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would you have done anything different

Discussion in 'Life Without Spouse' started by drjp, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. drjp

    drjp Senior IL'ite

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    This is primarily for the ladies that have been separated/divorced. Would you have done anything different if you were given a second chance? What was the most difficult decision you had to take during the process of separation (apart from the decision to separate).

  2. lovinglife

    lovinglife New IL'ite

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    Yes, I would have done differently if I had a second chance. I would NOT have married him in the first place!! :)

    I think every divorce is different. If we have been in a relationship where we took enough time to sort things out and worked hard on the marriage and finally left the spouse because it was inevitable, there is nothing you could have done to change things.

    However, if people get divorced within a year or two, you might then look back down the road and think if you made the right decision. Yet again, if they were smart to find out within that short time that things are bad and they cannot live together and they get divorced, then maybe they are smarter than someone like me who stayed in a marriage for 8 years and then left.....

    So, I guess it's very hard to answer this question, unless the divorce happenned due to YOU cheating, abusing, etc.
  3. ansh12

    ansh12 Bronze IL'ite

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    Thanks drjp for posting this thread

    Surely, I would do many things differently.

    First of all I would fall in love, I regret that I didn'tBig Laugh, atleast I will be able to say that I did spend sometime with a person who did pamper me for sometime.

    Jokes apart.

    I can't change people but myself and i have lerant that I need to change certain things about myself, which may or may not have made a marriage happier, but certainly it would have had made me happier and stronger.

    I am over-sensitive and emotional. So, should be more practical. I am a disciplinarian and bit short-tempered, so should have changed these things of mine.

    I believe one can't come to know about the real nature of a person, till one starts living together as some people are very good at camouflaging.

    I would never be able to put up with a person who lies, is manipulative and not trust-worthy, as trust is the foundation of marriage.
    Besy wishes

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