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working siesta

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sunkan, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. sunkan

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    Working siesta:
    The recent trend is to introduce a napping pod for the corporate. Mr.choudry who has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon says that if the staff are let to nap for 15 minutes the productivity can increase by 30% ..

    Many executives, ran to their car or went to the bathroom or crawl under their desks to take a short nap as they were too tired to handle the stress, it was a need, not being met by any one in those days..

    The founders chose a company that made fast cars to come up with something very elegant to look not like a cradle or cot. Metro naps were opened in NewYork in the year 2004 as a napping centre in the Empire State building, which helped the executives who were tired to take a nap. The highly localized nature of this business however made the cost of setting up too high so that had to shut down the other branch in down town in
    New York.

    Procter and Gamble made a bee line and became the first corporate office to look into this system to help its employees with napping for 15 minutes and then some lighting would come up with a little vibrations to wake them up…..

    This article reminded me of my days in Steel Furnace Association of India, in the year 1970, where I was working as an apprentice to improve my skills in the office, I had a wonderful boss in Mr.Srinivasan, a man in his 60 +, used to ring the bell for his steno Arun Mukherjee to come in, but by the time Arun went in, he would had dosed off, so Arun would just lock the door silently and come back to his place, he would masticate like a cow,imitating Mr.Srinivasan, and then say is sleeping, after a few minutes again a strong bell would ring and this time Arun would run with his book and pencil to take down the notes.Mr. Srinivasan used to abuse him for being so late, and when Arun explained about his dosing he would not even bother to say sorry, but go ahead with the dictations…

    I was too young and energetic and to avoid the heavy rush in the bus would be over by 7a.m in the office, though my father was a joint director with iron and steel had his office just at the end of the road, felt that I should know the hardship of the crowd, who could not afford much in their travel, some philosophy I am yet to analyze, so by the time I had come early I would finish all my job allotted to me in a jiffy, and would be doing some sketching, yeah ! don’t laugh I was a novice to this setting,
    So my collegue one Mr. Rajgopal used to insist me to start my job only from 9 am. To avoid getting embarrassed, but Mr. Srinivasan found a novel way to keep me occupied, will u believe he got a big volume of a maths book with plenty of small problems like multiplication, and asked me to finish some 10pages, I found I have been sent back to school, so started following rajgopal’s advise and did my work slowly but with a grump, stupidity I felt, finish your work and then u should be allowed to relax in the manner one feels good,

    Slowly I got to organize the meet in a 5 star for the company secretaries to discuss their various plans. Some even went to the extend of requesting to add their menu , I had a lot of exposure to the event, and if all turned out very successful, my boss would treat me to a masala dosai in a south Indian restaurant in kolkata, which was a great thing those days.. Any way now to think about the facilities being given to the staff, that should improve India fast, onto the main tracks…regards sunkan..
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  2. Arunarc

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    Hello Sunkan
    Nice article on napping. I to read in many places that napping just for 15 minutes will freshen up your other half day.
    Even after reading so much about you I am still like I don't know you fully. Nice to read about your work and the perfection that you had in it.

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