Guy was in standing posture in his bike and was kissing the child. He looked at the back and saw a few scratches made by his hit on the car.

    He waved his hand and told suchi, “Mam he is drunk and he is having a small child with him. There are few scratches and one dent and it can be repaired too. The troll vehicle is nearby. We will take the vehicle to our garage and let you know by tomorrow on the update.”

    Suchi looked at the drunken guy and told, “hey… you…. Because of you, I have got additional expenses.”

    She then realized she was still having his bike key. She turned towards and service guy and told, “I am worried about the kid. I suspect whether he would have kidnapped that little one.”

    Service guy: “Not sure madam. If so, why should be so close with that kid.”

    By then the same traffic police person came that way and approached them.

    Traffic police: “Madam, You are still here. Any problem. Why haven’t you started home.”

    Suchi explained the incidents to him and also told him that he has drunk too much and he is also having a kid in his hand.

    Suchi: “He is not in his senses and he is also having a small kid.”

    The traffic police looked at him and Suchi also noticed him keenly. He was having a thick beard and his hair was also grown a lot. He had a well-built physique. He was wearing a full hand shirt and the buttons were not locked showing his hairy chest. He was of fair complexion and when Traffic police used his lathi stick to look at his face, he did not minded anything and was flattering with the kid. The traffic police kept his stick on his chin and slowly moved towards the kids face, he pushed it immediately making him imbalanced. He tightened the bag pack and tried to start the bike not knowing that the key was taken by suchi.

    Traffic police: “What an arrogancy? You are drunk? Tell me whose kid is this”

    The bike guy did not answer anything and continued to kick the bike.

    The Traffic police: ” There is no key in the bike and you are trying to start it. Whose kid is that? Where did you steal the kid from?”

    The Guy became angry and he did not speak to the police and asked him, “Where are my keys?”

    The traffic police looked at him and said, “So, sir did not even know that your keys are missing in the bike.”, he became serious now and pulled his collar, “Now tell me where you got this kid from”

    The Bike guy, “Hey, leave me you idiot” and that poked the anger of the Traffic police and he pulled his collar and made him to get down from the bike. He could not withstand the pull and danced and got down. In that uncontrollable situation, he held his bag pack to hold the kid. The child’s head fell down and Suchi could not resist stopping it with her hand holding the little one’s head.

    It was that time, the bike guy looked at her and stared at her. Suchi looked at his eyes and it was sharp and Suchi could not bear that stare for a moment. There is a lot she felt when the eyes met and it spoke a lot.

    The Bike guy looked at her and told, “Hey Suchi, I just came for you. How come you can leave me like this and go. See, look at our kid.”

    The traffic police turned to Suchi and asked, “Mam, do you know who this guy is?”
    Suchi froze in shock and said : “No, I have not seen him at all.”

    Traffic police: “In this drunken state, we cannot make him have the kid with him. I need to enquire.”

    The Car service guy packed and the troll vehicle also came by that time, He put the troll tied to Suchi’s duster and they started. The Car service asked the madam, “Come mam, lets go. I shall leave you at your residence. This is your residence address as per our records. Kindly confirm”, and he did show his mobile to her. She verified and confirmed it to be correct.

    The Traffic police madam, “Madam, please have this kid with you till tomorrow until I get a proper information about this person”

    Suchi: “Come on, how can I have a kid? And this guy is calling be by my name. It would turn bad for me in future. Call a lady police please?”

    The Bike guy, “Suchi, please take your child with you. It’s yours and you only wanted to have this right. You left me in middle and now you are cheating me.”

    Suchi was clueless on what he was talking about.

    The Traffic police: “Mam, I know you are a responsible lawyer, Until I find the issue and whose child this is, please help me madam”

    Suchi could noy deny and she turned to him to take the kid. The little one smiled at her and suddenly the bike guy pulled her and held his shoulders. Suchi could not just like that leave that hold and his stinky alcohol smell was invading her irritation.

    Suchi: “hey, leave me idiot”, and she pulled the child from him.

    The bike guy, “Hey dear, your mother is here and we found her where we missed her.”

    Suchi and traffic police were clueless and he pulled that guy and took him to the near by station.

