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Why is Reading important ?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by eveninghour, May 29, 2010.

  1. eveninghour

    eveninghour New IL'ite

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    Obviously all of us know reading is important. But why ? What do we gain by reading ?

    Here's 100 reasons to tempt you to read and read more!

    1. Best Way of Relaxation.
    2. It makes you smarter.
    3. It develops the mind.
    4. It helps young kids learn language skills.
    5. It is how we discover new things.
    6. Reading develops imagination.
    7. Reading develops the creative side of people.
    8. It helps in developing a good self image.
    9. Reading expands vocabulary.
    10. It is important to development.
    11. Reading helps to know other people's perspective.
    12. Enhances social's skills.
    13. Enriches oneself in all aspects.
    14. Reading results in fruitful usage of time.
    15. Reading takes us to a new world where we forget our sorrows and fears.
    16. It helps us get rid of anxieties.
    17. Reading helps us from boredom and monotony.
    18. Reading before going to bed helps a child feel secure and comfortable during sleep.
    19. Youngsters emulate the behaviors of their favorite story heroes.
    20. Reading helps shape a person's character.
    21. Reading helps shape a person's life.
    22. Emotions can be best understood through other people's stories.
    23. Reading can provide plenty of fun for children.
    24. Reading gives us power and understanding.
    25. Reading different varieties of books gives us solutions for our daily-life problems.
    26. It creates awareness.
    27. It encourages to be a thinker.
    28. Reading gives us various topics to be the center of attraction in gatherings.
    29. Reading at least 20 minutes a day means you read 4800 minutes in one year! Imagine how many books you would have read in 4800 minutes which is 80 hours. And 20 minutes a day is just 1.38th part of a day!
    30. Reading is the companions for life.
    31. Reading inspires you to do great things in life
    32. A fondness for reading changes the inevitable dull hours of our life into exquisite hours of delight - Charles de Montesquieu.
    33. Life transforming ideas have always come to me through books-Oliver Wendall Holmes
    34. Reading is not to contradict or confute, or to believe and take for granted, but to weigh and consider. Take the good from reading. --Source from a proverb by Francis Bacon.
    35. Reading helps increase attention span.
    36. Reading regularly keeps the brain young and healthy.
    37. It lets us explore those that we cannot physically see. Example: Space, Far-off cities and continents.
    38. Reading allows children to do role play.
    39. Reading gets one out of depression.
    40. It lets you gain knowledge without having to ask or find someone.
    41. It lets you continue to keep motivated and not loose track.
    42. Reading gives you an edge over someone who does not read as much.
    43. In the least, read a newspaper. It is one continuous form of fiction.
    44. Reading good books helps you move toward your dream. Example: Alchemist, The Man Who Sold his Ferrari etc
    45. A Novel points out that the world consists entirely of exceptions.
    46. Books open your mind.
    47. Books strengthen your mind.
    48. Reading excites the reader to self-activity.-Thomas Carlyle.
    49. Voracious reading makes you an all-rounder.
    50. Reading creates and strengthens synapses in the brain.
    51. Reading regularly helps you learn to pick the correct information.
    52. Reading relieves stress.
    53. Routine reading expands our mind tremendously.
    54. Reading keeps the mind cool.
    55. It helps you be fresh through the day.
    56. Regular habit of reading keeps you and your mind occupied even in old age.
    57. Reading makes us self-assured.
    58. It makes you keep focused for long periods.
    59. Improves concentration.
    60. It also improves memory.
    61. It improves the discipline.
    62. Reading is inexpensive entertainment.
    63. Discover surprises.
    64. Reading lets you learn from the experience and knowledge of the authors.
    65. Reading lets you weigh things from a different perspective.
    66. One gets to experience the story by reading it.
    67. Reading emphasizes hierarchical thinking.
    68. Reading to your child encourages conversations.
    69. Reading encourages questions.
    70. It makes you a good person.
    71. When reading, the imagination has no visual limits.
    72. Reading non-fiction helps you read and understand the other important things of life - insurance policies, contracts etc.
    73. Reading on every day topics helps you learn the advantages and disadvantages of the topics and lets you make an informed decision.
    74. Reading to your child solidifies the bond.
    75. Reading lets you take an immediate break from the daily grind. Does not need any planning.
    76. Reading helps overcome social anxiety. Books and the topics provide an instant ice-breaker.
    77. Reading takes you on a wondrous journey.
    78. It opens new possibilities.
    79. Reading nourishes your soul.
    80. Regular reading keeps you steady even during trouble time.
    81. Enjoyable reading is a deeply satisfying pursuit.
    82. Reading is exercising the mind. Otherwise the mind gets dumb.
    83. It challenges your core beliefs.
    84. Reading on varied topics gives you a bigger perspective of the world.
    85. Reading improves the grammar and sentence making skills.
    86. It helps increase fluency in communication.
    87. Reading helps shape your child's character.
    88. Reading aloud to your baby is an important form of stimulation.
    89. Reading aloud to the babies increases their listening skills.
    90. It allows the child to look, touch, feel and ask questions.
    91. Reading increases your literacy levels.
    92. Improved deduction skills.
    93. It also improves writing skills.
    94. One can learn from characters in a story and learn to apply in our daily lives.
    95. Reading rejuvenates your mind.
    96. It helps you to think from a different angle.
    97. Reading books exercises your creativity.
    98. Reading motivates you.
    99. Reading may prevent old age memory loss.
    100. Reading is the best hobby one can have with at least 100 advantages.

    1. So, gals n guys!

    1. Read!

    1. Read More!
    Read Even More!

  2. neha1

    neha1 Silver IL'ite

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    I love reading. Thanks for sharing this with us:)
  3. Spiderman1

    Spiderman1 Gold IL'ite

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    The OP is too long to read :hide:
  4. kal123

    kal123 Silver IL'ite

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    :)exactly....but those thoughts are really good:thumbsup
  5. kal123

    kal123 Silver IL'ite

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    But from actual experiece and by seeing others I can say this...those who read are really really cool...like they handle every situation with so much ease where others panic a lot....
  6. mstrue

    mstrue New IL'ite

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    I differ Kal.. :)
    I was under the same impression too till sometime back. I love to read whereas my DH is not much into reading.. I mean, he loves to read technical books, articles, news etc but not so inclined on general reading or self help books. But he is as good as ones with an extensive reading habit when it comes to handling crisis and sometimes much better. :thumbsup

    :rotfl I skipped reading after few points. :biglaughBut yeah they are good though. :coffee

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