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Why Parents Gets Kids If Not Able To Manage Them

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous in Parenting' started by sanjuruby3, Dec 30, 2020.

  1. sanjuruby3

    sanjuruby3 Gold IL'ite

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    He was very supportive in first pregnancy and luckily i was well and healthy enough. As she grew and our circle and social habits grew. technology and access increased, we attained certain lifestyle. Movies, game nights, drinks.
    Things were still ok and we decided to have another kid for 2 older one, though it was bit later as we were too old and daughter was also not willing to accept, and once the process started, difficulties started, me being restricted but he still wanted to do all those parties, movie and drink nights, whole day out.. If i say 'no' , as i he could go with her, so i could rest, no.
    Suddenly he was no able to take the load ....and i felt so bad and in between was feeling was why am i going with this decision. My self esteem was low enough with growing belly all the time and my hair was always disheveled.. and all i need was support and kind words from someone that i am here for you. However i was hearing, I do not do this, that.
    He would often fight with me, i do not go to pick/drop my older one. ( i work farther from home and her school and its take more time to reach home etc. ) Then bathroom issues. I used to go..but yes less often, All other pregnant moms come, i have seen them ( just like that, he would say).
    After office, I had barely energy to stand and would cook on weekends and less on weekends. I never cook specially when him friends come.
    My friends tell me, how did i manage to host and cook for x people in home party, ..and my H tells me how am i not.
    If It were his daughter instead of me, what were his behaviour... Will not he be her rock rather than tell her she is incapabale, or not doing anything.

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