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Www- Wondrous Women World

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by aarthi28, Feb 25, 2019.

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    Ladies , here comes the next Episode

    Episode 29:

    Chid Vilas was pulling his trolley from the steps and must approach the reception. It was an unexpected one that a girl got slipped from the steps and clashed on Chid Vilas. She got slipped from the steps and it so happened that she banged on Chid Vilas. He was not sure as where she came and clashed him. She fell on him and she smelled different to him. Her loose hair fell on him and they both landed on the floor with that girl falling on Chidvilas and he felt a different sensation by her feminine smell.

    The culprit was none other than the chain attached to chid Vilas luggage which got clasped into her leg when she was coming at the back of Vilas in a hurry. She was so fresh and her soap smell invaded him and his trolley also fell down which made them get imbalanced. She was hurt badly and Abhi helped them both to remove the chain from her leg and they moved aside. She bent her leg and it got sprained badly. She cried in pain but did not utter a word. She slowly tried to lift the leg, but the pain was unbearable for her, yet she said “ouch” and tried to pull her legs slowly. Chid vilas tried to move aside and said, “I am sorry about and it is because of my Trolley bags chain, you fell down.”

    She was silent and slowly moved the hair covering her face and she was looking very fair and beautiful. Chid vilas could not take an eye off from her beautiful round face. She has kajal in her face and the tears rolled down diluted the kajal and spread near her eyes. The eyes depicted the serious pain she was undergoing and a lady came down in a hurry, “Aiyoo Chandra amma… what happened?”, another girl followed her, “Aiyoo Akka, what happened?”

    They both tried to lift her, yet feeling very much uncomfortable, she cried not uttering a word. They both helped her by lifting her and bringing her to near by chair and Abhi sensed a bulge in her ankle. Abhishek was an Ortho surgeon and he immediately saw her ankle and said, “Should be a crank. We need to take an X ray to see what has happened?” While Vilas felt very bad as he was the cause for this. He came back to his senses and said, “I am really sorry about this.”

    The girl said in a soft voice, “It’s ok” while the lady with her exclaimed, “You are always like this amma, see it looks like a fracture and I don’t know what I am going to say to Ayya about this. You simply say Ok and are they suffering from the pain. It’s you right.”

    The girl continued, “Kannamma, leave it. No one will do things wanted in a soft tone. As per my fate, I should fall down today and it happened. We can’t blame others. I should also have come properly.”

    Chid Vilas liked her way of calm nature and how she accepts things. She was still crying and Abhi called the reception to get a wheelchair from the hotel to take her to hospital. He turned to Chid Vilas and said, “Is your flight not getting delayed?”, he saw his face and asked him to leave.

    The lady immediately exclaimed, “How can you both leave? Because of you, she fell down and you did not even have the courtesy to help her? She is my mistress and what shall I tell her father if she is like this.”, she turned to Abhi and told, “By looking at her leg, you say it is a fracture, … then how can you call the reception and silently slipping from here.”

    Abhi thought to himself, “Aiyoo, I gave my word and got caught nicely. What shall I say now?”

    Chid Vilas was yet to take his eyes from her face and that lady went to him, “You also tell sir, what’s happening here? You want to be moved just like that?”

    The girl continued, “Kannamma, first let’s go to the Doctor, rest we will talk later?”

    The lady, “No chandrama, the place is completely new to us. Where can I take you, Language is a big problem here and how can I handle you. My god, how can I face your father, tell me”, she cried as she said and there was a genuine concern and fear inside her. The small girl who accompanied them turned to her, “Akka, sorry, it’s because of me you got all these problems. Chinnamma already cursed when we started from home and how can we face her”, she also cried.

    Abhi’s face was pale and does not know what to do further. He wanted Chid vilas to leave as he needs to get his connecting flight to Chennai and he also has his trip planned for tomorrow with Aaruchi for Mahabaleshwar.

    Abhi: “Look, the reception people will take you to hospital and you please get treated with their guidance.”

    The lady fumed, “See sir… you talk Tamil and I don’t know the Hindi language and looks like you are also Tamilians and we don’t know Hindi and we need you to help us. Else, I will file a complaint to police you see…”

    Abhi got tensed and the girl also tried to stop her, “Kannamma, lets go. Lakshmi and I will manage, you don’t worry. I can handle appa and chithi”

    Chid Vilas was watching everything but could not come out of her beautiful face as he felt a tickling sensation within himself. He was admiring her beautiful face and silent nature and her calmness in mid of all the chaos. She was slowly moaning silently in pain but did not talk much.

    Chid vilas felt very bad as he was the cause for everything. He understood the situation, “Abhi, come on lets handle this. I will take the next flight. But just help me to get the correct hospital over, else check with Aaruchi to guide us as she knows this place very well.”

    Abhi pulled chid vilas aside and spoke to him, “Hey, why are putting everything to your head da. You did not do intentionally right. We shall inform them and leave ok.”

    Chid vilas: “Come on da, I am the cause for all this. Let me handle it. But, please guide me else, I will take some more time to get the references. Any way you also have your plans for tomorrow, right?”, he winked at him he told him.

    Abhi was sarcastic yet was helpless for his friend. He immediately dialled Aaruchi’s no and explained her and got some references for help. He turned to the maid lady and asked her, “Ok, we will take you to the Ortho hospital near by and hope you can bear the money.”

    The lady, “Come on sir, our madam has enough money, take us to the best hospital. Don’t worry about money and all, Ok…”

    Abhi turned to Chid vilas and hit his head, “Do we need this really?” and Chid vilas, “Hey buddy, it’s my mistake. Please help me machaan” and Abhi nodded.

