Work Life Frustration Creeping Into Personal Life

Discussion in 'Working Women' started by Ramyarc, Jun 20, 2019.

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    :hello:I can very well relate to your situation and what you would be going through.
    2. I empathize but OP do not lose heart.
    3. After seven years exp in automotive industry engineering related to quality assurance for defence, my spouse happen to see an ad with posting in embassy of India London. I applied got selected among 30 candidates.
    4. One year relevant training imparted to me & spouse and I with our one year old baba looking forward to the London post.
    5. But the director general posted me to then Bombay now Mumbai. I said to DG that I am posted to a place where my professional qualification, defence experience and training imparted is of no relevance and I would have to learn shipping from a clean state. He just said either take Bombay position or leave.
    6. Later for seven years learnt and mastered every aspect of shipping and risen in position and status.
    8. The man attached to embassy of India London was reporting to me in India for directions. Such was the turn of event.
    9. After some years with family on way to London on posting but before take off from aircraft , I was asked to deplane.
    Imagine after winding up my establishment in New Delhi ,owing to posting to London, posting order was withdrawn. Just imagine with spouse and baba, my condionwith all my personal effects disposed and no home to return to from airport in the middle of night....narrated in
    Spouse, Son & I Are Off To London Via Airindia Boeing 747

    10. Yet with passage of time, all healed up and I had further elevation in career and retired peacefully as de facto head of the Mumbai office after having had 5 years deputation in atomic energy.
    11. One has got to be sincere and true to salt in whatever one is entrusted with would certainly take you up the ladder. So, OP do not give in to negatives and patiently execute the task for which you are responsible at present. A day would arrive that you would reach zenith of your career.
    With best wishes
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    A simple tip. Please Update your linkedin and update the relevant settings for job search , the linkedin engine is giving me better job options that i can apply through linkedin :)
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