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wife vs husband

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by lavii, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. lavii

    lavii Gold IL'ite

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    <TABLE class=MsoNormalTable style="MARGIN: auto 6.75pt; WIDTH: 100%; mso-cellspacing: 1.5pt; mso-yfti-tbllook: 1184; mso-table-lspace: 9.0pt; mso-table-rspace: 9.0pt; mso-table-anchor-vertical: paragraph; mso-table-anchor-horizontal: column; mso-table-left: left; mso-padding-alt: 0in 0in 0in 0in" cellPadding=0 width="100%" align=left border=0><TR style="mso-yfti-irow: 0; mso-yfti-firstrow: yes; mso-yfti-lastrow: yes"><TD style="BORDER-RIGHT: #d4d0c8; PADDING-RIGHT: 0.75pt; BORDER-TOP: #d4d0c8; PADDING-LEFT: 0.75pt; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0.75pt; BORDER-LEFT: #d4d0c8; WIDTH: 99.56%; PADDING-TOP: 0.75pt; BORDER-BOTTOM: #d4d0c8; BACKGROUND-COLOR: transparent" vAlign=top width="99%">Woh kaun thi
    Husband Aur Wife Hotel Me Gaye Tabhi 1 Lady Ne Hello Kiya,
    Wife: Koun Thi Wo?
    Husband: Tum Dimag Kharab Mat Karo, Main Pehle Hi Pareshan Hu Ki Woh Bhi Yehi Puchegi

    wife hit her husband with frying pan

    Husband: What was that for...?
    Wife: I found a paper in your pocket with the name Jenny on it.
    Husband: I took part in a race last week and Jenny was the name of my horse.
    Wife: Sorry..!
    Next day wife hit him with the frying pan again
    Husband: What now..?
    Wife: Your horse is on the Phone.

    Message of the year

    Women live a better, longer & peaceful life...!!
    Why? Very simpleā€¦
    A woman does not have a wife..!!!

    Wife came home with a goat.
    Husband asked: "Is bhains ko ghar kyun lai ho?"
    Wife: "Dikhta nahin, bakri hai!"
    Husband: "Bakri se hi pooch raha hoon"

    Husband wife mein laraai ho gayi
    Husband wife mein laraai ho gayi, Husband ghar se chala gaya -
    Husb. raat ko phone pay: "Khaney mein kya hai"
    Wife: Zeher.
    Husb: Main dair se aoonga, tum kha kar so jana..

    Man: Sir, my wife is missing.
    Man: Sir, my wife is missing.
    Postmaster: bhai ye post office hai, police station me complain dijiyee.

    Man: Kya karoon, khushi ke maare kuch samajh nahin aa raha

    How women call their husband in first 6 years
    How women call their husband in first 6 years
    Yr 1. Janu
    Yr 2. O jee.
    Yr 3. Sunte ho?
    Yr 4. O bunty ke pappa
    Yr 5. Kahan mar gaye?
    Yr 6. Tum aate ho ya main aaon?

    Wife to husband:- kash aap sms hotey
    Wife: Jaanu kash aap SMS hotey, Main aap ko save karti,
    Husband: Jaan-e-man, kaash tum ring tone hoti, Main her haftey tumhe change karta

    1 horror movie dekhi
    Husband: Raat ko maine 1 horror movie dekhi, 1 churail kabhi mere aagey, kabhi piche aur kabhi sath chal rahi thi.
    Wife: Kaun si movie thi?
    Husband: Apni shadi ki!

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