    Abhi told them that he will bring his car and asked them to come with their luggage’s. By then the hotel manager came with a sorrowful face and told them, “Sir, the wheelchair was recently broken and we are yet to repair it.” And Vilas fumed at him and the lady told them, “You should lift her to the car” and the girl, “kannamma, come on what’s this, don’t take over advantage and I shall try to walk and come. You please bring our luggage’s”, she stood as she spoke and due to the pain, she could not bear and shouted, “ahh…. And she held Chid vilas shoulder. Her grip slowly came down and she held his hands for support. Vilas felt a different sensation within himself and felt a new feel for himself. He thought that he has never felt it with anyone else.

    He helped her with his hands and he told that girl to bring her bag also and without asking, she lifted her and she immediately tried to come out of his hold and and he was not sure as why he behaved like this and said, “sorry to just help you, please don’t take me wrong.”

    The maid lady, “Just for help only chandrama, the reception is nearby, please bear it chandrama”

    She did not utter a word and without asking again, he lifted her and carried to the reception. The maid lady, her daughter got all their bags and followed them. She was feeling so uncomfortable and with no other go, she clutched her hands around his shoulder and moved her face aside. It was a different feeling for Vilas and liked that and he brought her while Abhi got his car which he got from Aaruchi’s uncle near the reception door. He opened the back door of the car and he slowly made her to sit over there. It was a XUV car and after keeping the luggage’s, Kannamma and her daughter sat in the last seat. Abhi has got the car through a driver as Abhi is also new to the place. He sat next to the driver while Vilas and the girl sat in the middle seat of the car. She could not bear the pain and kept her leg in a sitting posture. Vilas got her legs and kept them on his thighs and asked her to sit comfortably. She was helpless and said , “Sorry, It’s paining very much”. By then, it has also swollen than before.

    Vilas: “At last you agreed that it’s paining”

    Abhi did show a face to Vilas and he giggled. They approached a nearby ortho clinic referred by Aaruchi and they went inside. The X ray was taken immediately and it was a deeper Air line crack happened in the ankle bone. The Doctor got introduced to Abhi and they discussed on what type of plaster they can apply for her. She cried in pain without uttering much noise and Vilas admired her stubbornness in withstanding the pain and she tried her maximum to bear it by biting her teeth. Yet tears rolled down and with Abhi’s help, they put a plaster and bandage and advised for complete rest for next two weeks.

    She told that she has to be back to Chennai tonight and how can they come and see him back. She requested whether she could get any reference in Chennai so that he can go back and visit the doctor.

    Vilas: “You don’t have to worry madam, our friend Mr. Abhishek is famous ortho surgeon in Chennai and you can go and have a review with him after two weeks in Chennai. He will be back to Chennai by that time.”

    Chandrika (so called as Chandrama by the lady maid) was surprised to know that he is a doctor and said, “Oh, thanks a lot for your help. We bothered you so much. The place is new and am helpless. No words to thank you both”

    Abhishek was by then settled in his mood as earlier he was not that much interested in taking up things and going to the extent of helping her but for the request from Chid Vilas.

    Chid Vilas: “Thanks da. I would have felt guilty if I have left her in that state, because of the injury caused by me”

    Abhi: “It’s ok dude. I need to leave da, I have got someone else’s car and it’s late by now”, and Vilas: “ok da, no worries, I will take care from now.”

    Abhi hit him and sighed, “What friend? Looking after this girl very much” and Vilas giggled unknowingly. Chandrika thanked both and gave a card to the girl and pay off the fees in the reception counter. She got it and went to the reception.

    Vilas: “You should be fine in a month and sorry for whatever happened.”

    Chandrika: “It’s ok. No problem”, and she thanked both and requested his address.

    Vilas: “Google in name Abhishek Subramaniam, Chennai, you will get his clinic address.” And abhishek smiled at him and said, “hmm Buddy, ok. Catch u in Chennai”

    Chandrika immediately called the travel agency and enquired about the flight details and she came to know that her flight is delayed and boarded passengers are told to come back to terminal due to some technical issues in the flight. She requested that she is late due to some medical issues and confirmed that she would be taking the flight and they agreed for it.

    Vilas realized that he has also missed his flight to Chennai.

    Vilas: “Oh you are travelling to Chennai by Flight”

    Chandrika: “Yes, we have already booked the tickets for myself, kannamma and Lakshmi. I just now confirmed that flight is delayed. Can you please help me to get a cab to airport please?”, she requested.

    Vilas observed that she was smart beside being calm and he felt her to be stubborn girl too. He started to like her and he enquired which flight she has to get and she said that it is Indigo and he checked his itenary to confirm that he also has to go into the same flight. He felt like flying in air as he wanted to know more about her.
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    After a long gap, I am getting a like from an old Buddy. Thanks @Madhurima21 for your like.
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    You are always welcome Aarthi dear.. eagerly waiting for the next episode..
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    Hi friends, here comes the next Episode.

    Episode 30:

    Vilas observed that she was smart beside being calm and he felt her to be a stubborn girl too. He started to like her and he enquired which flight she must get and she said that it is Indigo and he checked his itenary to confirm that he also has to go into the same flight. He felt like flying as he wanted to know more about her.