    Suchi took the little one and started home and it was 12.30 when she reached home. Rani opened the house to see Suchi with a small baby in her hand.
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    Friends, Here comes the next Episode.

    Episode 39:

    Suchi and traffic police were clueless and he pulled that guy and took him to the near by station.

    Suchi took the little one and started home and it was 12.30 when she reached home. Rani opened the house to see Suchi with a small baby in her hand.

    It was a hectic day for Sindhu to complete many pending works at her house and that Saturday was a worst day for her. It was mid night 11.00 PM and she finished all her works as she had to clear off lots of things after they cleaned their house. Sindhu’s body was yearning for a rest. She was feeling dirty and she wanted a shower before she could rest herself. Sindhu could not stop nor postpone any of her work as she knows well that she will not get much support at her house front. Her mother-in-law would add something to her work, rather in words, she would say that it can be done later, but indirectly she would make her to complete certain things and she will also will not give any space to those speculations. The only thing she could not handle was her husband’s hatred towards her family. She felt it was a curse to her as though she would have done an arranged marriage too; she could have had the same issues in her life. She thought it was her karma that she has to face all such cold wars between their people. She left them at a stage and wanted to concentrate on things that give happiness to only herself as she understood that no one is going to care for her happiness. It was something she learnt in course of time and indeed she forget to express herself at her home but was a different woman outside.

    Sindhu had a shower to get a good sleep without which she felt it would be incomplete. She entered her room to find Sandeep still browsing his mobile and their daughter was sleep in the bed.

    Sindhu: “Still awake, not slept yet”

    Sandeep: “At least I could not help you, but will be awake to give you company”

    Sindhu: “Hmm”, (She thought anyway he will not help, but wants to give some reason to be awake), Don’t tell some reasons to be awake?”, she teased him

    Sandeep: “Are you feeling really tired?”

    Sindhu could not answer and told, “Don’t you understand or acting if you can’t understand” and immediately it poked his anger which was his basic character.

    Sandeep: “I don’t know why you always think bad about me”, he told in a slightly higher tone.

    Sindhu: “Hey come on, please don’t raise your voice. It’s mid night and don’t create a scene for silly reasons” and she lied down with her mobile and wanted to check her messages.

    Sandeep: “Hey, I said I am waiting for you and you are lying down just like that”

    Sindhu now understood what he needed and said, “Hey Sandu, am really tired for the day, You know how much I am on to for the whole day”

    Sandeep: “I understood. But you also should understand right. You have been going to hospitals, your father’s house and again here. You should think of me, my need of you”

    Sindhu: “Sandeep, lets have it tomorrow. My body needs a rest”

    Sandeep: “You will get rest dear, please consider”

    Sindhu got somewhat angry but did not express that as she knows his stubborn nature.

    Sindhu: “Please not for today” and she lied down trying to avoid him. Slowly her body also needed a sleep. Aftaer 30 minutes, She felt someone scrawling on her and she woke up and Sandeep was near by her. He pulled her gently and put her on his bed. Sindhu turned aside with an anger inside herself for his attitude.

    Sandeep pulled her and came near by her face. He smelled her face and kissed her forehead. She smelled good as she came from her shower.

    Sandeep put his index finger on his head and moved it through her nose and then to her lips. He came near her face and told in a husky voice, “hey, you smell really good. You have taken a shower just now and I could not resist my feelings on you.”

    Sindhu could not talk much and she thought as why Men are like this and Sandeep was adamant in what he needed and tells that he has also feelings and rights on her. She agreed to that but she thought that he should understand her feelings which no way is thought at any point of time.

    Sandeep: “Sindhu, you are too good dear. You have been going to hospital, your parents place, office work in between and I could not bother you much.”

    Sindhu: “You understand right. Then why can’t you wait for some more time”, she said as a request.

    Sandeep: “Sorry Sindhu, I could not resist myself looking at you and it’s high time, I need you badly, else I will become sick dear.”

    Sindhu did not utter a word and closed her eyes. Sandeep kissed her lips for which she did not even reciprocate. Sandeep did not care for that much and he started to taste her lips and smelled her neck and his hot air gave a soothing sensation to her. He kissed her neck and slowly unzipped the front side of her Nighty. He dig his head into her cleavage and she truly felt him invading her beauty at that age. His hot air felt all over her body and he kissed all the skinny areas of her body.

