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"Why are we killing the individual?" by Siva Priya

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Induslady, Feb 18, 2006.

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    One thing always amazes me. We often see people feeling bad in chorus for some one in pain, when something bad happens for others. Forget how genuine it is inside, at least the hot topic gets a consensus for common discussion about how the fate of the fate less sufferer today can be changed. When it comes to discussing about a third person, the way people whether two or many come together is so easy and natural! Why doesn't that happen when they have to discuss their own life and problems? Take any relationship, whether parent-child, husband-wife or with close relatives, if not always but often, we end up talking or discussing topics or things that don't pertain to the situation we or they go through. I don't say we have to keep talking all the time about our own situations always but we should do talk about things that bother us in a relationship. We need to welcome openness in place of hypocrisy.

    Take the case of husband-wife relationship. How many are friends in the true sense of the term? Either it is male domination or female domination. One speaks while the other hears. And funny even in areas where other has to speak! I use hear here because the other doesn't like to listen to the same! He/she hears just because they have to do it, albeit right or wrong in his/her individual perception. This is the same case with lot of bosses around too in offices. Why are people so self-centered or consciously or unconsciously dominating? Children are denied the natural boons of childhood by parents in the name of competition around. Demand-supply ratio scares them and they put undue pressure in the name of impractical expectations from children. Culture, tradition, morals, ethics are stories never taught. There is no time for them!

    What about the simple day to day joys? In chasing bigger things, these days we miss basic joys of life. How often do family members meet forget relatives visiting each other like good olden days? Grown up children hardly have time for their own families forget time for parents! Where are we heading to wards in the name of prospering in life? Coming to the individual, do I think about myself? How many question themselves these ways every weekend forget every day? Do I care about myself? What are my little aspirations? Am I doing justice to my inner voice? Is there harmony in what I believe and how I do? Am I taking care of my body well? Diet well? What are the needs of my body or my intellect and how far am I working on them? If I am not, why am I not? What should I do to keep myself fresh and happy every day?

    A conscious search inside oneself brings an Individual into the garden of present. 'Living in this moment' becomes important over past or future. The short term, medium term and long term goals exist for him too yet he becomes practical enough to work in the present to achieve all that he aspires and believes. In this process, he connects to his inner self. He focuses so well that he gets enough clarity on what to bother and what to ignore. Gradually, he understands the sin of intruding into or judging others' lives. He learns to value privacy and space, not just his own but also the people around him. Once this discipline becomes his/her habit, single-minded focus dives them deeper into whatever they do and they become richer in all the areas they work. They become a good son/daughter, good husband/wife, good friend, good boss, good employee and a good colleague, in one word a good human being. We usually are good. We sacrifice lot of things to keep our own family or friends happy. In the process, we deprive ourselves of so many things. When this crosses a limit, our own self cannot take any more. We think we accept but silently brood. Do we ever think of the repercussions it will have on our health? Is not denying silently our self a healthy body and a mind a crime?

    All I am trying to bring out is - Why is the Individual Neglected?? Why are we killing the inside of an individual in the name of an 8% growth in the economy? India is sure becoming a super power and we are all very proud of it too! Which Indian does not want to see his/her India grow? In fact it is every true Indian's dream! But is the direction of reaching there consistent with the true roots of India, the ageless heart of India? We have to introspect this at every stage of our growth. Unless the base is firm, growth won't be enduring. And growth that is not understood in simple Indian language is sure nothing but failure! Ageless definition of growth laid down by traditional India, cultural India and spiritual India is wholesome, harmonious growth of the individual and individuals in the society. It is the individual who should drive the growth of society and not the society, the growth of the individual. If we don't correct this sin early, no wonder if we too may end up like a super power with guns and roses tomorrow!
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    Hello Malathy
    Beautiful article on self development, Yes it is we who have to change from inside to be a better person in the society taking care of ourself 1st then others. If we are happy, have peace of mind only then we can take care of others and the people in the society and our surrounding.

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