    In mid of this chaos, he completely forgot to cancel his ticket and somehow his mind was moving towards this girl since he met her. He too called his travel agency to confirm his delay and confirmed that he will be catching the flight. He thought how this girl is shrewd enough in following up her needs when she is not well. He knows well that how it pains when we get such an airline crack.

    Abhishek took a card of him and gave it to her and asked her to visit after a week in Chennai. Abhi pulled over Vilas and told him, “Hey what is happening buddy, you seem to be different for the past 1 hour from the Hotel. You don’t seem to be yourselves. What? Falling for this girl? Just like that don’t go by any assumptions in mind. Think before you act? Ok!”

    Vilas: “Come on Buddy, I know and I will take care, fine then catch you in Chennai da”

    Abhishek bid bye to him and left and Vilas booked a car to the airport. They boarded the cab and all the three ladies were at the back and Vilas sat next to the driver.

    Kannamma, “Sir thanks you so much for your help. Sorry if I am rude. I fear about chandrama’ s leg and I have to answer her father. She came all along for the sake of my daughter.”

    Vilas turned and asked, “For your daughter?”, he questioned.

    Kannamma: “Yes sir, I work in their house for more than 15 Years since they were in the Village. My daughter studies well and it’s Chandrama who took interest and was stubborn in getting her in to the best college. Though I insisted, she took pains for my daughter in mid of her other works and brought her here.”

    Vilas was getting surprises about Chandrika and asked, “Hmm. which college is it that you have come all the whole way through?”

    Kannamma: “What is that Lakshmi? Something DIT OR CIT?”

    By then Lakshmi, her daughter stopped her, “Mom, don’t blabber if you don’t know the place”, she turned to Vilas and said, “IIT Sir”

    Chid Vilas eyes widened as he never expected that from the girl and said, “IIT?”

    Chandrika: “Yes, she has joined IIT Mumbai and we are looking for a transfer to IIT Chennai. She has scored a good rank and due to some names change confusion, she has been put in IIT Mumbai.”

    Chid Vilas looked at her and said, “Oh, you talk this much. Now only I am hearing your voice.”

    Chandrika: “When there is a need, I will definitely talk”, she went silent.

    Chid Vilas: “Good to hear that and IIT is a prestigious institution in our country.”

    Kannamma’ s eyes widened, “really sir, that’s why, Chandrama was very stubborn. She said, she will get good job if she studies here. My husband is also a farmer and both of us don’t know anything about studies.”

    Chid Vilas: “Yes. You should also feel proud to say that she studies here. You should thank your chandrama for the efforts she has made.”

    Chandrika: “Hmm, I am not chandrama and My name is Chandrika” and Vilas turned towards her, “Oh… then why is she calling you chandrama”

    Chandrika: “Yes, she always calls me with my mom’s name and she thinks she calls me with respect. I have told her many times and yet she has not changed.”

    Vilas: “Anyway, you are good that you have made her get joined in IIT and taking pains for people like Kannamma, it’s really good.”

    Chandrika: “Kannamma is really good and she has taken good care of me since my childhood. She is like my mother and Lakshmi is like my sister”

    Vilas: “So, you are more than your mother. Is it so?”

    Kannamma: “No sir, please don’t tell like that. Chandrama mother died when Chandrama was 3 years old.”, an Chandrika immediately warned her, “Kannamma” in a slightly higher tone.

    Chid Vilas felt bad for her loss at her young age and Kannamma kept quiet with her index fingers placed on her lips. Lakshmi also warned her, “Come on Amma, why are you like this.?”

    Chid Vilas: “It’s ok. Casually I inquired and she answered.”

    Chandrika: “Anyway, she is always talkative like this. When is she going to change? But she will not have anything in her mind.”

    Chid Vilas: “So Kannamma, Lakshmi is your only daughter, is that so?”

    Kannamma turned to Chandrika and asked her in a sigh to open or not. Chid Vilas did not get an answer and looked at their reactions from the rear mirror and turned with a smile, “Now, you are getting permission to talk. Sorry, I will not question out further.”

    Lakshmi smiled at this and said, “I have an elder brother, he has completed his graduation in Agriculture and helping my father in Village. My younger sister is still in her schooling.”, she realized that she spoke on behalf of her mother while Kannamma and Chandrika both gaped at her. It meant that just now Chandrika warned Kannamma to talk less and Lakshmi took her role. It was such that everyone liked Chid vilas and his character.

    Chid Vilas understood their reaction and laughed loud, “you ladies… Come on… Airport has come and we need to catch the flight.”

    Chandrika: “You are also coming to Chennai, which flight?”

    Chid Vilas: “Hmm… Same Indigo Airlines to Chennai!”

    Again, the three ladies looked at each other.

    The Driver parked the vehicle in the bay and Vilas went to get a trolley to carry their luggage. He got two trolleys and Chandrika slowly got down while Lakshmi and Kannamma took their luggage to fill the trolley. It was just a small hand luggage for Vilas and he put it in a trolley and paid the Cab driver. While Chandrika took her purse, he said, “It’s Ok. I paid and no formalities.”

    The car person left and Chid Vilas asked her, “Do you need any help by lifting his hand?”. Chandrika looked at him with surprise, “What do you mean?”

    Chid Vilas: “No, don’t take me wrong. I just thought of giving a hand to you.”