    Sandeep: “I am really sorry Sindhu, I need you, I want to invade your beauty. You were really busy for quite some time. It is important to you, but now please look at my importance and my need of you.”

    Sindhu could not utter a word and she understood his possessive nature for her. He pulled her hands and asked her to hug him and he squeezed her breasts, kissed her whole body and hugged her tight. Though it pained a lot for sindhu, she started to reciprocate for his love. She said, “hey it pains”.

    Sandeep: “Hey, sorry dear. I will play it soft for you. I need you and I love you so much dear. Please, help me out”

    Sindhu understood his feelings and love for her and said, “Hey, I too love you da”

    Sandeep: “You are my angel of my life. Though we have crossed so many years of married life with such grown kids too, the need of Sex life is very important. This makes us closer dear and I just can’t an imagine a life without you. I know how you have brought my family till this time, how you have sacrificed a lot for my family and for me. For whatever fight or misunderstandings, we have, I again and again come to you right.”

    Sindhu did not utter a word yet and Sandeep was hugging her tight and was sharing his feelings for her. The hug was something he needed for the gap he felt with her and of course his possessive nature of her.

    Sindhu later felt his hugs and kisses as a therapy for her body ache and she started to reciprocate unknowingly. She felt that this is the women nature and she is indeed not a strict woman in terms of sexual feelings.

    Sandeep invaded her beauty with his hugs, kisses and finally fucked her hard and fulfilled his desires. Though it was painful for Sindhu, she felt she needed it too. He hugged her tight and slept expressing his love for her. She thought about all the fights they had, many misunderstandings, but his destination would be Sindhu and Sindhu only.

    It was 6 AM in the morning and she received a beep in her mobile. She realised that they were sleeping together and she slowly moved his hands aside and checked that the little one was still asleep. She woke up and checked her message to see that it was Dilip.

    “Can I call you akka?”

    Sindhu usually wakes up early but as it was a Sunday and she needed a break. But the message disturbed her and woke up and she went inside the restroom to reply back stating what it is for.

    Dilip messaged her, “Sorry akka, Please share me Vidhya’s number. I can talk to you later on this?”

    Sindhu immediately shared her number trusting him as she knows what Sandeep will comment if someone calls her though if it is her relative. She then went back to her household chores.

    It was 9 AM in the morning and Vidhya was still asleep. The calling bell rang and Chandrika, Chaaru and Lakshmi were at the doorstep of Vidhya and Vinaya opened the doors. She was ready for her weekend speech therapy class and Vimal was also getting ready to drop at her at Vaishali house. Vinaya smiled at her and went inside to call her mom. They entered and sat on the Sofa while Charu requested a seat in the Swing like Chandrika requested earlier. Chandrika told that they are good and she can go and swing in that. Vinaya brought her mom to show the re visit of Chandrika. Charu slightly swinged on the old model swing and due to the silkiness of her dress, she slipped and tried to get down. She went and dashed at Vimal who got ready and came to drop Vinaya. She bent her head and pressed both his heads in front of his chest.

    The encounter was unexpected for Vimal and just to help her, he also held her hands to support her. The swing dashed at her back and she had to dash again on Vimal with both not seeing each other’s face. She feared as she did something wrong at someone else house and apprehension of her act led to a slight trembling in her. Chandrika immediately went and held her and apologized to him. Vimal tried to see her face but she was shy enough not to raise her head itself. He noticed that she was just wearing a simple churidar with her dupattas pinned neatly. Chandrika told her, “it’s ok. No worries.”

    Vimal: “It’s ok akka.”, he turned to Vinaya, “Are you ready? Shall we start?”

    Vinaya: “Yes”, she nodded and turned to her Mom, “We are leaving?”

    They waved Bye to them and started. Vimal told Vinaya, “I have seen her somewhere earlier da”

    Vinaya: “No idea Vimal.”

    They both started and Charu lifted her head to see the house from her apprehension and felt guilty of her act of swinging in someone else house.
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