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Why Guy Home Is Matrimoniat Home, Not Girls?

Discussion in 'Relationship With In-Laws' started by Reesha, May 16, 2022.

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    No modern women who is in her proper senses would want to live of her husband's money in a foreign country. She would always prefer being financially independent and also she would never ever abandon her parents, never as she loves them infinitely.
    Why don't you say the same thing to the boy who abandons his parents to fulfill his dreams by flying away from home, he is primarly responsible for his parents and not his wife.

    Any sane women would not tolerate other people interfering in her life ( like many nosy inlaws), so she decides to marry an NRI to be away from them. ( Isn't it patriarachy, when the girl has to move from her comfort (her parents) to some strangers place and live with them forever (she never gets adjusted to that household), while the boys gets to stay with his parents, enjoy getting treated like a small child by his parents even when he is in his 50s). Please don't tell me, she is living of his money and has a secure life. No women would want a dependent suffocating life.

    But nowadays many girls don't marry and go abroad, they go abroad to study/work before marriage itself.
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