    Chandrika gently smiled and held his hand to approach to the boarding counter after clearing the Security Checks. While Kannamma and Lakshmi were walking at the back of them, He made her to sit in the waiting lobby and he ensured he got the boarding pass with their seats for himself and Chandrika next to each other while Lakshmi and Kannamma were moved to the next row. The boarding counter female from the Airlines came to Chandrika to get her verification done which she understood after being insisted by Chid Vilas. She thanked him for that and till now, chid Vila’s mind was feeling so overjoyed, ecstatic and he felt a different sensation being with her. He actually forgot his other planned works, his updates to his parents, his updates to Suchi. All of them has gone in air and he was feeling his heartbeat increased since the time he met her.

    They boarded the Flight and Chandrika got a window seat and Vilas to sit adjacent to her. Though it is just an hour journey from Mumbai to Chennai, he felt flying in air though he was travelling safely inside the plane. He tried to talk to her but she closed her eyes. But he excused her and woke her to check whether she took the pills. Lakshmi was noticing everything from the back side and Kannamma was a bit innocent in understanding things.

    Chid Vilas admired her silent sleeping beauty that had a calmness in her face. She was fair with a slightly oval shaped face, with a simple make up, neatly combed hair with her hair plaited well. She has put her Plait on her frontside, both her hands were locked in front of her. She ensured that she has covered her dupatta well. If you feel her that she has a homely face, you get the thought of her as a homely girl. In case if you feel her to be modern, you get that thought of her to be a modern girl.

    The Flight landed in Chennai and when they came out of the flight, mobiles beeped for both of them. Now Lakshmi took the priority to help her to walk while Kannamma shifted the luggage to a trolley. This was a disappointment for chid vilas.

    Chandrika took out her mobile to see missed calls from his father. She immediately dialled him , “Chucku, I reached Chennai airport, will be coming home shortly.”, she heard him and continued, “ok ok… you don’t have to worry and I will catch up Sarvanana He will be waiting outside.”, she slipped bit and said ,”Ouch…” and there was an anxiety on the other end, “Chucku, don’t worry, It is a sprain in my leg. I will come home and explain,””…”, “Oh God… please gimme some time. I will reach home and explain you…Ok…”, she hung the call.

    Kannamma: “Chandrama, I am worried about Chinnamma, she will blast me like anything.”

    Chandrika: “Whatever it is, we will go home and discuss. Ok” and she turned to see where was Chid vilas. He was waiting for her to see him and he got flattered when she smiled at him.

    Chandrika: “Thanks a lot for all your help, Dr. Chid Vilas.”

    Chid Vilas was shocked as how come she knows his name. It was a surprise to him and he asked, “How come you know my name and that I am a doctor. Have you thought as I was with Abhishek, I am also a doctor?”

    Chandrika: “No doctor, I know you a few years back, you treated my father for cardiac arrest. Though my interaction with you was less, I remember you very well. You were very polite and you helped me a lot. You helped me today too and thanks again for your hospitality.”

    Chid Vilas tried to remember as whose patient’s beautiful daughter is she, but could not recollect and before he could, a guy came towards Chandrika and in an anxiety, he asked, “What happened madam?”

    Chandrika: “Saravana anna, be calm, we will go home and talk further. Get the luggage from Kannamma”, he nodded and he started to chat with Kannamma in a low voice to know what happened.

    Chid Vilas was surprised to know that already she knew him but kept quiet this much time. She impressed him again by her polite nature. His heartbeat was more than usual when she left the place. An Innova came and all the three boarded with their luggage. With the help of Lakshmi, she got into the front seat for her comfort and Kannamma and Lakshmi went and sat on the back side.

    Chid Vilas was felt left alone outside in the Domestic terminal bay. For a moment, he felt like being left out. It was a different feeling of being missed at that juncture and he did not know what to do next. Though he was a smart guy, this feeling of being left aloof for no reason was something he was getting experienced on that day in his life. Though many girls proposed him earlier directly and indirectly, he has never thought nor has got those feelings towards the opposite sex. Suchi was his best buddy, though he moved close with her even physically, they were close just close friends.

    Thinking all this, he has to come back to reality, booked a cab for himself and started home from Airport. Besides, he felt to have missed checking her contact and he cursed himself for that.

    To be continued....
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    Ladies, here comes the next Episode
    Episode 31:

    Chid Vilas felt left alone outside in the Domestic terminal bay. For a moment, he felt like being left out. It was a different feeling of being missed at that juncture and he did not know what to do next. Though he was a smart guy, this feeling of being left aloof for no reason was something he was getting experienced on that day in his life. Though many girls proposed him earlier directly and indirectly, he has never thought nor has got those feelings towards the opposite sex. Suchi was his best buddy, though he moved close with her even physically, they were close just close friends.

    Thinking all this, he has to come back to reality, booked a cab for himself and started home from Airport. Besides, he felt to have missed checking her contact and he cursed himself for that.

    Chid Vilas felt a different sensation within himself for the next few days and her face appeared in front of him often. The Sleeping face of Chandrika in the window seat of the aircraft was remembered by him and he found a tranquillity in it and caring nature of hers shown towards others. She should be reposeful person for sure and he was trying to forget the girl which he could not. Vilas was trying to recollect the patient history of Chandrika’s father but in vain, he has seen a lot a patients till date and for sure he thought he is not going to be a regular patient for him. Then where I would have met this girl. Lots of questions were coming in his mind. By then, Vilas mom knocked the door and came inside his room with a coffee mug.

    Chid Vilas mom Anandhi was a caring and pious lady and she was part of a charitable trust to help elderly people while his father Arulmozhi was an Advocate by Profession. He was a legal advisor for many companies. Chid Vilas had a younger brother Chaitanya who was doing his higher studies post his engineering. Vilas aspired to become a doctor since his childhood and got all his exams cleared in merit, got his seat in Government college and completed his MBBS. He had also done his MS in cardiology and was a successful Cardiac surgeon as we have seen in the earlier episodes.

