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Why Indian ladies gain weight in the US?

Discussion in 'General Discussions - USA & Canada' started by pooja, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Mitra

    Mitra Senior IL'ite

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    hi Srilak

    As pooja mentioned there is a separate discussion going on about loosing weight .

    go to Support group for loosing weight thread were you can get all your queries answered and support from other IL members.

    Cheers ,
  2. prathinam

    prathinam New IL'ite

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    Hi All,
    I did go thru the experience of gaining weight once i came to Houston
    BTW Houston according to some survey is the fattest city in the US
    With days of landing here i realized my clothes are getting tight.
    I still have a whole suitcase of clothes that do not fit me..
    Its been a struggle to understand what happened..
    On the other hand my husband has managed to maintain his weight for the past 10 yrs..
    He has been the same...
    I initally wondered whether it was the mere gift of a wonderful metabolism, but later i realized its the wonder of a developed one
    i have learned this from my other half
    1: Do not concentrate on the weight but concentrate on health
    With looking at only weight, I had got my self into the bad habit of yo-yo dieting
    I would eat a treat promissing myself that i would makeup in calories with a cut in
    It took some time to get it into my head that this was not a permanent solution.
    Your diet has to be healthy. Your diet will catch up with you later in life.

    2: Be consitent with your excercise.
    I am not expert to counsel on this. I struggle each day with my lazy self to get on the
    treadmill. I have only manged a month of going continuously to the gym.
    But what is interesting is last year i did yo-yo excercise.
    I would get inspired by some commercial for weight-loss and i wld go 2 the gym and
    workout for 3 days...and then duh!! fall back into my old routine...
    i realized the only thing that gives a sense of well being is consistency...
    Your excercise mayb just house work...like making sure u do all the dishes every
    night...but doing it every single days ...sets the pattern...it gives u the strenght to
    move to the next level
    3: You need constant inspiration.
    Maybe this applies only to me. I constantly need motivation.
    And you have to find your own path here. What works for me is to read an article on
    health every day. There are a million articles out on the net.
    Search and read one..
    I avoid weight loss articles ..Some lady losing xx pounds ...its makes me feel like a
    miserable lout for not achieving my ideal goal :) so i avoid that candy floss and read
    on vitamins and what they do...for ur eyes and ur skin...i read on aromatheary and
    how i can have a relaxign bath etc etc..
    4: Meditation
    You need strenght and divine guidance to achieve anything in life..and losing weight
    is not easy...Especially if you r among the ones who appreciate good food.
    Yoga and meditation has really helped me
    5: Advantages of living in the US
    All those parks...tennis courts ...volleyball courts....ah!!
    Is there a more sports oriented country that this place...
    US is one country where you can do as much good as you can do bad...
    Its got no compulsion but all the temptation on the earth...
    The best excercise is playing a game...u forget u r working out...
    And how can i forget the shopping malls....window shopping is healthy..walk ...walk
    all the way...

    Hope this helps :)
  3. vidhyalakshmid

    vidhyalakshmid Platinum IL'ite

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    Hi Ladies,
    All of you have contributed so much information.
    Only one thing I can tell. In hot coutries like in India
    the accumulation of fat content is comparitively less
    than the cold countries. Exposure to sun can melt away
    some fat. But in US it is not possible. Majority of the days
    we stay indoors. Summer months are only for 3 months.
    Weather, will power, determination and circumsta nces
    all are factors of weight management.
  4. vasanthano1

    vasanthano1 New IL'ite

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    Hi all,

    Even i am also facing the same problem... But according to my exp, the main reason for gaining weight is lack of physical exercises, means in India we are not having the all electrical equipments when compared to US.
    In india, by unknowingly we used to do some exercises while doing household works.

  5. sweety

    sweety New IL'ite

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    Hye All
    The topic going on is very interesting.
    What my opinion is, apart from where we stay, We need discipline and control over food.Unless we habituate both of these, nothing is going to help us.
    So lets all encourage each other and try to be discipline.:2thumbsup:
  6. priyankagulati2

    priyankagulati2 New IL'ite

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    I would say its all up to you how much control you take of ur lifestyle either in india or in usa....

    contrary i lost weight here coz(i don't plenty of indian restorents in my city) i cook here everyday....
    I have plenty of free time here(i never had in india jobs in india demand more time than in US) so i joined a health club and i am a regular swimmer here...

    I don't get any prantha or pakoda at every street to tempt me up(i don't temp for american food much)
  7. chitu

    chitu Bronze IL'ite

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  8. HuggleBuggle

    HuggleBuggle Bronze IL'ite

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    Yeah me too I eat pizza very often & then thinks if I skip my dinner or eat less that will be fine. Unfortunately by the lunch/dinner time I will be hungry.

    Yes, the biggest drawback here in U.S is cold weather, even though we have easy Gym access, this weather wants us to cuddle up & watch movie or sleep. In India, we walk to catch auto/bus if we were going with friends. Of course different with hubby/kids. Here we we use car from home-few steps to store.
    Other biggest thing, since we are alone we sit in front of laptop & browse. In the initial days my eyes were gone deep & gained fat near tummy. But luckily our apartment has some friends later & talked & shopped.
    And here we have small homes when compared to India, at least they have some open lobby's. Here closed & dark lobby's. People with Single Family Homes might get some exercise by climbing stairs.
    And the other if we see sun light we will get some energy & will be enthusiastic to walk/gym. Indoor lighting depresses. I hate that even at work many people close blinds. They always prefer dim lights don't know why.
  9. renutn

    renutn Gold IL'ite

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    In my opinion, We Indian ladies after the child birth loose interest on our looks.
    As our ancestors have strongly put in our brain, look after kid and family. So no time for our physical looks. 60-70% women agree this.
    But there are some excuses as nowadays most woman want to look good whether in her 50's or 60's.
    Since majority of families who come here basically for earning money so that they can retire in India peacefully.
    So men and women they don't give much importance on their look and end-up becoming fat with all those factors mentioned by others.

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