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Who Is Your First Crush ?

Discussion in 'Friends & Neighbours' started by anika987, Apr 27, 2022.

  1. Rihana

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    Naah... no going out of my way to look up crushes, leave them in the memories as they are. I am no Anarkali any more that my crush will still be a besotted Mughal Prince. : ) Let those be sweet memories to recall and share whenever anika starts threads. : )

    This Hindi song's English translation says it best: Humne Dekhi Hai In Aankhon Ki- Khamoshi
    ... the magic of those fragrant eyes,
    don’t touch it, just soak it in the soul,
    Let a crush be a crush,
    don’t taint it with a google search,
    it's neither a written word,
    nor a spoken voice,
    it’s a silence that listens and speaks,
    A droplet of grace,
    that doesn’t die out or halt anywhere,

    On recall of the crush, a slight smile blossoms,
    in the corner of eyes, and light rests on the shy lashes.
    Unspeaking and quivering, the lips hold in,
    countless silent fables and words that were never spoken.

    Beautiful stories are meant to be shared ... they get richer with each sharing... no time like now...
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  2. beautifullife30

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    I was about to reply but then thought why not read all the replies before putting in my thoughts..... @Rihana 's venkatesh sir googling hit me somewhere and i searched for my first crush and I FOUND HIM!!!!

    I mean, there was no photo and all but i found his profile in LinkdIn. Oh wow....now i know where he works. I wish i could have seen him. There was no picture added to his profile :-(

    I had this crush since my 3rd standard until 6th after which i had to change my school. But my crush remainded. Sadly i never had another crush anywhere. Dont ask me why i liked him...the answer might be quite disgusting now but back then i found it romantic. I suffer from dust allery and cold and flu are my BFFs. I remember in 3rd std, i found his curly hair, thin lean personality with a small dab of chandanam on his forehead cute and handsome. But in fourth standard he did something which made me fall harded for him.

    He also suffered from cold in 4th stadard and unlike me, his problem was severe. The minute he sneezed, he had to hold his hand near his chin to hold the snot sneezed out. The entire class used to turn away and mutter things like yuck...but i used to look at him like upload_2022-4-28_9-45-8.png

    Edit: Found him in FB. It was a pretty easy find. Wonder why i never thought of searching for him. Anyway, he looks almost the same. I could sync his childhood face to this face now. Looks fit, has that curly hair still. Missing his chandanam though! :)
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  3. nuss

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    My first crush ever was Rajiv Gandhi (I know a celebrity crush is not what @anika987 is asking for but had to say this :)).

    In upper High school, my sister and I used to bike to school. Our school was near the city bus stand and we had to ride through the market. On our way was a very small jewelry shop. The jeweler was this rude, middle-aged man. My mom used to buy silver from him. He was nice to our mom but not to us. His heart was not in business anyway, he wanted to work in movies. One day, mom asked us to drop something to get fixed (I think mom's earring) and the jeweler's son was there. He was about our age (a few years older maybe) and totally opposite of his dad. He would insist on showing new jewelry even though he knew that we were just kids with no money and we wouldn't buy it. He was just such a sweet boy and a true businessman :). Oh, and he was so handsome! he was my first real crush :). I would make my sister stop on the street and just look at him. We will go to his shop for no reason other than me staring at him. He became our family jeweler and within a few years, he built his business and reputation and had two shops each with a separate floor for silver, gold, and diamond.

    After we moved to college, we would still go to his shop and he will spend hours showing us new designs several cups of tea later we will leave usually without buying anything. He would call my sister "sister" but not me and she will tease him for that. He got good business through us though- we did all gold shopping for my two sisters and my wedding from him, and all of our family now buys gold from him. Several of our friends started buying from him too. When I earned a scholarship for my master', I bought my first set of diamond earrings from him. He brought 5 cases of earrings to our home for me to select but he really knew which one I should buy and kept asking me to put those on :). He was never a "boyfriend": or even a "friend" but we would flirt and I am sure the feeling was mutual yet neither of us ever said a thing.

    I haven't seen him in 16 years but I hear about his children and business from my family as they all still buy gold from him. I had to find this post to write about my crush because last night as I was getting ready for bed my sister called me and said- B was asking about you and I just thought to call you so he can say hello...it was weird, he was all chatty like usual asking me about my life in the USA and husband and kids, and work and when I am coming to India and all...I didn't know what to say...like old times!

    Oh, and he told me that after he took over the business, he pushed his dad to follow his passion for acting. His dad worked in a few movies (some small roles). And then continued, when you come to visit us, you will see that dad is not that mean old man anymore, he is a happy guy. If you don't believe me, ask "sister" and then they both (my sister and him) laughed because that's what he'd always say- "you don't believe me? ask sister". I was all smiles after that call. My husband asked me what made me so happy and I told him that an old/first crush called me. Still smiling as I am writing this story.
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  4. satchitananda

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    In popular terms, I was 'convented' - implying experienced everthing that went with it viz. was surrounded exclusively by other people of the same gender (except school gardeners, peons and bus drivers). So my first crush was my English and Chemistry teacher in Std. X. She was extremely pretty and an excellent teacher, not to mention with a streak of sarcasm which sometimes made us laugh and at least for me worked positively - to this day I won't forget the mistake or the right answer. One of those was when a girl stood up and said "I was standing on the bus-stop ..." We never discovered what she was doing there, because the teacher butted in and said "You were standing ON the bus-stop? You MUST have attracted QUITE a crowd!!!" :-D Unfortunately enough 3-4 months into the year she got married and went off. Discovered a couple of years ago that her husband and my bil were college mates and my sis met her.
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  5. SGBV

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    My first crush was Australian cricketer Mark Waugh.
    I first saw him at the age of 15 during a cricket match between SL & Aus in Colombo. I was there with my cousins, who went ahead to get autographs of famous cricketers after the match.
    I was dumfounded when i first saw him in person.
    He became my dream guy for many years after that. I never thought he was a celebrity, and it was just a crush. Bcz, for me, it was love at first sight, that remained as a one sided love for the next 5-6 years till he retired from cricket.
    Those days i used to write diaries. Each day, i would write an interesting note or a poem about him & the love i had for him in my diary.

    Ah... @anika987 you did not want to hear about celebrity crush, right!

    When i was 21, i met this guy at a bank where i worked as an intern. Oh.. God! I likes him instantly.
    With him, my craze for Mark Waugh vanished.
    He is not cute, but a masculine man with attractive features. I really liked the way he talked & did things to attract me.
    Those days we would not talk directly, but our eyes talk & i know the feelings were mutual.

    But i had to move to abroad for higher studies & that ended our meet ups.

    I used to enquire about him through other friends when i was in abroad, but never got his contact details then.

    In 2007 i accidentally met him at our church when i was there with my H (then boy friend).
    I introduced my guy to him :)

    We are in touch through FB now. He is married with 2 kids.

    Thanks dear for the nostalgic memories
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