    Anandhi: “Vilas, what happened? You are so calm and silent since you were back from US. I just wanted to check whether it is a Jetlag or you are into something.”

    Chid Vilas: “Oh No ma, it’s just jetlag, nothing else. Will be fine soon.”

    Anandhi: “Usually you use to share a lot with me when you are back from any trips, about the seminars, any interesting thing you have seen, any interesting people you have met. You were very quiet for the past few days and hence just enquired.”

    Chid Vilas has to come to reality now and his mind warned him that he should not get his mind wandering about such things. He continued with his mom, “No mam, it is a US trip and the time difference is more and hence this jetlag, I will be fine soon.”, he got his coffee from her.

    Anandhi: “Ok dear. When you become free, please let me know, I have some requests to you regarding obligations from our Trust people.”

    Chid Vilas: “Is it for any surgeries Mom?”, there was a commitment in his voice.

    Anandhi: “Yes, we can discuss them when you are free and have a clear mind. It’s not so urgent.”

    Chid Vilas nodded his head and had his coffee and his first sip made him come to the real world, “Mom, this coffee is the best I have, to whichever corner I got, wherever I travel, I will miss this.’

    Anandhi: “This is what I was expecting since your return and you just now reminded my coffee’s taste, but did not have time to tell anything for the past few days”

    Chid Vilas realized how he has been since his return and thought that there is nothing he can do now thinking about a girl and how he has been wasting his time which he has never did in his lifetime. He thought to himself that this was also a phase in his life and he felt that in his lifetime which he had used to discuss with Suchi alone.

    Chid Vilas tried to get accustomed to his regular works and started to visit his clinic. Besides, he was working in a private hospital and was a senior doctor in the department of Cardiology.

    It was a fine morning in the early hours and Vasumathi was sweeping the veranda of their house, Sprinkled water to put kolam in front of their house. As the house lawn was also lengthy, Vinaya was sweeping it and then she started to spray waters to the plants using the hosepipe. They had lots of crotons and colourful flowers like Jasmine, button roses which gave a nice look to their entrance. When the flowers blossomed, it gave a good fragrance and Vasudevan was doing a gardening by trimming some of the croton plants over there. By this time, two big tempos from packers and movers approached near their gate. They checked for the address and it seems to be the next adjacent house of them. Vinaya looked at the tempo for the loads of things inside that and they were of very old model sofas, cup boards, wooden beroes carved well. She looked at that with amazement. They opened the gate and the driver told that the owner is yet to arrive to give the keys. They Driver and the cleaner got down and he called Vinaya , “Amma, Please give us some water”.

    Vinaya understood that they needed water and got it from inside. When Vasumathi checked for whom it is, she explained that it is for the drivers who has come to keep the materials of the next house. Vinaya gave them two water bottles and they completed the whole two bottles. They thanked, but Vinaya did not respond and she went back. They does not know that she has speech disabilities. She was attractive in her night dress with her hair tied to a bun and her spectacles . She returned and asked them as who is coming over in a miming language and then they understood that she was unable to speak. They told her that the house is bought recently and they are shifting the things and also informed that they may come after few weeks.

    Vinaya smiled at them and went back and informed Vasumathi.

    Vasumathi: “After the death of the old people over there, finally they sold the house it seems. Good that they have not let it for any Joint venture.”

    Vasudevan came inside hearing this and said, “hmmm… Yes, if they would have left it to JV, then we might have missed the good air we get now. Now a days, People go in for flat culture and they don’t understand the value of these buildings.”

    Vinaya intruded and asked, “ Who was there before.? I heard that their children were in foreign and they let it out for rent. I remember the old couple who stayed over here when I was young.”

    Vasudevan: “Yes Vinaya, the old couples children settled in foreign and they don’t want to come back. These couple also don’t want to go there leaving this house. That uncle was my grandfather’s friend. He died at the age of 90 and did not want to sell this house until he was alive. I have seen this house looking more beautiful than ours. But they did not maintain it off late dear. Now after he passed away, they sold it. As vasu said, it’s good that they did not built a flat over here.”

    The house was slightly bigger than Vasudevan’s house. IT had a car park which was double the size of them where three car’s can be parked and a bigger garden than their house. But it was badly maintained due to not much people staying over there. While they were talking, they heard a car screeching sound and they went outside to see who it was. It was the same Innova car which came to pick up Chandrika, but the driver was not Saravana and it was Chiranjeevi, the son of the owner who has bought this house.

    He got down from the car with a chewing gum in his mouth and he gave the keys to the driver. The Driver got them, open the gates and got down their furniture’s and things from the tempo. Chiranjeevi was groaning to himself, “ For all these, I should come. Who asked for this house, I was happy in my hostel and all my freedom is now put on for a toss.”

    The driver asked him, “Did you say anything thambi (Younger Brother in Tamil)?

    He responded, “Nothing and do your job” in a commanding way and he did not give that much respect to him. IT was nearly two hours they completed their job and when they completed, Vinaya came outside for a small shopping. Chiranjeevi looked at her beautiful face and stood still. She was having a bag and a purse in her hand and opened the gate.

    Chiranjeevi looked at her with a teasing smile and she showed off her face and left that place. He thought, “Hmm.. Nice baby to site here. “

    He intruded her and asked whether she can get some help in getting a maid over here to clean the whole building. She looked at her without an answer and tried to move away from that place. He stopped her and asked, “Am I asking you anything wrong? Can I get a maid person for cleaning this building?”

