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Wounds of my heart that never healed-chapter 1

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by vishal21, May 29, 2014.

  1. vishal21

    vishal21 Silver IL'ite

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    Hello everyone,
    I don't know whether this is the right section or not to post my thread.If its not i would request the moderators to move it to the right one
    I would request users please don't insult me and don't judge me as it really took me courage to post my life i have never did it before
    Today i would like to share my past...my mistakes...my life

    maybe many would have gone through tough phases in life but this is my life of 21 years

    I was born in a well-to-do family my father an IAS officer and Mother a Judge
    I have who is 6 years elder to me.My parents loved me to death specially my mother pampered me like anything I still remember.
    Problems in my life started when I was 4-5 years old i dont remember that much my mother was transferred and my father somewhere else ....
    so father used to come on weekends and my sister and mother and father used to stay together everything was going well .my mother had a hectic schedule so i was in a Jr.Kg(Kinder gardern)my mom used to wake up early and used to get my sister ready and then drop me in the school bus and kiss me on my cheek before leaving ...the time in school used to go fine but after the school used to get in the noon the conductor used to change he used to beat me and punish me a lot and stand slap me ..punch me ...kick (i was not abused sexually abused) but even this was painful i used to hurt but i was scared to say it to my mother i used to just remain aloof and feel that the school should never get over and i don't get into the bus as even if my food used to fall or if i used to sit in the window..mine was the last stop so i used to be alone in the bus ...scared when everyone used to leave sitting on the last seat near the window...and then he used to ask me my name and slap me ...he had some problem maybe thats why he used hit kids but why me?.
    i had never hurt any one..this went on for 3 years ...but in these three years the time i spent with my parents was nice i think......we were a nice happy family
    he was rude with all kids but in the end he used to catch me alone...and beat as mine was the last stop...i still have nightmares of that ...then as judicial officers get transferred every 3 years my mom was transferred then after that ...i was in a place and new school and happy that no one will bully me ....:)
    ....to be continued..
    we must always remember :- Do not think kids are worth nothing they have angels as guardians who look on them from heaven and they punish if you hurt them ...
    Last edited: May 29, 2014

  2. Anjelin

    Anjelin Gold IL'ite

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    Really sad :(, Actually every day i fear while away from my kids, that they might get bullied by maids or school aayas.

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