    Vinaya became furious for a moment and when he held her hand, he lifted to blast him and the driver stopped and informed him, “THambi, looks like she could not speak”

    Vinaya left that place with an angry face and Chiranjeevi gave a raw look and continued with chewing the gum.

    The Driver told, “The Unloading of everything is complete thambi and if you need, I can get you people if you want to clean this place”

    Chiranjeevi : “Ok…Ok.. you have my number right. Get this work done and call me ok”, there was an arrogancy in his words and also the feel that he can anything with money. He was a spoiled brat of his mom and it was well reflected in his behaviour and spending of money.

    The Driver was doing everything for money and he immediately arranged for the workers to do the cleaning of the house. Though the painting of the house was completed, there were bushes around the house that needs a clearance with which the house will look good with a majestic look. It was already beating the good look of Vasudevan’s house after it was painted, but when the bushes and unwanted plants were cleared, it will look much more elegant.
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    Feel good episode as usual..
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    Ladies here comes the next Episode.

    Episode 32:

    The Driver was doing everything for money and he immediately arranged for the workers to do the cleaning of the house. Though the painting of the house was completed, there were bushes around the house that needs a clearance with which the house will look good with a majestic look. It was already beating the good look of Vasudevan’s house after it was painted, but when the bushes and unwanted plants were cleared, it will look much more elegant.

    Yes Indeed, after the removal of whole lot of unwanted bushes, dried tree leaves and woods, the place was looking very clean and tidy. The painter did his job perfect and the house was finally looking stunning after his work. He called up Chiranjeevi to update on the same. But he asked for his Gpay number and asked for how much it is and sent the money. He did not come back to even see the work he has done.

    Chandrika was trying to settle in her flat in the recovering stage of her leg. It was a four-bedroom flat in the heart of the city. Chakravarthy and Sivagami stayed in a room, Chandrika and Charu shared another room and left out one for Chiru as he was particular that he needed a separate room for him whenever he comes from hostel. Chandrika was so adjustive and left it to his choice and Sivagami was happy inside that her children are given priority which was a foolish thought of herself. The fourth room was a smaller one where Kannamma stayed. Kannamma was staying with them for all household chores inclusive of cooking, cleaning and maintaining the house. She gets an outside maid for some additional works.

    Chandrika slowly started to walk in their flat where they were staying. After Chakravarthy’s cardiac issue, they had to be in Chennai. Chandrika took care of some of his business with his support. They were mainly into Agriculture and Kannamma’ s husband take care of them. Both Kannamma and her husband were working with their family since their young age and they were very trustworthy people for them. In the insistence of Chandrika with her inhibited character from her parents, they helped them a lot with which they had a decent lifestyle. Kannamma use to visit their village once in two months and their daughter Lakshmi was studying in Mumbai. As a guardian, Chandrika took them to Mumbai on some educational guidance and of course for some transfers. She also had some official works and hence on the urge of time, she did not hesitate to take them along in flight. It was their first flight journey and they were thrilled and also felt grateful for Chandrika for what they were now.

    Lakshmi: “Akka, Slowly, I think you are getting better now. The Pain killers are also over right. Can we go and meet the Doctor? Can I check for an appointment with him?”

    Chandrika: “No dear, we will go for an Ortho doctor nearby.”

    Lakshmi: “Why Akka, we can meet that Cardiac doctor too right?”

    Chandrika: “Hey, what are you in to? We should maintain our limits.?”

    Lakshmi: “No Akka, that doctor was gaping at you many times. I noticed and he also got nicely from his Ortho doctor yet took pains in accompanying us till Chennai!”

    Chandrika: “We should not over think Lakshmi. If you wish, you get an appointment, we shall go there and come. Ok?”

    Lakshmi: “Yes Akka, I will get it verified. But one thing, don’t think low of you. We should be higher than them in the status. So why should you think like that?”

    Chandrika: “Hmm. come on. Don’t over talk for your age.? “, she said in a slightly higher tone.

    Lakshmi held her hands on her shoulders and said in a sorry tone, “Sorry Akka”

    Chandrika: “It’s ok. Talk according to your age ok. Get the appointment confirmed and we shall go. You should also meet your professor in Chennai. Don’t forget that and you should go to admin office of IIT Chennai to have your transfers completed.”

    Lakshmi: “Hmm… In mid of your work, you always think of others work also. This makes you unique akka. I wish, I should be born as your sister in my next birth”

    Chandrika: “Now itself, you are like my sister dear”

    Chandrika went inside her father’s room. Sivagami was not there and he was sitting in the balcony looking at the play area. Few kids were playing and he liked to watch them play.

    Chandrika: “Appa(Father in Tamil), you are here!”, she looked at the time and continued, “Your usual play time. You feel happy seeing the kids right”

    Chakravarthy: “Yes dear. If you would have married, then you should have a little one with you right now?”, there was a concern in his voice.

    Chandrika: “No dad. I don’t think I need to get married now. We have lots to do. Good that you are recovering and am happy to see you like this”

    Chakravarthy: “hmm… But you unwantedly broke your leg.”

    Chandrika: “Come on Chucku. Nothing is in our hands. If it has to happen at our home, I should have broken it here also. So, don’t over think and also don’t blame others like chithi.”

    Chakravarthy: “You always divert the topic. Anyway, how do you feel now?”

    Chandrika: “It’s better. I am planning to visit the doctor and Lakshmi would be checking for an appointment.”

    Chakravarthy: “Good that you have decided to go the doctor. I don’t like this flat culture anymore, feel like arrested in between the four walls. Please check with the doctor and come so that we can get shifted to that new house.”

    Chandrika: “Sure Chu

    cku. I am glad that we all will stay together in our house. Hope you like that house. It is like our house in the village but not that much big, still a nice home. But we need to do some maintenance for that too. Some gardening to make it look more good”

    Chakravarthy: “Hmm… I am happy that you took an initiative to have our own house over here. Though we are good enough to buy one more house, your thought of getting a house for our own in Chennai is something I never thought about. But you say that you need a Home, but I don’t know as how you are going to handle Sivagami when you go there. Here since it is a flat, she is keeping quiet, but over there, it would be her kingdom. Be careful with her.”

    Chandrika: “Come on Appa, She is a bit innocent and feels insecure. She will understand me and change some day for sure. We should be giving them only love and that will change them and for sure one day, she will also get fed up with her usual chores and she has to and for sure she will change and understand me.”

    Chakravarthy: “I always see Chandra in you. I never felt to have missed her.”, he turned towards the wall where Chandra was smiling in the photo with sindoor placed in it and Agarbathi under the frame giving fragrance to the room.

    Chandrika: “I am sorry because of which our thought of moving to the new house is postponed. You are insisting that we should go there soon.”

    Chakravarthy: “No worries, dear. Everything will have a reason and will be predicted by God. You will recover soon and we will check for a day and move over there.”

    Chandrika: “Hmm… just like that not moving. We shall look for an auspicious day, do a small housewarming and then move. You were also sick and now recovering and hence just moving to the new house is not so easy”, and there was a concern in her voice.

    Chakravarthy: “Ok... we will look for some auspicious day”, he started to walk slowly from the balcony.”

    Chandrika told, “be careful, you still cannot manage alone.” And tried to hold him, but she was with her plasters in her leg and said, “My bad day, I need someone now” and smiled.

    Chakravarthy managed by holding his hand on the wall and called, “Sivagami…” and she was there in the next moment.

    Sivagami always had that respect with Chakravarthy besides her grudge against Chandrika. There can be some reasons to love someone but will not have reason to hate someone and that is what is with Sivagami had with Chandrika. When there are times, she has admired Chandrika for what she was, but still the thoughts and words of his brother forced her mind to hate her. But there will be no response from Chandrika for whatever behavior she shows towards her. Instead, she always uses to show only love towards her.

    Chakravarthy: “Sivagami, look for an suspicious day at the earliest so that we can perform homam and rituals to get in to the new house bought”

    Sivagami: “Ok “, in a respectful tone. After his cardiac issue, she had more concern for his health condition, coz for her, he is the whole world but wanted her children to be cared first which was a stupid thought of herself. Everything was doing by his poisonous brother who looked at their wealth and not a real care for his sister.

    She immediately took the calendar and looked at different dates. She looked for few days after a week and came back with those dates.

    Chandrika: “Chithi, these days will not suit.”, immediately she became furious.
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    I managed to complete the next Episode too and posting the same.

    Episode 33:

    She immediately took the calendar and looked at different dates. She looked for few days after a week and came back with those dates.

    Chandrika: “Chithi, these days will not suit.”, immediately she became furious.

    Sivagami: “You should have got these days from her itself, See whatever dates I tell, you are telling against me.”

    Chakravarthy: “Sivagami, don’t take it in a wrong way” And turned towards her, “why Chandra dear, you are particular about these dates.”

    Chandrika: “Oh appa, Charu is having her second semester exams for this year. If we have this function, she could not concentrate on her studies. We need to invite at least our close relatives. I am sure, my leg issue will also be fine after two weeks, but the dates will clash with the studies of Charu and Chiru. Chiru is also having his exams.

    Sivagami: “Hmmm… Chiru did not tell anything about the exams to me. He said, he is free for the next two weeks”, she said that in a thought as if she knows everything about his son.

    Chakravarthy: “Shut up Sivagami”, he raised his tone, “ What do you know about your son? You are spoiling him like anything. One of the reasons to go to our own house is also to get him along with us. He is getting spoiled in the Hostel life. I know what and all you are doing to safeguard your son. You are thinking that you are helping your innocent son, but he is a spoiled brat because of you. You are going to suffer because of him”, hearing this Chandrika also startled for a moment.

    Sivagami was speechless for a moment and said, “You always complain him for no reason and finally me for supporting him. My son will not be like that”, she told in a non-acceptable tone.

    Chakravarthy: “Come on Sivagami, your blind love towards your son is making you to talk like this. This has spoiled him a lot and you don’t want to accept that.”,

    Sivagami: “Don’t you have blind love towards your daughter and you are complaining me”, she responded in a ironic way.

    Chakravarthy: “You are now a days talking more which is not good for you. Who is teaching you all these nonsenses? If you continue to behave like this, you need to face the consequences”, he was worried and had concern as he is

    Sivagami: “What consequences? You will not give any property to me and my children right! I know that! I have all rights. You will say Chandrika is your heir right”, she spoke in a foolish way.

    Chandrika was shocked to hear that and held her hand on her shoulder, “Come on Chithi, Why do you always think like that? We all from the same family. Please don’t think too much.”

    Sivagami immediately took off her hands from her shoulders and said, “It’s because of you my children are not getting their father’s love and affection. He did not care for my kids at all”, she said as she wiped her tears with her saree pallu.

    Chakravarthy raised her hands like beating her and continued, “Mind your words Sivagami. Your words are now a days spitting like poison. I treat all my children equally and my care towards them is also equal. If your son is going to respect me, why should I have to behave to him in a unnerving way. You don’t understand and and also not ready to understand.”

    Sivagami bend her head and missed his lap. She looked at Chandrika, “See, it’s all because of you he is behaving like this.”

    Chandrika: “Enough appa, stop it. She is not going to understand and you are not ready to make her understand. If you shout like this, your health will be spoiled. How much steps you took to recover to this state and I don’t want you to go back to your previous condition.”

    She turned towards Sivagami, “Chithi, please you don’t have to understand anyone. If you care for appa, stop thinking of this and at least stop talking like this. Please don’t have your own assumptions and predict things in a wrong way.”

    Chakravarthy: “Now get rid of this place and get out of my sight.” And immediately Sivagami left the place with an anger filled face. Charu was listening to everything as she came to that room listening to all the chaos.

    Charu: “Akka, what happened? Again, Amma created a mess with Appa!, Why is she like this? She is spoiling her mind with unwanted things and shout unnecessarily.”

    Chandrika: “hmm… She will change for sure. Leave it dear”

    Charu: “She is cursing you like anything and you really get any anger towards her.”

    Chandrika: “No dear. It’s in the way we take things. We should give them love only and she will change one day for sure.”

    Charu: “I have to learn a lot from you akka.”

    Chandrika smiled at her and turned towards Chakravarthy who sat on the bed after Sivagami left. He was wearing a white khadi dhoti and white Khadi sleeveless shirt. He was feeling tired and it depicted on his face.

    Chandrika held him in his shoulders, “Don’t worry appa, she will become alright soon. Time is the best healer.”

    Charu took some water from the nearby jug and gave it to Chakravarthy: “Come on appa, Don’t worry, Amma will change one day. She is having a screen in front of her mind with some unwanted thoughts and that’s making her to output like this. I understand you and Chandrika akka well. Please, don’t strain yourselves and things will settle soon.”

    Chakravarthy hugged her tight and tears outburst from his eyes, “Charuma, you have become so matured in your talks. All of my children are the same. If she care for Chandra like her daughter, why should I show some extra care for her. Hope you understand me”

    Charu: “Appa, Chandrika akka is my sister. She takes care of all of us well and amma does not have that heart to accept her. Her love towards all of us is immortal. It’s amma and chiru taking it in a wrong way. They will change soon. You don’t worry and spoil your health.”

    Chandrika hugged charu tight and kissed her while her tears over ran her forehead showing a thanks note to her.

    Charu: “Come on Akka, appa is elder, Can’t I understand you? Why do you cry for such silly things?”

    All the three of them hugged each other and Chakravarthy thought that his son should also understand him and Chandrika one day.

    Lakshmi confirmed the appointment with Dr Abhishek for the next day and she also accompanied her to the Hospital. They waited in the reception and the appointment queue was quite big. Since Lakshmi has booked prior, she was in the third token.

    Chandrika was called and Abhishek did not expect that it would be Chandrika.

    Abhishek: “Oh, madam, that is you. So, howz your leg doing.”

    Chandrika: “Yes Dr, getting on well. My pain killers are over and the pain is also fine now.”

    He told her to lift her leg and kept it in a chair while Lakshmi helped her for the same. He cut down the plasters and there was no sigh of any pain shown by Chandrika.

    Abhishek: “SO, it is absolutely fine. Can you try to walk now?”

    Chandrika slowly stood up and walked with a hesitation. Lakshmi helped her.

    Abhishek: “Don’t help her. She is fine. It’s her mindset due to the tightened bandage she think so” and Lakshmi left her.

    Chandrika managed and finally walked well and she was comfortable.

    Abhishek suggested a bandage to be used for few weeks and then to remove that. Chandrika was comfortable and thanked him and left the place. Both Chandra and Lakshmi left the hospital and came down by lift. In parallel, Vilas visited Abhishek and he climbed up the stairs to meet Abhi.

    When Vilas entered his cabin, Sister was about to call the next patient and Abhi wanted to give a break mentioning it to the sister. He was surprised by his visit and said, “Hey Chid vilas, what a surprise? You never visit my clinic.”

    Vilas: “Hey I came over for a work near by and just passed in to see you”

    Abhishek: “hey, really you came for me or for that girl?”

    Vilas was clueless as what he was talking about, “What girl? What are you talking about?”

    Abhi: “Really, You have been doing all heroism in Mumbai and thought you came for that girl?”

    Vilas: “Which girl da? I am clueless buddy on what you are talking about”

    Though Vilas was thinking about Chandrika for some days, he tried to divert her thoughts from his mind and he was totally in to his work and profession. He had to meet a few patients whom he needs to attend his mom had requested in the nearby old age home which was referred by his mom. As he passed his clinic, he thought of meeting him. Abhi reminded him now about Chandrika and a light sparkled in his mind.

    Vilas: “Did you mean the girl who fell down in Mumbai?”

    Abhishek: “It’s the girl you fell for in Mumbai? That’s the correct statement If I am not wrong”

    Vilas got a spark in his face, “Did she really came over here to see you?”

    Abhishek: “Hello, she came for consultation and her leg is completely fine now”

    He wanted to tease Vilas and said, “She even enquired about you”.

    Vilas face brightened and he asked, “Really, did she enquired about me?”
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